FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

yes good

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Oh, is that all? You’ve been hoarding :wink: This one’s gonna take me a little bit and I love it. Awesome job, flasuban.


This is like an early birthday present.

Amazing job! I love the fact that you did such improvements and just plenty of new stuff, keep it up.

I do appreciate an attempt at a generic palette, however you reversed the light and dark colors on their cloak. Simple and common mistake, but it certainly makes things look off.

I’m simply calling this release: flasuban.

I’ve added everything else new up to now as well, including some new thief repalettes that are compatible with both the knife and sword animation by @Pikmin1211 and @Maiser6 (also credit the original knife creators). You can check it all out on the site (or in the drive)!


Oh, by Kaga, yes. Have a separate topic with just submissions and another where people can discuss them to heart’s content.

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I’ve been waiting for this!

What a legend!

Edit: Still missing a few. I added them to the Bounty List.

Both of them are there.

On second thought, their names aren’t very clear…

Changed them to Sage M T2 (Gaiden Style by Spud) and Archsage Athos M T3 (+Fix)

Thanks to Peerless, the repository now should have all or almost all insertable spell animations! If any are missing, let me know.

Just something minor, but the FE7 fire dragon has stone labeled as it’s weapon type

I added all the FE6 Mugs with full mouth and eye frames, edited and contributed by Shin19.

Hey again.

The Necromancer F T3 folders are both empty and neither are labeled as such.

I updated the dropbox link for the FE10 Knight / Lieutenant.
It now also contains the sword animation which I finished today :wink:

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I finished the Axe and Handaxe animations for the FE10 Knight / Lieutenant.
Aditionally I corrected a few errors in the Spear and Sword anims.
@Klokinator would you exchange the old animations in the repository too?

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Added all the aforementioned animations, Zephiel Unarmed, Rebecca T1 archer, a repaired version of the Wicked flier, and those sexy Awakening icons!

Note that I have not added the FE10 knight yet, as I’m waiting for the whole package plus bow. Nuramon also has an updated handaxe I haven’t added yet.

I finished the handaxe animation for my FE10 knight / Lieutenant. And as promised here is the updates dropbox link.
@Klokinator As formerly stated I also corrected a few errors in the other anims. So please exchange the whole package.


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Here are all the available icons, merged together. Huge thanks to 7743 for taking time out of his busy schedule to create this!



Female versions please

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I’ve never really done any spriting or pixel art (the female bow assassin hardly counts). Be that as it may, I have made Fire Emblem mugs great again. You can thank me later.