CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Three Complete: Karel and Karla!)

Welcome to round three in my continuation of the previous two CCC’s! As one of FEU’s (surprisingly) most popular contests, I’ve decided to spruce things up a bit!

The goal of this contest is to take an existing character (posted at the bottom!) and reimagine, reinvent, or rework them into a new form! What sort of new form? Taking inspiration from FE Heroes and other similar media, you simply redesign the character in one of (but not limited to) the following ways:

  • De-age or age up the character. Make them younger, or make them older.
  • Turn them into another character! These ‘cosplay’ edits are not limited to mainline FE games or fangames, you can even do characters from other series, TV, etc.
  • Give the character a new design! Make them jacked, give them cool armor, redesign them from scratch, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Genderbend them! Make Lucius into a boy, or Jaffar into a girl! The possibilities here are endless!
  • RADICALLY redesign them: Make them into crazy demons, angels, Kirby(???), but try to keep the ‘essence’ of the original character in some way.
  • Heck, why not just take a regular character’s design and make them into a halfbody? That could be fun too!

This contest is very free-form. You come up with the character’s redesign and try your best to get people to vote for you!

Here are the rules:

  1. All submissions to this contest will be F2U, or even F2E if the submitter is okay with that! This contest involves expanding the resources available for the Portrait Repository, so this is mandatory.
  2. Each round of the contest will feature two mugs; a male and a female character. (Unisex characters can count too; they take up the male or female slot at the host’s discretion)
  3. Artists may create an alternate outfit/design/etc for one or both characters, if they wish.
  4. You may submit multiple designs, if you wish. They will all count toward your one submission vote. (Voters will vote on all of the works you created for the two mugs at once)
  5. No pre-existing artwork! The point of this contest is to expand the repo, so we want new art. Also, it’s unfair to compete against artwork that may have had weeks or months of editing work put into it.
  6. Eye/mouth frames are preferable, but optional. They aren’t necessary, but it would be awesome if you included them!
  7. Characters must be from Fire Emblem 1-16 (Or whatever the current new game ends up being) or one of the Fire Emblem spinoffs, such as Heroes.
  8. All characters must be sprited in GBA format!
    (Hackbox size is not necessary)
    (Halfbodies/fullbodies are A-OK!)
    (Do try to keep the color count at or below 16 though, that would be great)
  9. Submissions must at least somewhat resemble the original character! Even with the Demon Anna example earlier, it’s still possible to see that she looks like Anna; use that as the extreme guideline.

The winner of each round picks two mugs for the next round! If you want the community to work hard toward making designs for your favorite waifu/husbando, you’ll have to get that top vote!

This competition is very casual. It’s not intended to be a hardcore demonstration of spriting prowess or anything, though that can be fun, too. The primary purpose is to create lots of cool mugs for the community to use.

Here are the winners of the previous rounds:
Round One.
Round Two.

The previous round’s winner, Redbean, got to choose the two mugs for this round! As such, Redbean chose the brother and sister swordmaster duo: Karel and Karla.

Here are some designs currently listed in the repo for each character.


(Female Karel by AthenaWyrm)


Sadly, neither of these characters have many designs in the Fire Emblem Portraits Repository, but luckily the CCC is here to help! Make some redesigns for them so the community has more options!

For those of you who aren’t sure what sorts of designs you could make, here are Karel and Karla’s wiki-pages, complete with alternate designs and artwork.

Karel’s Gallery:
Karla’s Gallery:

Remember… really exotic designs work great too! Let’s get some wild, interesting, and diverse character designs going! Reach into your imagination, and first place could be yours!

The deadline for this contest ends on March 14th, a little over two weeks from now!


M̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶L̶u̶c̶i̶u̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶


ok let’s try posting these in the right place and time then

grammarlaFrames2 grammarlaFramesScar2

I added talk frames and minis for grandma Karla.

e: everything F2whatever, go hog wild.


grammarlaFrames2glasses grammarlaFrames2glassesScar



No clue if they’ll submit her, but Spoon_rhythm on Reddit just posted an amazing Karla redesign and Halfbody.

EDIT: Spoon said they will post their sprites here; not just Karla, but a Karel halfbody too. Soon!


Here is my entry…
I made this for @Klokinator EDGE event. Though you might ask, why should this count? You made this before the event?
Well I say I made it after Karla and Karel were announced for CCC. MUAHAHHAHAHA
Edit: Shoot I just realised how bad that mouth frame looks… I should fix that


The halfbody above made me want to try to make one
So here’s my entry
Karel fe6 halfbody
I don’t know how halfbodies really works so he might not be the correct size
(I didn’t check if there’s less than 16 colors, but it should be fine)


卡尔拉(头像) 卡尔拉(头像改) 卡尔拉(头像sick)
Which one is your favorite?


Karel Hair
Young Karel looks so weird with out long hair.


Karel Long Hair
Old Karel with long hair is really curse.


All-righty, boys, my entry:
Meet Karel: The Sword Beast!
(FE6/7 colors)
(FE8 colors)

Karel is a peculiar character in FE, because he had abbandoned his edgy swordmaster persona (and that’s rare in fiction). My version never did that and became nothing less that a blood-starved beast.


My biggest issue with this mug is actually her hair. The near side of the air kinda goes diagonally at random? Looks a bit off, idk how to structure my thoughts. Still a cool character cosplay of Mareeta tho!

That is a sick halfbody.

I like image 1 and 2, but I’m not a fan of #3. The problem here, I think, is that when combined with the scrunched-up face, Karla’s skin makes her look like she’s caught a really bad cold. She looks sickly, and that’s all I can really say.

Karla 1 and 2 are very nice though! I like #2 the most.

I like the duality of both these Karels. It’s cool having alternate hairstyles plus the darker FE8 colors :smiley:

Not gonna lie, when I saw Karel was on the docker, I REALLY hoped someone would make an insane/edgy/badass Karel. SO glad it happened!

Great work so far, guys! I just wanted to say, for Round 3, I’ll be trying a new website out for the polling. The website I’ve chosen is:

I chose it because while I like all of the options Google Forms gives me, especially for limiting votes in some way, I really don’t like how Google compresses big images. This site does not do that. Its images show up as full size, allowing us to see the beautiful sprites at full size without compression. I feel like at least a few people got worse vote rankings because their art looked worse when squished-down.

I’ll be making it a “vote for as many as you want” round, so you can vote for one entry or all of them if you like. However, the more entries you vote for, the less your vote will count for. In that respect, it might be better to only vote for the ones you really like the most.

We’ll see how it pans out. Here’s to hoping for more awesome entries!

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You’re right. That’s what I want to say.
The third is her state when she was seriously ill.


but I love the clothes (open neck shirt) of the third portrait of Karla :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh in that case, she’s perfect!

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I have an issue with diseases in FE. I mean we have heal staves that can heal even the most severe wounds. How are people not living for hundreds of years with this technology is beyond me.

KArel HB 1x Karla HB 1x

How convenient, I was already making half-bodies for Fir’s family.

These sprites are too big to actually fit into most GBA software, I believe. But I’m submitting them as F2U and people can crop and cut whatever they wish from them. :smiley:


My Lord, somebody at last made Karla’s eyes look good.

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The legend has arrived!

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Karla Lyn - Dolkar
Here’s my first entry for any of these contests. It’s Karla with the same outfit and hair color as Lyn. Free to use and edit.


Lyn but edgy. Nice!