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Nah, I only felt interested in the sword and axe cav, so go ahead. When I mentioned being hung up on something it was in reference to doing an extra variant of the axe cav, not scripting additional stuff.


The Master Knight I made with Stitch’s Shoka TWEWY was for GAMERS.

What is the Fire Emblem Item icon supposed to be?

Sorry for replying so late, but it’s based on what possibly is Elibe’s Fire Emblem, both on Roy’s cape in Super Smash and the Binding Blade OP:

Fire Emblem 6 Project ember 1-85 hardmode.emulator-0

The Elibe Fire Emblem copiar


Elibe’s fire emblem seems to have an actual design


One from the manga and the other from Cipher Guinivere


Oh. Cool.


Genuine Doubt: Are Cipher Cards Canon? Well, I’m sure the manga isn’t, and even though I really liked the Fire Emblem design of the manga, I actually prefer what appears in the FE6 OP, haha

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I see no reason to think it’s any more or less canon than any other media associated with the series.

Also, I think my post was misunderstood; I wasn’t saying your interpretation is wrong, I was giving information that there currently does exist a design. Based on the post I responded to, it seemed this information was unknown.


They were willing to put Cipher characters into Shadows of Valentia, I’d think that’d make them canon enough.


hmmm…I really liked that line of reasoning. Thanks :heart:

Oh, It makes sense

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That is just a symbol. The Fire Emblem of Elibe is the red gem on the hilt of the Binding Blade (Which would make the blade itself ALSO the Fire Emblem)

Here’s the art of Gunivere from Cipher which better illustrates the Fire Emblem in her possesion


Hi! I hope this is the right place to put this, but a few of my class card submissions to the repo are not properly credited to me. These are:

  • General (U) Cape Lance {IS}.png (in the “Infantry - Knights, Generals, Armors” section)
  • Bow Knight (U) Helmeted {flasuban, RobertFPY}.png (in the “Mounted - Cavs, Paladins, Rangers” section. flasuban and RobertFPY should also absolutely be credited on this one, but I did the helmeted edit here)

Additionally accreditation of flasuban should be added to the “Wyvern Knight (U) Axe {topazlight}.png”, “Wyvern Lord (U) Axe {topazlight}.png”, and “Wyvern Rider (U) Axe {topazlight}.png” class cards, which are currently credited just to me. They sprited that slick axe; I just edited it onto the vanilla class cards.


The symbol is almost certainly either the Pherae or Lycian League symbol, which may have been modified if it appears in game to fit the minimug dimensions.

Edit: Also, there should be no debate wrt Cipher’s canonicity; it is canon to itself because it literally does not take place in an existing continuity.


@Revian you can download the merchant anims from the repo directly in the miscellaneous section

The fact they don’t have their furry tail is regrettable :rofl:

Hey, I just wanted to say thay I really like this concept, but the dropbox link doesn´t work any longer… So I was wondering if there was still a way of downloading the file? :')


It’s on the repo. The lance version isn’t uploaded so i guess it wasn’t finished. Female version has it though.

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Thanks a lot, really!

This is the discussion thread.