FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

Swords on Rangers? Naw, let’s take it up a notch with Lances! Rangers love lances.

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Welcome Female General Battle Sprite. Another fine addition to the FE Community.

I got a lance wielding, bow using ranger in my hack, and I can’t thank you both @Leo_link and @JeyTheCount enough for the awesome, awesome battle animation. Great job!


I’m flattered :relaxed:

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wow!!!Can u make Innes color,It is so cool

Alright… I’ve been holding off on saying this for a while, but at this point, I feel like I have to.

Since about May 5th of this year, I have barely added any animations to the Github Repository. The reasons for this are pretty simple, but I just want to start by thanking the community for making at least 70ish animations in just three months. That’s an absolutely incredible speed, and the vast majority of these are really high quality.

I want to add these animations to the repo. But guys, I am just one person, and I have no help. I am also a very busy person, with two major writing projects on my plate, as well as several minor projects. I am unable to keep up with the volume of animations people are unloading on me all the time.

I need help.

I would need a lot less help if people formatted their animations properly. It seems no matter how much I link it, nobody reads the animation formatting post.

This is not optional. I am not, have not, and will not add animations to the Repository unless they align with the guidelines I have laid out. If you do not format your animations properly, I have to format them myself. Why do I have to format them? Because if I don’t, they won’t show up properly in the awesome Github previews.

Guys. When you put, let’s say, two weeks of work into an animation, what I want is for you to take an extra 5 to 10 minutes to read the submission guidelines and make sure your animation fits within it. That extra 5 minutes may not seem like much to you, but this is my backlog of animations inside the WIP folder on the Github. Reformatting all of these will take 5-10 minutes per entry. Possibly more, depending on extenuating circumstances.

Look at this. Look at these folders. They’re all over the place. No consistent names. I’ve done my best to toss in credits whenever I download something someone posted, but every zip/7z file here is improperly formatted, all to varying degrees. A few of these will take minimal effort for me to fix, but they are by far the minority. Most of these were slapped together haphazardly.

In order for me to format all of these animations, I will need hours upon hours, if not several days, to make them work properly with the Repository.

Here are a few examples, just taken at random.

Examples of badly formatted animations

Leo_Link has submitted a bunch of cool animations, but they use the old Repo’s naming conventions. Not the new one.

Honestly, not a big deal. I can rename the top-level folders easily. The problem comes from what’s inside the folders.

No CREDITS.txt file. The top-level folders are also not named properly. They should look like this, as per my formatting guidelines.

Inside the folders, they were exported from FEBuilders as ‘lance’ instead of ‘Lance’. This last thing isn’t really a big deal, it just triggers my OCD, but I digress.

Don’t think I’m here to pick on Leo_Link. As-is, his submissions require only a few minor fixes. It’s not a big deal. But, it is endemic of the fact that I feel as if nobody reads the submission guidelines.

Let’s look at someone else.

7743 is not a native English speaker. As such, I don’t really expect him to precisely follow the guidelines. Even so… I don’t even know what this is. Is it a spell animation? I barely know how spell animations work, so I don’t think I made spell guidelines.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t follow any particular logic.

Here’s a Mounted Bard, Sonneteer - it has a Credits file, but the animation folder is absolutely horridly formatted. I will literally need to insert and export this from scratch to get it into a proper format.

Here’s Stitch’s Bulky Mage. At first glance, it seems properly formatted.

But then you get into the folder, where there’s no CREDITS.txt file.

The files weren’t exported under the name ‘Magic’ so it won’t show up on the Github previews properly.

Folks. This may seem like little baby whining to you. However, I am just one guy. I don’t have anyone helping me. I remember what it was like before the Repo. I remember having to hunt through walls of poorly formatted animations, trying to figure out why this animation download link was broken, or why that one was thrown in 50 random folders.

These days, 2021, we have a spiffy site with download buttons (that sometimes break, but Github is trying its best), gif previews, and a repository that doesn’t fall apart every week because some random download broke and now nobody can access the latest SALVAGED animation because someone’s Dropbox shit the bed.

All I ask is that you format your animations when you send them in. Every properly formatted animation I’ve seen, of which there have been about five in the past three months, have been added immediately to the repo. Unzip, change a name or two, bam. Done. Knabepicer is one of like three people who has properly submitted a few animations, and for that, I praise him.

I want to add these animations to the Repo, but I don’t have the time. Can you guys help me? Resubmit your stuff according to the guidelines I outlined. Please don’t tell me it’s not a big deal, or it’s not important, or say “Who cares?” because the fact the Repo is so popular means that you all must care in some way. I care, or I’d have thrown my hands up and said ‘whatever’ a long time ago. I can’t help that I’m 30 years old and life is making me busier than ever, but I can still try to make this repo awesome, with YOUR help.



P.S. If your animation is in this WIP folder, it needs reformatting according to the Repo’s guidelines. (There may be a couple exceptions at the top, but for the most part, all of them have this issue.)

Edit: I extracted the WIP folders. Try scrolling down that page to see just how bad the formatting looks on Github.

New additions to the repo!

Edit2: JeyTheCount updated the three Leo_Link animations I mentioned in the previous post. Thanks! They’re now actually in the repo :smiley:

Edit3: Lord Tweed updated the Axe animations for the Fencer, and the Female Grand Paladin animation too!


The three japanese scripts are definitely not part of the default ASCII table, that’s most likely why. I would spell it using latin alphabet if no other nickname is available.


I was wondering, can you guys make a Manaketes? I want to add it to my project but I can’t do it myself because I’m bad at drawing… You don’t have to do it.


As in a portrait or a battle animation?

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You’re better off making a request thread on your own, your post is going to get lost in here.


Portrait or maybe both but if that’s to hard for you then portrait is fine

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dancer_A your right. I’ll make one right now… Wait, is it to late? ah whatever let me try anyways!


Will there be battle animations for them, cause that’s gonna be super pog


Eliwood: Gigachad Edition.

Step aside, Hector. The real protagonist is here.


Woooow! nice job! I love second one! :clap: :grin:

I’ve been planning to making one of them the final boss to my Hack! but I just got to think of a story for both and the name. Do you have the download link? Oh, I hope it’s ok to use your name in the ending credits in my hack if thats ok? I wonder how XPGamesNL doing?

That looks absolutely amazing!!

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the name who made was stated in the link . please make sure to credit them if you want to use those

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maybe. who knows.

@Klokinator i wanted to ask: since i can work on battle animations, but i can’t properly format them like mentioned in the guidelines since i don’t use FEBuilder or anything else like that, would it be ok if i just posted a single sheet with all the animations included, similar to a rip from the GBA games?
i could also make an animated gif, but that’s as far as i can go.
i’ll wait for an answer before doing anything, since i don’t really want to mess things up with the repo.
in any case, i can always post my stuff in my own topic.

I can’t add an animation sheet to the Repo. It needs to be formatted for GBA.

You can ask other animators for help. They might teach you how to format for FEBuilder insertion.

You can join the FEU discord server to ask in the Spritans channel for help on that subject.