Crowdsourcing new skill ideas (Non-Pokemon)

Would that be easier to do over having to check every individual stat? Like an Angel Robe giving a +1 to everything and it caps at +7 after using 7 boosters? Cuz tbf i don’t see alot of people using much more than that on a single unit.

Sure, if you want to change how some of the items work. But you’d probably need two skills (one to handle the behaviour change and the other to handle the stat boosts) or you can’t have the item do anything on its own without messing things up.

I was hoping it could serve a personal skill for those 10k gold mercenary units that you get. This sounds like it won’t work like that?

My initial idea is probably more ideal without changing the existing behaviour, but I’d have to check at a later data to see if it’s even feasible to know which stat is being looked at, at that hook point.

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Ok if you can make it work that would be awesome. I think it would fill a niche for those types of units

Also i want to ask, does Merciless work on the same round it’s applied? Like if i have an Assassin with a poison sword, hit him the first time to apply the poison, will the second hit already benefit from the ensured crit?

It’s a prebattle skill so no. Those calculations are done in advance, at which point the opponent won’t yet be poisoned.

I haven’t really looked at all the stuff in skillsys so I apologise if some of my ideas already exist.

The Power of Money: unit gains either +1 damage or +1 crit per 1000 gold the player army has.

Overbreak: unit becomes able of making an attack with x2 damage but breaks their weapon to do it.

Toxicologist: all attacks inflict poison and render the user immune to poison.

Insomniac: user is immune to sleep, but every 5 turns becomes berserked for 1 round.

Cracked Armor: unit can sacrifice defense and res for speed at a ratio of 2 to 1.

Flex on them: a one turn provoke that grants +3-5 defense when used, only usable by axe wielders.

Heavier Blade: all speed penelties from weapon weight are doubled, but you gain the difference in might. (if you get -6 speed you gain +6 might)

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Are skills still being developed? Cuz if so, i’d like to see in skill format the Demon King’s mass summoning thing. Can it be done?

Here’s one that’s a weird skill that I don’t think anyone posted a skill that depending on the percent of HP that you have you get to do that much bonus damage kind of like an advanced Wars type skill.

These are technically monster skills (for two monster classes I’m working on).

Lustful (For my Succubus monster class): Gains “HP Drain” on attacks against male units.

Undying (For my Lich monster class): Fully heals HP at the start of the turn.

Essentially you need to kill the Lich in one turn or it “revives” back to full strength.

Another set of skills I’ve been thinking on are based on Chess.

Pawn Link - Allies directly next to this unit gain a buff, foes to the corner of this unit gain a buff too. Upgrades to Rook, Bishop, or Knight Link at level 10.

Rook Link - Allies in the same column or row of this unit gain a buff

Bishop Link - Allies to the corner of this unit gain 3 buffs

Knight Link - Allies in a L shaped pattern 4 tiles away gain a buff (one of which is Skill)

Not sure on the buffs, but it’d add a little fun chess theming to the game.

Pawn being the weakest, gives the enemy a buff too, but can become very powerful and flexible to your playstle.

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