Are there any tutorials in how to make good maps?

The only one I know of is Primefusion’s Mapping Tutorial: [ARCHIVED] Primefusion's Mapping Tutorial

I would like to know if there are other ones out there.

Edit: I also found RandomWizard’s Stronghold Tileset Floor Tutorial: Stronghold Tileset Floor Tutorial

Edit 2: Not exactly what I’m looking for, but these videos by Pandan are also really good in teaching map desining:

The videos:

Fire Emblem Map Design Framework - DAGDAR - YouTube
Use AI2=06 "If Possible to attack in 2 actions, move towards enemy" - YouTube

Edit 3: These aren’t tutorials, but these two posts also have some tips for map making in them: How do I make a good indoor map?
Map Design Advice?

Edit 4: I just remembered about Contro’s mountain tutorial too: Contro's Mountain Guide

I may be misremembering but I think Pikmin1211 had a good succinct (10 minutes?) explanation of map structure and design. There were a couple finer points which you could debate or argue either way (He’s more strict about “dead space” than I am), but it’s a great starting point/frame of reference if you manage to find it.

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You mean this one?

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this tutorial, it has useful stuff, but I just feel that a lot of times it focus too much in what not to do, rather than teaching what to do instead.

It also doesn’t teach how to make a map look good, which defeats half of the purpose of a mapping tutorial.

But regardless, thank you for helping me.

I think the reason for that is it’s sort of like: “How do I write a movie screenplay.” There are several pointers and rules you can follow, but the exact flow, pacing, structure, and lines are all up for the writer to decide.

As for the graphic side.

You’re right, nothing exists for that yet. For the time being, you should be able to ask for map feedback in the discord server. A general rule of thumb I’ve found is that for every main map piece (mountain, forest, house, road, river, ect.) there are auxiliary tiles which blend that piece into the surrounding area. By placing “Dirt-Grass” next to a house instead of “Grass-Grass” you’re able to increase the visual quality of your maps significantly.

Another very general rule of thumb

(again, likely not what you’re looking for) is does your map look “Lived in.” Unless you are in the absolute wilderness, each map is going to have some kind of human element. For example it makes no sense to have a fortress with grass stretching out in all 4 directions. There should be a road coming out from 1 side and logically people would not build a fortress in a plains unless it’s a key strategic location or it is a country manor (In which case it should still have a road.)

It’s one of those areas where by spending time with maps that you like and don’t like, you begin to figure out what makes for good map design. :man_shrugging:


I see. Once again thank you very much for the tips. As for visuals, Prime’s tutorial is actually very helpful.