FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

Many custom animations have this issue plaguing them. I don’t know why.

A good solution could be to look at the Sheets of the battle animation and erase the bits that look like just the palette. That would remove it from the entire animation

Whoa, where did you get that Galaxy background? I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Is there one with just it? Can I use it?

@RiriK Please pay attention to where you are posting.

You can use it casually,I like galaxy too.
Maybe I will make many galactic status screens/backgrounds.

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Thank you for moving me here, and I did it on purpose, sorry, since I don’t really know how to reply to another on a different thread in this thread.

You can select the text and click Copy Quote, and then paste it and make the reply in this thread, like this:

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Cool. Thank you.

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Now you just need to give Dieck an axe animation to reflect his appearance in Heroes

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@Nuramon 's link for the Armored Hero isn’t working, says the file was deleted.

I want to confirm, Is it okay if I edit this tileset?

You can download it directly from the repo

(He is standing on top of his animatronic Moogle to look this tall)


@Kaidras. Been using some of these songs for a team project I’m working on, been really enjoying them so far. Thanks for letting us use your work.

Just a heads up though, Elegy of Battle doesn’t loop correctly, so the song will stop playing after it’s first loop is finished. It would be an easy fix if I had access to the midi files, but not much I can do with the just .s file.