Basic Weapon Icon Editing and Insertion

I personally don’t use TLP anymore. I go on GBA Graphics Editor, and edit the weapon icons in one fell swoop image.

In fact, you can repoint it and then add as many icons as you want within the free space.

Here’s my notes while I was messing with it. When I expanded it, I repointed it somewhere else.

Weapon Icon Related:
FE7 Weapon Icon Palette: CBEA4
FE7 Weapon Icon Graphics (Uncompressed): C5EA4
FE7 Weapon Icon Graphics Repointed (Uncompressed): D4F670

FE7 Weapon Icon Graphics Pointers at: 4E20 and 4EF4

Basically, “Save as bitmap”, and edit it. BE WARNED, do NOT use any other colors other than the 16 colors the weapon icons use, or you WILL screw up stuff. That means editing the FE4 palette/colors on the image of the FE4 weapon icon itself manually. Otherwise you’d have the result you had in your post:

(Note about the “your post”. This was originally a response to someone else’s question, instead of a full tutorial.)

Expanded one:


And, if you want an “easier” to manage image, change the “Width” to “2”:

You can click the “+Block” 4 times each to move 1 weapon icon down.

When you want to insert it back into the ROM when you’re done, click “Import a bitmap”, but also make sure to UNCHECK the “Import palette” and the “Abort if graphics are bigger” option.


That Amiti icon was by VincentASM, the Elincia mug was by Rexstatic basing it off the FE9 one, and the Tempest Blade was my attempt at one.

Anyways, since you’re testing this on FE6, here’s my notes on that:

FE6 Weapon Icon Palette: FED80
FE6 Weapon Icon Graphics (Uncompressed): F9D80

And for you FE8 people:

FE8 Weapon Icon Palette: 5996F4
FE8 Weapon Icon Graphics (Uncompressed): 5926F4

To edit the “Affinities” and “Weapon Level” icons you can see in this image, change the “palette index” to “1” instead of 0.


Tutorial in video form by AstraLunaSol:

If you want to expand the weapon icons past a certain point, you’ll need this patch from Hextator. With this and a simple repoint of the image, you can have up to 255 icons.


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[6/16/2014 9:12:29 PM] Cam-tasia: it’s included in the FEditor autopatches
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