Changing FE7 Support Limits

So at 0x267A6 you should see a 04, change that to however many support conversations you want to allow -1(eg: 9 will make the max 10)
And at 0x8028C you should see 05, change this to whatever you want the visual cap to be meaning how many will make all the names and levels flash green. I’m currently trying to make the max based on how many PEOPLE you’ve supported not how many conversations you’ve had so look for that I guess. Enjoy guys


So what happens with the endings if multiple A supports are unlocked?

Multiple A endings?

if you have Hector A support with both Florina and Lyn, who does he get married to?

I’d imagine he gets married to Lyn since her support level comes first in the struct

I think the real question is how do you justify multiple A endings?
Which is why the support limit of 5 is in place; to remove the possibility from ever occurring.

In other words, it’s dumb to allow more than 5 because that issue will arise; maybe make it so after 1 A rank is obtained, no other can be?

You mean have the levels cap at B once there’s an A? I thought about doing that but by implementing a 4th level, S so you can only have one S but as many A’s as you want
I guess doing that with A’s and B’s isn’t bad

so what happens to florina’s ending

why even introduce the ambiguity

I honestly forgot about the paired endings. I only played vanilla 7 all the way through like twice

Some people might not have paired endings yo

or could you use the events-as-supports system to write it such that if a character obtains support with X first their A support with Y is a different kind of conversation

I guess I could but it’d probably be a pain in the arse

this is my point matty

It’s just info. Use it if you want to, don’t if you don’t want to

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With a statement like that, I might as well tell you that if you delete a certain amount of bytes the game will crash.
I mean it’s just info; use it if you want to, don’t if you don’t want to.

Difference is my info could actually be useful to someone. You don’t have to increase it you could cap it at 3 convos or 4 you can do what you want
I’ve only seen one hack that really used paired endings anyway but whatever don’t use it that’s cool

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I mean making the limit lower sure sounds like a valid idea, sure.
I mean my info is useful too, it tells someone what not to delete, but hey don’t use it if you don’t want to.

I’m not here to belittle what you’re doing, I’m trying to see a purpose in all of the information you manage to uncover.

There’s always this suggestion as well.

I understand where you’re coming from. Like I said I thought about making an S which would be the new max and force the caps of all the others to be A just exactly like how the game treats weapon ranks or I could make it easier on myself and keep the max as A. It’s a WIP; that’s the bigger picture I just wanted to share some of my findings along the way in case anyone was interested

This is probably gonna sound like a dumb question but I have to ask: What program are you using to edit this?

You would use a hex editor, such as HxD.

Sorry for necroposting, but I just found something that is pertinent to this topic (for those who care about it).

As Brendor stated, 0x267A6 is the limit of support conversations (-1) a unit can have before he/she can no longer start one. However, 0x267B6 is the limit of support conversations (-1) a unit can have before he/she can no longer RECEIVE one.

For example, if 0x267A6 is set as 07 and 0x267B6 is set to 04, then a unit can start 8 conversations and receive 5 of them (with the max number of supports possible being the bigger number - 8).

Make sure to set both 0x267A6 and 0x267B6 to the same value you want the cap to be -1 for the support conversations to activate properly.