CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Three Complete: Karel and Karla!)

“Hey Lyn, are you ready to save your grandf-”
“I need to find my brother!”
“Yeah, but your grandfather is literally dying from-”
“I sure hope a big strong axe-wielding warrior bests me in combat!”
“Lyn, you’re acting strange.”


I wasn’t planning on participating on this round, but here ya go!
Assassin/Thief Karel and Karla, as well as kid Karla

Wasd-KarelThief Wasd-KarlaThief Wasd-KidKarla

Credits go to: Eldrich Abomination for the FE8 colors
Shin19 for the Fir blinking frames
And whoever made the Legault armor alt from the mug creator (wich was uncredited as far as I know)



What a nice young man.


One week left for submissions!

Wasdye, love those assassin versions of Karla and Karel. Karel’s outfit especially is amazing. Kinda hope you’d make a version with a hood too…

And Vilk, yours made me lol



Tried slapping FE8 colours on them :neutral_face:


First CCC!
Just a simple Karla edit…


Edit: Without background colours



I was told I oughta submit this here. It’s my totally original character, Barla! Coming to a blitz near you!


Karel with a ponytail! Made varieties with and without his collar as well. I may make one for Karla down the road but I’m a bit busy atm.


Wow, he looks good in his sister’s clothing.

Not bad!

Maybe it’s Maybelline!

4 days until the deadline, folks!

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Here’s something a tiny bit different; Semi-chibi Karla. No, she’s not a child! It’s just a stylistic choice.


And I thought for a moment we burned put after two contests… Guess I was wrong.

Very good, but have you considered:


The Sword Tsundemon


Ah, yes, I was wondering when we’d start getting all the dank meme entries.

Karla, The Sword Demon (Blinking and Talking) (FINISHED) Karel (Meta Knight) (FINISHED)

Oh man, I was scared that this day wouldn’t come, the day where I finish both portraits in time for CCC… But not only has the day come, it’s actually come a little early! Man this feels good… Anyways, My submissions are Sword Demon Karla and Meta Knight Karel. I created some backstory for both of them…

For Sword Demon Karla: “After the death of her family at the hands of the (then) Sword Demon, Karla picked up the blade to avenge her loved ones… Unfortunately, in this journey she’d become consumed by her feelings, ultimately leading to the monster you see before you.”

For Meta Knight Karel: “After a messy confrontation with his sister that ended up costing him an eye, Karel changed his ways and dedicated himself to fighting for justice; One day, he came across a knightly figure and out of admiration, Karel decided to model himself after said knight…”

So they’re not the most in depth backstories, but you know, I wanted to create backstories for the two that would also have continuity between the two portraits; Where’s the fun in just making the portraits without any lore? Shoutouts to Obsidian Daddy for not just helping me out with these two, but also with portrait making/artwork in general.


Kinda hope you’d make a version with a hood too…

Ask and you shall recieve



New Smash Bros SS Tier comfirmed? More anime swordies time.


There were 44 individual portraits submitted by 21 contestants in Round 1 of the CCC.

In round 2, there were 21 individual portraits submitted by 13 contestants.

As of now, in Round 3, there are 34 individual portraits submitted by 14 contestants.

Not bad! You guys have two days to submit any other portraits! I’ll start compiling the poll now, and will post it about this time in two days. So, about 48 hours from now. Plenty of time for a last-minute banger!


Not sure what the CCC is? Click me!

Hey guys! The time for accepting new CCC entries has ended! We got a TON of amazing portraits, and I’m honestly wondering who will win this one. There’s one obvious entry I think will probably take first place, but second place seems entirely up in the air, to me. I see five different entries I love equally.

This poll will run for 3 days and will end on the 19th of February, 72 hours from now! If there is a tie, I will let it run for one more day. If there is still a tie after that, I will perform a tiebreaker round with one vote per contestant. If there is STILL a tie, I’ll flip a dang coin.

Without further ado, vote here! I’m using a new website, so you’ll be able to select as MANY or as FEW choices as you guys want. Let’s see how this plays out!

See you in 72 hours!

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Hey, Klok… I have a feeling tommorow is not 21st of February XD How did you even get that date :slight_smile:

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KOFF KOFF it seems I was looking at the Lizardman calendar. Whoops! 24 hours left to vote!