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amema003 - Fastest Sword in the West
:notes: GAMERS got an update, GAMERS got an update, GAMERS got an update, wonder what it is? :notes:
(uses parts by JeyTheCount)


Upon all my wondering about the universe I have come across and pondered many-many questions, like what is the nature of man? why are we created, is there a purpose to life’s suffering and most important of all where’s the dog girls?

Well I may not know the answers to the 3 former questions but today I answer the most important 4th. The answer is RIGHT HERE!!
Presenting after weeks of pain staking, soul crushing, mental draining work:

The release of the WOLF LAGUZ!! animations!!:




This animation was inspired by Velvet Kitsune’s very own Wolf reskin animation, at first I wanted to start working on the wolf rider animations before this but I thought this was gonna be easier, hahaha I was wrong. But anyways It’s finished and I like it a decent bit. As this is a transformation animation you’re intended to use this with the manakete class patch in builder. As always you can download all my stuff in:

I’d like to thank Vilk as well as Velvet for their part in making it. I’ve credited them in the text file in the folder, You’ll also find the recommended sfx to use for the transformation anims and I did put some makeshift last minute map sprites for her, it sucks but I am for sure not interested in making some now lol. Aside from that It’s been a while since I wrote down some LORE:


Laguz kind have often been associated with the continent of Tellius. Not only are their numbers the highest there after the great calamity, but the legends and myths of the laguz fighting beside the Radiant Hero have cemented their place in the good favors of history. However in reality many small tribes of laguz have been found dwelling in other continents isolated and in secret do to their low numbers.

One such tribe is the wolf laguz, capable of turning into wolf and human form with great ease. Hunting in packs, they are seldom seen alone… that is if one was lucky enough to not only spot one but also live to tell the tale. Yes the wolf laguz are very protective of their secrets and their pact, to the point of near total isolation to modern Beorc kind. Perhaps if they have heard of the tales of the Radiant Hero and laguz kind which help him things can change…though it would take not only one with great persuasion but also bravery to go near their dwellings in the woods


EDGE/GAMERS sprites that either don’t have their frames or are not in the Repo:
(Innes big naturals furreal furreal)
(uses assets by Nickt)
(uses assets by bwan and ObsidianDaddy)
Commander Anna
(uses assets by ZessDynamite)
(uses assets by Nickt)


I didn’t see these in the repo at all, so I got all of the backgrounds from FE7 and put them all into one convenient zip folder


Here’s some class cards I forgot I made! First, one for the Bow-wielding Fighter in the repo; I spliced the bow from ZoramineFae’s Berserker class card edits onto the vanilla Fighter and added a quiver.
Fighter (M) Bow {Topaz Light, ZoramineFae}

Secondly, some variations of my caped General class card, using the shield from SamirPlayz’s Baron class cards. The axe-wielding caped General’s axe is taken from flasuban’s axe-wielding Wyvern Rider class cards, albeit rotated.
General Caped (U) Shield + Axe {Topaz Light, SamirPlayz, flasuban} General Caped, Shield (U) Lance {Topaz Light, SamirPlayz} General Caped (U) Just Shield {Topaz Light, SamirPlayz}

I also did some map sprites! Starting with me slapping Ephraim’s head onto Hector’s Great Lord map sprites here:
Great Lord Hector (M) Ephraim Hair - Stand Great Lord Hector (M) Ephraim Hair - Walk

I also made some 16x32 Baron idles (Lance and Axe) to go with the class cards, as well as a tiny tweak to the Lance Baron moving sprites by Nuramon and Its_Just_Jay to use the vanilla General class’s face.
Baron (Shield, Lance) 16x32 Idle {Topaz Light}-stand Baron (U) V2 +Cape and Shield (Topaz Light, Nuramon, Its_Just_Jay)-walk Baron (Shield, Axe) 16x32 Idle {Topaz Light}-stand

Applied the same slight modifications to the Thracia-style male Battle Sage that I did to the female some months back for the sake of symmetry:
Battle Sage M {Unknown, Topaz Light}-stand Battle Sage M (Focus Anim Edit) {Unknown, Topaz Light}-walk

Some deeply-“meh” attempts at my own 16x16 Journeyman idle. I’m not super satisfied with these, but I don’t mind people using them, so here they are.
Journeyman 16x16 v1 {Topaz Light, Pikmin, L95}-stand Journeyman 16x16 v2 {Topaz Light, Pikmin, L95}-stand

Finally, the 16x16 variant of TheBlindArcher’s Halberdier map sprite was bugging me a bit so I touched up the pixeling on the head.
Halberdier (M) 2.0 Tweaked {TBA, Topaz Light}-stand

EDIT: Forgot a few class card touch-ups and edits I did! Firstly, I tweaked the dress on Leif’s female Mage class card:
Mage (F) Thunder (Leif, Topaz Light)

I also gave L95 and HyperGammaSpaces’s reshaded female Sage class card the SALVAGED Paladin class card sword:
Sage (F) Reshade + Sword {L95, HyperGammaSpaces, Topaz Light, SALVAGED}

And, finally, I made a quick T1 border variant of Nuramon’s Valentian Myrmidon class card:
Myrmidon (U) FE15-Style Sword T1 Border {Nuramon}

All this stuff’s F2U and F2E as far as I’m concerned!


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amema003 - Gayass Pirate
Another GAMERS splice. I really like this one. Such a perfect balance of cute and cool. (uses parts by JeyTheCount and Sterling Glovner)


more fire emblem 6 other class portraits f2u and edit
sw bartrewarrior karelFighter fir 2Fighter fir 1Warrior doug
marcus snipernomad rutger


Moar random releases
First is a ‘generic’ portrait for a Wolf shapeshifter for that battle animation up there a bit.

And Wolf Knight animations! While the current Wolf Rider animations are really cool, I wanted to model these a bit more off of the Engage ones which also included less monster-like wolves.
Swords, knives, lances, axes (+magic), handaxes and unarmed.

I’d rather have waited until I could pretty the animations up, but with all of the incoming games I’d like to play it’s likely I would have just forgotten or got sick of working on these instead and never released them. Anyways! Please do enjoy as you will! As always you can edit these if you’d like to.


BoneManSeth, amema003 - Yassified Innes

Drag Sniper: Auntie Air (F2E)


Time to fix a stupid mistake-- I didn’t initially think to test the Wolf Knight with a different palette for… some reason, but I was able to today and noticed that they don’t line up for most of the different weapons. Derp. That’s been fixed now.

Excuse me while I whack my head on my desk. Have fun with the ability to use palettes.


Wyvern Lord (U) Lance {Leif}
Wyvern Rider (U) Lance {Leif}

I edited the vanilla Wyvern Rider and Lord class cards to match Leo_Link’s revamped wyvern sprites to match actual wyverns instead of dragons. Overworld sprites to come later.


New GAMERS sprite just dropped (Uses parts by Nickt, Stitch, Garytop)


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If how I organise the animations makes no sense, I’m just noting them as they were initially done-- or what I recall anyway.
Anyways! Even MORE old animations I’m probably never going to use again. Probably seems like I’m just tossing garbage at people but all I want to do is give people more options, it’s not up to me if you want to use any of these, all I can do is accomodate.
…i never get to the bloody point do i. The actual point is that I noticed a few of these were in that little unfinished section of the repo as their spritesheets, aaaand I still had the animations I did of them from years ago, they’re most definitely not pretty but they function and that is nice.


Will I ever run out of old stuff? I have no idea. I’ve accrued so much random stuff over the years and it’d be nice to see them get some use instead of me just hoarding them for no reason. I’ve still got some spritesheets but I never animated them, maybe I’ll get to them at some point. These may be some very ugly babies, but they’re my ugly babies and I love every one of them, even if I can’t bear to look at them for too long without feeling sick.

For that erm… Archsage, he uses the Nergal effect, so as is is basically most complete in FE7 (Unless someone copied the Nergal effect for use with the other games and I never noticed)


{Vlak}  - F2U OC Sorceress
{Vlak} - F2U OC Dragon Rider
{Vlak} - F2U OC Warrior King.png
{Vlak} - F2U OC Surly Mage.png
{Vlak} - F2U OC Ornate Priestess

A few portraits that were inspired by 7743’s portrait generator. F2U and recolor.


heyo made some portraits for projects im doing
reclass fe6
pirate rauh
nomad garret
pali igrene
theif geese
pent hair
Archer clarine

and some Fe4 thing I read the manga and I just really like lewyn and fury I mean erinys
f2u and edit


I have a few more Shantae Halfbodies that I’ve been making. This time they are the Half-Genies from Shantae’s 5th Adventure on Paradise Island. Like my last batch, I’ve been using 7743’s AI portrait tool.
Shantae, Harmony {Stephano}Shantae, Zapple {Stephano}Shantae, Plink {Stephano}Shantae, Vera {Stephano}Shantae, Fillin {Stephano}

Here is also a before and after of the AI generated portrait compared to the final portrait. As well as all the ones i’ve done so far.

Before and After

Portrait Collection


It’s been a while, everyone. I had some free time, so I created a new Spell Animation using materials I had made and left in the past.


The Japanese name is 火攻火輪, but the English name is Gigafire, named like FE7 Gigacalibur.

The reading of “火攻火輪” is “HiZeMeKaRiN”.
Specific pronunciations are
“He = Hi” for “He is”,
“The = Ze” for “Them”,
“Me = Me” for “Mecha”,
“Co = Ka” for “Cover”, and
“Rin = RiN” for “Ring”.

This is a Spell Animation that heats the surrounding area with hot air to cause an explosion.
I created this animation by imagining that heat causes a heat-up.

Credits: @SHYUTERz