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This topic is intended to gather information on what kind of lords or main characters Fire Emblem fans would like to see. As you may know already, the main character of each Fire Emblem game is not always the ‘lord’, but instead the tactician or a counsellor to the lord. With that distinction in mind, the goal is to design a lord.

Once again, this topic is meant to gather information. A form has been created for the purposes of gathering facts, but there is also room for more details, out of consideration for those who like to write descriptions. Shorter posts are still encouraged. You can find the form underneath this paragraph. Please copy the form in your reply, replace the note in each column with the relevant details and post it here in this topic. Once again, this topic was created to gather data, in the hopes of providing more insight of what fans want to see in Fire Emblem or similar games.

(Knowing what the Fire Emblem community wants in terms of a lord character is potentially quite useful and helpful for designers, especially the rom-hacking community here.)

Name: [Please write the name of your lord character.]
Class: [Please write the class name of your lord character.]
Sexe: [Please choose one of three options, ‘man’, ‘woman’ or ‘other’.]
Age: [Please write a number, not a description.]
Weapon: [Please write the name of the weapon type used by your lord.]
Weapon Name: [Please give a name to the ‘perf’ weapon your character uses.]
Skills: [Please list any skills or special abilities your lord character might have.]
Colors: [Please list up to 3 colors that describe your lords personal palette.]

Biography: [Please try to limit this paragraph to 5 sentences or less.]

Appearance: [Please try to limit this paragraph to 5 sentences or less.]

Additional Details: [Please try to limit this paragraph to 5 sentences or less.]


Name: While the MC might have a more common name, a lord should have a more noble name.
Class: Something unique. I like to think about what the lord does before I design the rest of the cast, and the lord shouldn’t overlap with anyone else, otherwise it gets messy as to why you’d use them.
Sex: anything works here, honestly, just don’t make them boring.
Age: any range works, but I’d avoid anything beyond 50, or before 15, so as to avoid certain character flaws. Though that could be interesting to work with.
Weapon: Anything but swords. :slight_smile: in reality though, anything works, so long as it’s interesting, gameplay-wise.
Weapon Name: Go with something fitting. Rapier is a noble weapon, Manni Katti is more tribal. Wolf Beil is more feral, and strong sounding.
Skills: Depends on whether or not you have skills, but this varies depending on personality/weapons.
Colors: Regal colors. Blue, red, purple, heavy greens. Something to set them apart from common cast members.

Biography: Keep it reasonable, but try for something fun. A bastard child of a fallen noble house will start more interesting than a golden child, but isn’t necessary for drama.

Appearance: Even a lightly armored noble will have fancy armor, just keep it tasteful, and fitting. They should be neat and well-kept, rather than wild, unless that’s specifically what you’re going with, ala-Hector.

Additional Details: Mostly, it just depends on the game. Keep in mind the type of world you’re writing for, and try to build someone who fits (Or more importantly, doesn’t fit.) that kind of world. Try to do something fun with them, and stay away from Marth 17.0.


i think the lord should always be inspired by me, personally. the rest of you are just sublords


Here is an example of what the posts are intended to be:

Name: Rosemary
Class: Maiden
Sexe: woman
Age: 15
Weapon: pendant
Weapon Name: Rosary
Skills: Silence
Colors: pink, gold, cream

Biography: Rosemary is the youngest of 3. She was born into aristocracy. She was sent to a convent as a child. She gained divine power during her stay and now serves under the king, in the royal army.

Appearance: Rosemary has a pale complexion, lavender-coloured eyes and long platinum-blond hair, which she ties down into two large braids. She wears a pale pink dress with a wide skirt. Her head is adorned with a golden circlet, given to her by the royal family.

Additional Details: Rosemary represents purity, innocence and chastity. She also represents beauty. She is an archetype of a female church figure, within a context comparable to legends dating back to medieval Europe. Virtue becomes her power, and she uses it for ‘just’ means.


Alright but are you gonna make a hack with that lord or not


Name: Rufus Morgain
Class: Sellsword
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Weapon: Axes
Personal Weapon Name: Chulain
Skills: Daunt/ “Sharp Wit”; On promotion Sol/“Gilded Edge”
Colors: Aquamarine. Silver, Brown

Biography: Rufus is the unclaimed Son of a Noble who abandoned his title to search of his estranged daughter. Rufus himself started “The Gilded Legion”, a company of swords-for-hire made of second-sons, unclaimed daughters (“Baseborn” to the polite, “B*stards” to the cruel), and sprurned knights and squires. Rufus himself does not know of his noble heritage, but prefers to work for more altruistic causes, winning wars for exiled nobles, defending remote villages from bandits, and keeping roads safe from robbers. He has a bit of a biting, sarcastic edge, and will call nobles out with candor

Appearance: His dirty blonde hair is close cropped, seemingly self-styled with a knife. He would be a charming, smouldering gaze sort with his piercing green eyes, but his years of hard work and battles have scored his face and body with scars. Rarely seen without a weapon and his armor, his preferred attire are well worn breeches, thick leather boots with a matching gambeson, with a layer of scale mail under his leather chest piece for extra protection. Around his neck, he has a scored and worn-down signet ring threaded on a leather cord, an accessory he will not comment on.

Extra Details:
-not the main character, gets tangled in the plot looking for an estranged princess
-Is forced to meet his father and half-sister as part of the story; much of his arc is accepting them and his heritage
-The “Hector” to the MCs “Lyn” in tone, growths, and relationship


Name: Hellsa
Sexe: Woman
Age: 18
Colors: Red, black

Biography: born in hell and is Elsa’s evil twin

Additional details: bisexual, and straight. Likes me, music, and evil. Hates people, and Elsa.


Name: Killer Axe
Class: Axe
Sex: Axe
Age: 20 Durability
Weapon: Axe
Weapon Name: Devil Axe
Skills: Axefaith, Axefaire, +15 Crit
Colors: Black, Red and Gray (Silver)

Biography: From times now lost to history, cavemen Grug and his fellow Grugmates suffered due to their primitive tools being more akin to maces and bludgeons than actually sharp-ended weaponry. Reminiscing on this past, the Killer Axe, once named the Butcher Axe, was brought to be by hunters who needed a better tool to cleave and butcher the corpses of dead mid-big game for food, upon a discovery was made: It was also pretty good at killing.

Thus, eons past, the day came and the sentence that brought the Killer Axe to life was uttered:


Appearance: The Killer Axe has taken many appearances across the ages, as technology adapts, and the styles of blacksmiths vary from forger to forger. For many, the Killer Axe is a tool of justice - not to shed blood senselessly. But now I am not so sure… and besides, this isn’t my axe.

Additional Details:

Axe C | Mt 11 | Hit 65 | Wt 11 | Crit 30 | Rng 1 | Uses 20
Improves critical hit rate.

Price: 1000G
Price Per Use: 50G
Sell: 500G


“what the Fire Emblem community wants in terms of a lord character”

i’ve got you’re answer right here


Name: Kelik Zenair
Class: Swordsman → Legend
Sexe: Yes
Age: According to FEShrine, the first build of TLP released on 7/02/09, so Kelik is about 14 years old.
Weapon: The Blade…
Weapon Name: Arectaris
Skills: Etherium
Colors: See Appearance

You, Devisian knights.[A]
How much weight…
can you handle?[A]
Can you withstand the spirit
of one who’s life has passed?[A]
The weight of the burden
of that death?[A]
Weak souls succumb quickly
to a strong spirit…[A]
Strong ether is like a toxin
to those whose bodies and minds[A]
are unfamiliar with such
overwhelming power…[A]
Kain, just for a moment,
grant me that power…![A]


Additional Details: Rather seriously, the format of submitting fully-detailed characters feels like it’s aggressively missing the point. The sheer amount of pointless detail is too much to reasonably composite, and any actual coherent “summary” character you do manage to make by combining everything would just end up being boring. It says a lot that over half the actual submissions so far have been joke posts - you can’t make a reasonable standalone claim about designing a lord (for instance, I’d like to mention wishing less FE main characters had some sort of birth-based noble/supernatural superior societal position) in this format.

Name: Siegfried
Class: Knight Errant (Alternative: Champion)
Sexe: Man
Age: 30-40s
Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name: Nothung, Raikiri
Skills: Divine Lightning

Divine Lightning:

Active: Siegfried discharges an electric nova that deals (5 / 10 / 15 (+ 85% Str) (+ 110% Spd)) magic damage to enemies within 4 spaces. If this hits at least one enemy, he enters Overcharged for 5 turns. Hitting an enemy with a combat art or basic attack will extend the duration by 1 turn, up to its original duration.

Overcharged: Siegfried gains 30% bonus attack speed and 10% bonus movement. Attacks are empowered to deal 20% increased damage and instead strikes 3 times that travel with increased speed and chain to the nearest visible enemy within 2 spaces of the target, up to 4 subsequent targets, to deal 25% Str physical damage. This damage can critically strike for (18.75% + 11.25% (if wielding Killer or Slaying weapon ) Str bonus physical damage.

During Overcharged, Siegfried can generate stacks of Hypercharged from enemies that last 1 turn. He generates 1 stack for each one he hits with a combat art or basic attack, increased to 3 on attacks that critically strike. Subsequent hits refresh the duration of Hypercharged. Attacks grant stacks only against the first target hit.

Hypercharged: For each stack, Siegfried gains 0.5% bonus movement (rounds up).

Colors: Brown, grey, white

Biography: A man with a strong sense of justice and dedication. He suffers from deep wounds...



Additional Details: This divine lightning shall pierce the skies!

You guys suck, I’m gonna give a genuine answer.

Name: Levander

Class: Vigilante (dual-wielding crossbows)

Sexe: self-identifying male, he/him
Age: mid-30’s

Weapon: Bows
Weapon Name: Rapid-Fire Crossbow

Skills: Adrenaline Rush - Sacrifice a turn to get capped move the next turn.

Colors: lavender, navy, a touch of light orange

Biography: A gendarme who becomes disillusioned with the treatment of civilians, in particular its most vulnerable groups. He decides to take matters into his own hands and leads a violent social uprising to help those who cannot help themselves.

Appearance: Cool hat, stubby beard.


Weapons can’t be lords? Now that’s a bit rude



Here is another example (you can post more than one):

Name: Sifrson
Class: Viking
Sexe: man
Age: 23
Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name: Frostr
Skills: Inflict Half Speed
Colors: pale blue, pale yellow, platinum

Biography: Sifrson was born to a sailor for a father. His older brother was cruel to him, until he died during a raid. The following winter his father perished from the cold. He took his boat and travelled south, but was captured by soldiers. After spending just over a year in a dungeon, he was freed and became a blacksmith.

Appearance: Sifrson is pale, with long blond hair and a golden beard. He is quite tall and rather slender. He wears a simple tunic, still unaccustomed to southern temperatures and often busy in his smithy.

Additional Details: War breaks out and by sheer chance he is reunited with some of his clansmen. They form a fellowship and aid the local nobility to fend off the invaders.

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Name: Simon
Class: Knight/Mage (both)
Sexe: Non-Binary
Age: Mid 20s
Weapon: Sword and Excalibur tome (from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon)
Weapon Name: Excalibur (both sword and tome are called Excalibur)
Skills: Can move twice per turn
Colors: Blue, White, black (white and black are used to show a duality sort of like a yin and yang)

Simon was born a noble but was abducted from his kingdom by a neighboring kingdom at an early age. He grew up in this kingdom as a thief who showed great skill with a sword and excelled at magic. Eventually, he learned that he had been abducted and fled from the kingdom searching to see where he belonged in his home kingdom. He eventually finds himself in a war between the two kingdoms. The situation only gets worse when it turns out he is also a Manakete.

For his appearance take random features from past fire emblem lords. However, he will have cool green and white hair.


This is meant to be a very tanky unit

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Also just changed its sexe to nonbinary

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Name: Richard
Class: Wanderer
Sex: Man
Age: Early to Mid 20s
Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name: Uriel
Skills: Humanity’s Sanity
Colors: White, Grey, and Purple.

Biography: Richard was an unknown person of unknown origin with no parent figure and without a purpose. He was taken in by a minor lord who treats him like a lowly scum as a servant boy at a young age. He was then adopted into an Assassin Group known as the Seekers after eliminating his abusive master and taken in as one of their own. He was then trained in the arts of combat with the Seekers and over time, he became independent enough to defend himself through tough trials and become his person. He then ventures out into the world seeking a legend that was once lost in a past long gone from myth and in hopes of regaining his humanity.

Appearance: Richard has the appearance of a man who went through tough trials and lost the taste of a common person. His hair has been ruffled up and has some breaded stubs below his mouth. His build would be more around a common mercenary but can take a hit or more from tough weaponry. Got nice gear as a mercenary and thief.

Additional Details

Additional Details: Making sure that he doesn’t lend towards as an Edgelord or whatever words my character fits in the FE Category.
This is a work of progress involving Richard in a story that I’m working on.
P.S. Don’t judge me, I’m new to this as well.


I like the idea of an Archer lord who promotes to Sniper or Bow Knight and never gains 1-range weapons.

The unit should have good speed and luck so that they can perform well enough not to get smoked by melee units and moderate Def/Res/HP bases and growths as well.

Lords can sometimes become so strong that they solo large parts of the map on enemy phase. Not this lord :grinning:.

On promotion they gain pierce and significant Str bonus if Sniper: bow range +1 and canto+ if Bow Knight. Both promoted units gain Bowfaire at level 5.

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lol at “sex: axe” :clap:

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