Contemporary FE style talk and support commands

In the GBA FEs, talk and support use up the unit’s action, which is kind of dumb because most talk conversations only exist to provide additional dialogue.

In every FE afterwards, talk and similar commands don’t use up the unit’s action, which is great because most talk conversations only exist to provide additional dialogue.

So what would need to be done to change this and possibly make the Talk and Support commands flash green? My hunch is that it’s easy, but I have no idea how menu commands work.


My first thought was “someone already made this!” and then the second thought was “oh it was yeti lol”

Should be pretty easy, considering how simple implementing console-style Canto was. Will take a look at it.


Yeah that was my first thought too!

well Supply and Trade already do this so it shouldn’t be too hard

Was this ever figured out? I’d like to be able to do this as well, but I’m not familiar with ASM. If it wasn’t, would someone mind making a patch for it? It’d be awfully useful in hacks with a lot of talk events.

Hmmmm someone remind me to take a look at this while I’m on a hacking roll.

I think this ended up being trickier/more annoying than I had assumed (it must have been if I didn’t finish it lol). These bites might help:

$080181D0 - Setting turn status following an action
    -Tactician character can never be grayed out
    $0801824C - related?

$0801CA50 - After exiting Trade window, what action was/is performed?
    0x00 = Exit action menu
    0x01 = End
    0x02 = Attack
    0x0C = Talk
    0x0D = Support
    0x18 = Trade (items traded)
    0x1A = Trade (no items traded)

This part is easy. (See Unit Menu Options), but the actual functionality part is a pain, for one, because it exits the unit menu code.

holy shit, fuckin’ go team go!

On a related note, is the “supports as events” hack available for FE8 as well? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but I’m pretty sure this was discussed before.

It is not. And I don’t think I’ll be able to port it. I’m sorry. Lots of other cool stuff coming though!

Okay this was way harder than it had any right to be, but here you go (FE8):

For some reason Support won’t show up if you can Talk instead. Not that it matters now.

For FE8:
EA Installer
Source: Talk Support


Oh fuckin’ a

you’re the man now dog

awesome work!!

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Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but this doesn’t seem to be working. I installed the hack with free space at 0xB2A620 and the game hangs, then resets. I tried again with free space at 0xB40000 and the game goes to a black screen.

Oh right I forgot to mention it has to be free space near the start of the rom, my bad. Try 1C1EC0 instead.

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Got it, thanks. Why does it work this way?

I’m using the bl macro to branch to free space and return, but it has a limited range of ±4mb in exchange for being very convenient. Unfortunately I haven’t found a good way to make Event Assembler toss an error if the branch is out of range.

FE7 port :soon: pls