Designing a Lord - Submit your Ideas

Name: Clarelune
Class: Witch
Sexe: Woman
Age: 17
Weapon: Dark Magic
Weapon Name: Hekatia
Skills: Dark Veil (Skill and Luck-based ability, chance to activate 100% dodge and negate an enemy critical hit.).
Colors: White, Blue, Silver

Biography: Clarelune started learning magic during childhood. Her mother taught her literacy, math and astronomy. She became knowledgeable, learning about plants, animals, weather and even how to knit. When Clarelune came of age, her mother started to show signs of insanity and suffered from terrible hallucinations. One morning she was gone and Clarelune had to continue on her own.

Appearance: Clarelune has nearly-white hair, with very faint tones of peach and lavender. Her skin is also very pale, but has a blue undertone, due to her ingesting small deposits of silver, from a contanimated well. She wears dark blue garments and a gray cloak.

Additional Details: Clarelune is psychic. She believes that she can communicate with trees, rivers, lakes and breezes. She uses her magic to stay invisible and avoid people. The only people who have been able to confront her are other magic-users, or certain non-magical exceptions. She is trying to find her mother, but also interested in expanding her knowledge and magical abilities.

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  • Name: Esther
  • Class: Queen
  • Gender: F
  • Age: Late twenties or perhaps 30
  • Weapon: Swords and Staves
  • Weapon Name: Huvud
  • Skills: Support skills, Blinding Sol (like Sol but with a multiplier of 5 instead of 3)
  • Colors: Royal blue, purple, wine-red

Biography: Esther is the queen of Alhena. The ongoing war with Krateia (she was originally a noble from there) gets personal when her husband is killed. Their son being too young to rule, Esther takes up arms and defends her kingdom.
Appearance: Black hair in a braid crown. Regal armor suited for riding. Has a crown shaped kind of like this.


Name: Aogami or Naomi
Class: Heir (it’s still a lord)
Promoted class: Ronin
Age: 21
Gender: Male or female (dependant of player choice)
Description: A lord who sought out their childhood friend after many years despite hardships of the outside world.
Weapon: Sword, shuriken, bow (after promotion)
Weapon name: Aramasa (sword), Hope’s arc (bow)
Skill: Great shield
Appearance: Aogami has short black hair whilst Naomi has long black hair wears armor gifted to him made by Naomi and vise versa.
Armor color: Aogami’s is demonic (black, red etc.)
Naomi’s is angelic (white, gold etc)

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I’ll put in my game’s Lord in here too.


Name: Lapiz
Class: Lord
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Weapon: Anima
Perf Weapon: Will-o-wisp (A 1-2 range fire spell which deals small damage but has high usage)
Skill: Camaraderie (Heals 10% HP when there is an ally 2 spaces near her)
Colors: White, Midnight Blue, Gold


She is the main character of Act 1 of my Romhack, Visions of Liberation. She is known as the Exiled Princess after the milita of her kingdom of Chevrell overthrew her family out, She is known to be caring and empathetic towards everyone however is somewhat sheltered from the outside world and thus oblivious to people taking advantage of her. She seeks to find answers as to why the coup happened and hopes to find a peaceful resolution to the uprising and tragedy.


She is constantly seen in her white dress which looks almost robe-like along with a circlet around her head adorned with a blue lapis gem given to her by her grandmother.

Additional Info:

She is one of the playable lords in the romhack, wherein Act 2 will focus on her brother, Regal (A brash swordsman who seeks redemption as a means to rebuild Chevrell over Lapiz’s views of being peaceful and diplomatic about it.). Her full act coming soon in the Demo this year!


Wow! I’m amazed! I love her already. Is your game playable? Feel free to send me a PM, I’d love to see her in action.


I can give you the current playtest ROM if you want :grinning:


Sure! Send it to me in a DM or we can connect on Discord?

Name: Eleanor
Class: Blademaiden
Sex: Woman
Age: Early to Mid 20s
Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name: Crestfell
Skills: Sorrow of Darkness
Colors: Pink, Black and Blue

Biography: Eleanor was an unknown person of unknown origin who was adopted into a noble house at a young age. Her fate was changed when she was kidnapped by brigands and ended up in a slave trade where she was abused and traumatized. She then met Richard who saved her from being punished and was considered a childhood friend which gave her joy as a result. Then fate occurs again and this time an incident occurs resulting the two childhood friends are separated. This results in Eleanor having a purpose in finding Richard in the hope that he’s alive.

Appearance: Eleanor has the appearance of a beautiful girl, shrouded in a dark aura. She carried a mysterious gem around her neck containing a secret within. Has long pink hair that looks graceful as a dancer. Is quite agile and brings quick blows to the enemy before they have the chance to react. Has light gear for a myrmidon and the precision of an archer.

Additional Details

This is my second lord for a potential ROM hack and she could be more favored than Richard, but that’s my design. This is secretly a following of Richard and how it would come to play in the future and how they reunite. Does give some Alm and Celica vibes, but in a different region separate from FE Gaiden.

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Wait, is Gaiden just Kaga’s knock-off of The Hidden Fortress? The answer may surp(ry

  • Name: Vela
  • Class: Conjurer
  • Gender: F
  • Age: 19
  • Weapon: Lances and Magic
  • Weapon Name: Menaulion (can cast Ginnungagap Alpha)
  • Unique Spell: Ginnungagap
  • Skills: Summoning
  • Colors: Violet, white, sunset orange.

Biography: Somehow, Jedah returned and impREGNATED ANOTHER WOMAN FOR THE ROCK’S SAKE JEDAH ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HARMED BY YOUR PISS POOR PARENTING. The reality of her scavenging to survive is somehow still better than if Jedah didn’t abandon her and her mother. She, alongside a flying courier (well that explains where the wyverns in Valm came from) and a discharged One Kingdom soldier working as a mercenary, joins a resistance led by General Celica against her own son, who aims to finish what Rudolf started.

Appearance: Purple hair pinned back, think L’Arachel but not as elaborate.

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