Crowdsourcing new skill ideas (Non-Pokemon)

In the sequel to my last topic Pokemon abilities as skills I want to try gathering more general skill ideas. The only requirement is that it isn’t too similar to existing skills (which you can find a full list of here - FE8 SkillSystem Repo Skills)

I’m interested to see what people come up with :cowboy_hat_face:


Ok, so here is my idea for a set of skills:

Skills that negate Effective damage, but only for one specific class type.

Some of these Exist already in Fates and Heroes. Like Winged Shield and Beast Shield.

But to have more flexibility, you could do one skill for every effectiveness slot used in Effectiveness Rework, including the Unknown ones:

And maybe just for fun, you could also do the Conquest skill from Awakening, which blocks both Cavalry AND Armor effectiveness.


Engage has a few neato skills.

Break Defenses - If unit’s attack breaks foe, unit makes an extra attack at 50% damage. (Could probably have it just if you initiate and have weapon triangle advantage, maybe also if you actually hit the enemy to replicate it a bit more)
Cleric(+/++) - Unit can equip staves up to level C/B/A.
Augment - Grants staff range +5 and area of effect +1. (Mostly for the AoE effect on staves to make it absolutely nuts)
Divine Pulse - May turn a missed attack into a hit. Trigger %=30. Chance increases with high Lck. [+1% for every 1 Luck.]
Goddess Dance - Use to grant another action to all adjacent allies. (Basically the same as Rafael/transformed Reyson in FE9/10, I forget if FE4 did it, but, I haven’t seen an AoE refresh for GBA yet)

  • How about an overflow skill? Like you gain 1 damage for every 1 crit over 100%.
  • An adaptive skill that turns your damage into the type that hits the lower defense.
  • The money skill i mentioned in the other thread.
  • A skill that on heal, grants DEF/RES.
  • A skill that grants extra proc chance when above 75% health, like a reverse Hero.
  • Other versions of the Blue Flame skill that grant different stats.
  • Other versions of Battle Veteran where you gain stats/effects based on how many levels you have.
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Oh here’s a cool one:

  • Secret: Gain access to the Secret Shop

Tried to hold back a little this time. Values are arbitrary. BWL skills could just be changed to read from the unit’s level instead, but we have a couple of those already and others from vanilla games.

Pre-battle skills:
-The Best Defense: When initiating battle, transfer all of your defense/resistance (whichever is targeted by the enemy, or both if the enemy can’t counter) to your attack instead.
-Dishonorbreaker: When only 1 unit attacks, gain +50 avoid but -50 hit. (In other words, unless both units can attack, whoever attacks does so with -50 hit, or -100 if both units have the skill. As the name implies this can read from the -breaker skills value.)
-Do or Die: If the enemy deals more damage than unit’s current HP, unit deals effective damage.
-Opressor: If unit has more Wins than the opponent, unit gains +3 to all stats. (Always active if either unit does not have BWL data)
-Stubborn: If unit has more Losses than enemy, unit gains +5 str/spd. (Always active if either unit does not have BWL data)

Post-battle skills:
-Shakedown: When initiating battle, steal gold equal to damage dealt. (It’s a simpler and stronger version of the Pay Day skill I suggested in the other thread, I guess)
-Rampage: After initiating battle, debuffs all enemies within 5 tiles’ str/skl/mag by -3.
-First Blood: If unit initiates combat and both combatants are at full HP, buffs all allies’s str/skl/spd/mag by +3 for that turn.
-Endless Vitality: Unit restores 20% HP after every battle it participates in.

Aura/Buff skill:
-Seniority: Unit grants the buff of 5 additional leadership stars to allies within 5 tiles if unit has more Battles than them. (Always active if either unit does not have BWL data)

Post-action skill:
-Disengage: If unit uses an item, buffs own speed and debuffs enemies’ skl within 5 tiles by 3.
-Free Spirit: If the player Ends their turn but this unit hasn’t acted, unit acts independently with +5 to all stats for that turn. (Always active for AI-controlled units.)
-Ambush: Unit debuffs enemies within 5 tiles’ def/res by -3 when revealed. (In other words, if the unit is being rescued and is dropped, or if they were under a roof that was just opened, or when they are loaded in the chapter).

Unit Menu Skills:
-Vampiric Bond: Drains HP from an adjacent ally and both units share the highest buffs between them, at a minimum of +2. For each support rank between the units, increase the minimum by +1.
-Mind Glitch: Attack with reduced stats, but if you hit the enemy and they survive, gain control of them for that phase after battle. (Pun on Mine Glitch, I guess)


Movement Skills

  • Wind Sprint: Unit can move up to 3 extra spaces for the cost of 2 SKL/SPD per extra space moved.

Aura/Buff Skills

  • Recompense: For each allied unit that is killed during a chapter, unit with this skill gains +4 damage for the duration of a chapter.

  • Imbued Blade: When attacking next to an adjacent allied mage, physical damage instead targets RES and takes on the type of the allied mage. So, if a sword user attacks an enemy while also next to an adjacent allied shaman, the sword user would instead deal dark damage.

  • Strategist: Allied units within 2 tiles gain 2x Weapon Triangle advantage. Does not double weapon triangle disadvantages.

Post Battle Skills:

  • Armorer’s Blow (Not Armored Blow): After attacking an enemy, allies within 2 spaces gain 2 durability (or however much you feel is fair) on the first equipable weapon in their inventories.

  • Blowback (may have already been done): After battle and if possible, unit moves one tile in the opposite direction of the enemy. Would only work at melee range.

  • Overkill: When defeating an enemy, unit is healed for the surplus damage over the required amount to achieve the kill. So if the enemy had 6 HP left and you dealt 16 damage, you would be healed for 10 HP after combat.

  • Rally Stat: Retains the ability to rally a particular stat to allies within three tiles from the unit menu, but after defeating an enemy, also functions as a post-action skill that will give the buff to allies within melee range.

Unit Menu Skills

  • Smash: Deals a fixed 5 damage at melee range and cannot miss regardless of weapon triangle. Destroys walls/snags immediately.

  • Confer: Share up to 3 unused mov with an adjacent ally for them to use during their turn.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Concealed Weapon: Allows player unit to carry equipped weapon into the arena.

May add to this as I think of more.

Edit: Added a few.


Overflow: If you deal more than the target’s full health, your damage is modulo by it.

(Eg. 22 and 39 dmg to a 17 hp enemy becomes 5 damage.)

And of course
Underflow: Instantly kill the opponent if you’d deal less than 0 damage.


Here’s another one. When dealing damage at 1-2 range deal a fixed 10 damage.

This is to replicate the FE6 Light Brand effect

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Critical Pierce: User’s attacks ignore target’s CrtAvo (does not override Hoplon Guard/Fortune). Basically makes crits work like in FE4 where if you can crit, there is nothing your opponent can do short of negating the crit entirely to avoid facing crit chance.

Flexible Stance: If CON > WT, convert excess CON into Avo/CrtAvo. A corollary to Engage’s Slim weapons granting CrtAvo, but not restricted to Slim weapons alone.

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I think you mean JUST at 2 range. At melee it would deal normal damage

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I just copied and pasted the skills I selected from Heroes (no BS powercreep skills) to potentially make when Vesly asked for ideas last year. Minus those that made it in, of course.


Brash Assault: If unit initiates combat against a foe that can counter and units HP is 50% or lower, unit doubles. (This is similar to AdVantaged and Shuusuke’s “Confident Strike”)

Odd Follow Up: If it is an odd-numbered turn, unit doubles and foe cannot double.

Even Follow Up: If it is an even-numbered turn, unit doubles and foe cannot double.

Dive Bomb: If both combatants are at least at 80% HP, unit can double before foe counterattacks (like Desperation - this isn’t a free double)

Deflect Melee: Reduces damage from melee follow up attacks, including brave weapons, by 80%.

Deflect Missile: Reduces damage from ranged follow up attacks, including brave weapons, by 80%.

Deflect Magic: Reduces damage from magic follow up attacks, including brave weapons, by 80%.

Binding Shield: Against dragons, unit always doubles. If initiating, dragons cannot counterattack. If defending, dragons can’t double.

_ Dance: If Dance is used, grants _ +3 to target.

_ Link: If a movement skill is used by unit or targets unit, grants _ +6 to both units.

Joint Hone _: At the start of your turn, give yourself and adjacent allies up to +3 _. (Could be learned at a higher level and cause unit to forget the regular Hone skill)

_ Tactic: At start of turn, grants _ +2 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. (Yes, I excluded the clause about movement type)

Odd _ Wave: At start of odd-numbered turns, grants _ +4 to unit and adjacent allies.

Even _ Wave: At start of even-numbered turns, grants _ +4 to unit and adjacent allies.

_ Opening: At start of turn, grants _ +4 to ally with the highest _ for 1 turn. (Excludes unit)

Odd/Even Tempest: At start of odd/even-numbered turns, gain up to +1 mov.

Hone Fliers: At start of turn, grants Str/Mag/Spd +3 to adjacent flying allies. (Could determine this by checking the classes movement cost table - all fliers share it)

Fortify Fliers: At start of turn, grants Def/Res +3 to adjacent flying allies. (Could determine this by checking the classes movement cost table - all fliers share it)

Hone Cavalry: At start of turn, grants Str/Mag/Spd +3 to adjacent cavalry allies. (Could determine cavalry the same way Keep Up does)

Fortify Cavalry: At start of turn, grants Def/Res +3 to adjacent cavalry allies. (Could determine cavalry the same way Keep Up does)

Hone Armor: At start of turn, grants Str/Mag/Spd +3 to adjacent armored allies. (Could use Armor March table)

Fortify Armor: At start of turn, grants Def/Res +3 to adjacent armored allies. (Could use Armor March table)

Hone Dragons: At start of turn, grants Str/Mag/Spd +3 to adjacent dragon allies. (Would probably need to reference a table)

Fortify Dragons: At start of turn, grants Def/Res +3 to adjacent dragon allies. (Would probably need to reference a table)

Hone Beasts: At start of turn, grants Str/Mag/Spd +3 to adjacent beast allies. (Would probably need to reference a table)

Fortify Beasts: At start of turn, grants Def/Res +3 to adjacent beast allies. (Would probably need to reference a table)

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Just made this now, but I went and did it for all ranges. My thinking is that it’s best as a weapon skill otherwise it cripples unit utility.


Sandstorm: Add unit’s Defense to damage dealt. (Skill% activation, like Glacies but physical)

Rend Heaven: Add half of enemy’s Mag (when using a tome) or Str (when using other weapons) to damage dealt. (Skill% activation)

Very useful personal skill I don’t have a name for: Grants Crit+10 to unit for each successive combat with the same foe.

The main problem with skills like your third suggestion is that they need to be saved somewhere, and there isn’t a lot of room left in RAM. You could use trap data for this, but it would be shared with traps and tile changes, which are limited to 63 per map. Otherwise, you’d need to think of something that can be sacrificed from vanilla. If you intend for it to persist between chapters, then trap data can’t be used.

There’s another smaller issue to keep in mind, that is how would you uniquely identify a unit? IDs often get used by multiple generics, and deployment bytes can change when units are recruited, so you need to think of a system for that too.

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You could save it in the Debuff Table. There is some free space in it, so allocating two bits to the skill (which would make it cap at +30 Crit after 3 combats) sounds good to me.


Hopefully I’m not bringing up skills that already exist with the SkillSys repo or that someones mentioned in this thread/the pokemon thread.


“Blade of Light: When equipped with Falchion/Light Brand/Sword, negates all physical damage at 1 range.” Based off Marth in FE1.

“Tipper Sword: Skill+Luck proc, deals 2x damage. Non-skill proc attacks are halved.” Based off Marth in Smash, and for those who love gambling

“Lion’s flame: When initiating combat at close range, increases crit by 25, attack +4. When attacking at range, sets crit to 0, attack -3” Based off Roy in Smash

“Massive Swing: After initiating combat, deals 5 damage to enemies within 2 spaces of target.” Tried to make a skill based off Ike in Smash.

“Ability Steal: When this unit kills an enemy with a personal skill, they learn that skill.” AKA a skill on a unit that makes you want to kill every boss with them.

“Sword deflect: When wielding swords, for every point of weight higher than 9, grants +2 def/res on enemy phase” For certain stat lines to make those ‘blade’ weapons more appealing.

“Crime Fighter: When fighting Brigands, Berserkers, Thieves, and Pirates, stats +3” For characters that have beef with criminal scum. Could probably simplify the description to also include Rogues, Assassins, and any other criminal coded classes.

“Noble Killer: When fighting Lords, Knights, Cavaliers and their promotions, stats +3” For characters that have had enough of filthy nobles.

“Eager Knight: If no other allies have acted yet, +3 stats when initiating combat.”

“Uneasy Knight: If this unit is the only one that can act, +3 stats when initiating combat.” A set of skills that work great for units that come in pairs.

“Limit Break: After fighting 5 rounds of combat, unit’s next attack will have 100% accuracy, 2x damage” Not sure if this skill is possible to implement, but it sounds cool I guess.

“Avenger: Every time an ally is killed, stats+1 for the remainder of the chapter” Works well for an enemy you want to gun for, or for a player unit that can clutch up during an Iron Man or something.

“Slow Starter: From turns 15-25, gets +1 stat buff every turn for the rest of the map” For people that play real slow, or for super long maps.

“Quick Starter: Starts every Chapter with +6 in every stat. Every turn until turn 11, -1 to stats for the rest of the map”

Now I just gotta somehow learn how to make these…

Immovable Object: Unit takes 1/2 damage, but sets unit and foe’s Avo to 0.

Unstoppable Force: Unit deals 2x damage, but sets unit and foe’s Avo to 0.

Ok lets try it (this idiot dont play pokemon so if i hit somehow pokamon skill iam sorry)

Duel specialist -gain 20 hit/avoid when equip the same wepon type as enemy

Wepon expert -gain 5 hit/avoid for difference between you wepon ranks and wepons (you have fire equip and d ranks gain 5 hit/avoid c 10 etc)

Desperation strike - comannd skill when enter combat
With this gain 5 as 50 hit and cut enemy def/res in haft but reduce your def/res by 30 (stolen for bewric saga)

Slayer blade gain 20 crit against monsters (stolen Slayer for tear ring saga)

Also think that there should be a subset of skill based on Battle Veteran, aka, gain X stat every 10 levels.