Crowdsourcing new skill ideas (Non-Pokemon)

Well, there are already skill scroll items, and the game keeps track on when a character learns a skill.

You could make it so that it reads the skill of character A, then stores that, and then teaches that stored skill ID to character B

Perhaps make it also durability based, like the default skill scroll, and code it so that the durability changes to match the skill ID it’s reading right before being consumed.

This seems interesting, how about I tell some skill ideas?
Some of these are basically inspired by some SMT and Persona skills and abilities, so keep that in mind.

Counterstrike: Low percent chance to reflect the opponent’s attack to them (I’m not sure if there’s actually a skill that does something similar to this. If so, ignore this one).

Alley doctor: when healing an unit, there’s a chance that unit will additionally receive either a buff or debuff (like, gain +5 str that decreases each turn, or become poisoned).

Hero wannabe: When unit crits an enemy, that unit gain +3 points in STR and SPD.

Crippled determinator: at the cost of permanently having -5 SPD, the unit gains +3 in STR and DEF, and +4 in SKL.

Unfettered: Duplicates effective damage done to an enemy when it’s weak against certain weapons.

Ideal reality: may negate an attack or the use of a status staff. May also negate the use of staves like psychic and fortify.

Just die: magic percent chance to insta kill the enemy. The unit won’t spend any dark magic uses if using a dark tome.

Divine judgment: magic percent chance to insta kill the enemy. The unit won’t spend any light magic uses if using a light tome.

Treasure expert: the unit will obtain double the amount of an item dropped by defeating an enemy. (there’s the option to make certain items be dropped only once regardless if the unit has this skill)

Orgia mode: event based skill (like Gamble or Swap). Upon activating, the unit will become uncontrollable (like turning into a variant of a neutral ally) for three turns, but the unit gains a considerable amount of points in all its stats (like 3 or 5 points). Once three turns have passed, the unit will become controllable again, but they will lose 3 points in all their stats, each point decreasing each turn.

Kill stealing: if the unit gives the killing blow to an enemy that they didn’t attack before and was being attacked by someone else, they will gain double the experience.

Dreadful musician/singer/dancer: when using a dance skill, gives the danced unit +5 SPD, but also gives them -3 DEF and RES.

Tearjerking musician/singer/dancer: when using a dance skill, gives the danced unit +5 DEF/RES, but also gives them -2 SPD, -3 STR and -5 SKL.

Rain bringer: if unit is deployed, there’s a chance it will rain on the map.

Deadly upgrade: event based skill. Upon activating, the unit will heal all of its hp and gain +6 STR, SKL and SPD, at the cost of having -4 DEF and RES and being poisoned for the rest of the battle.

Great seal: event based skill. Insta kills the enemy at the cost of the unit’s life.

Upshift(Weapon Type):

  • Increases the maximum range of Weapon Type by 2,
  • Increases the minimum range of Weapon Type by 1.
    Acceptable Weapon types are [Bows, Tomes, Staves].

Weapon Effects [Poison, Bravery, Effectiveness, …] present on equippable weapons in user’s inventory apply to all weapons in user’s inventory.

Weapon Effects [Poison, Bravery, Effectiveness, …] present on weapons in user’s inventory apply to all weapons in user’s inventory.

Focused Follow-up:
Deal +5 damage against the target of the previous action this turn.

Enshrined Cleave:
Unit’s attacks also strike enemies adjacent to the target.

Malevolent Cleave:
Unit’s attacks also strike enemies within 3 spaces of the target.

Defiant Strike:
Increases unit’s damage by that of foes counter when initiating battle.

Pavise But Good - Unit and adjacent allies take 50% less damage from Swords, Lances, and Axes when an Armoured ally is adjacent to Unit or adjacent allies.
Better name pending.

Damn, this channel is seeing more action these days. I need to start making more skills.

Here’s a few more:

  • Swift March: gain +1 AS per 2 squares moved.
  • Critical Overload: gain +1 damage per 1 crit above 100.
  • Gold Fever: gain +1 STR/SKL/SPD per 2000 gold funds up to +5 at 10000.
  • Stone Body: if your CON is higher than the enemy, reduce incoming damage by the difference.
  • Merciless: gain 100 crit against poisoned foes.
  • Decay skill line: Reduce one stat by 3 on every foe within 2 squares. (Strength Decay, Skill Decay, Spectrum Decay, so on and so forth).
  • Abundant Vitality: Heal X based on how much HP you have over your ally

May as well throw a few ideas in here.

Breaker Plus Line: Grants Double the effects of the normal buff also halfs damage.

Link Line: Grants +1 in one stat per every adjacent ally. (Str Link, Skl Link, Mag Link, etc)

Defiant Charge: Grants +1 in every stat per 2 spaces moved.

Weapon Focus: Unit can only use one weapon type but gains Hit+5, Avd+5, Cirt+5 per weapon rank. (Hero can use swords and axes, but the unit can only use one of them.)

Finisher: If unit has special boss convo with the curret chapter boss, unit will always deal cirtical hits against them.

Magropy: Grants avo against magicial weapons.

Strong Rider: +15 Hit/Avd against enemines that have lower str than unit

Quick/Slow Burn (Rework): Grants Plus 1 to all stats increases/decreases 1/per turn (Max: +6).

Hexblade: Unit targets the lower of def/res during combat

Hex Aura: All allies within 2 spaces targets the lower of def/res during combat

With regards to weapon focus, I gave it some thought and realized there’s no system for the user to select a weapon type to use, and you can’t lock the weapon types automatically or you’re introducing a skill with a permenant downside that may outweight its upside.

I feel a better idea would be if all the weapons in the user’s inventory are of the same type, then grant the boost. Same result, but this way you can change weapons more easily.

Skills you say?
Well, I hope these help:

Wind slash
When equipped with a (non magic) sword, user can attack at 2 range using Str/2 + Wpn Mt.

Reckless Dive
Pegasus Knight/ Wyvern gain + 3 Attack Speed and Damage when initiating battle against unmounted units, but takes 10 damage after combat (cannot kill).

Release Restraint
Until the next turn, nearby Armoured unit gain 2 movement + 4 Speed, but loses 8 Def.

Unit can choose to “Repair” equipped weapon.

Triangle Deviant
All equipped weapons are treated as reaver weapons.

Brain over Brawn
If Skill /2 > Str, damage + 5, avoid + 15.

Have a good day.