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hmm? I’m confused what you’re saying; is the link dead?

okay fixed it(might be a bit till it shows, my internet is slow atm)

Holy hell, I needed this! Thanks BM!

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@Blademaster The “FE8 compatible War Monk” causes the sfx to disappear when using Magic…

its probably the C79 in the script
change it to like C4A or something

Replaced C79 with C4A, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

then its probably the S03CF thats causing it

C79 is the mage knight sound effect. S03CF is sound effect 975 in sappy. It’s a default FE8 SFX and is some kind of shining sound.

EDIT2: The Final2 file in the original download should work.

Indeed it works like a charm, many thanks!

Something I felt like working on:

Magic and staff animations for Paladins and Great Knights. Free to use, free to edit, don’t really care. Though if you come up with better and more imaginative critical frames please share.

Great Knight

I don’t have a female paladin magic animation, but there’s a staff animation here.

Now go forth and make Dark Knights and Master Knights.


Now all we need is Generals with magic and staves.

you kids and your barons

interesting idea(although I hate that you used the default gk D:<)

Well there’s the baron animation I made years ago here (download link in the description), though I intentionally didn’t post it on forums because I don’t really like it anymore. There’s no staff animation, however.

ah yeah I remember that thing

I edited the female archer to look like Neimi, since no other versions fit her.
Can also be used for Dorothy or any other short haired female archers.


Edited the Wyvern Lord’s, Wyvern Knight’s, and Rogue’s palette setup to allow more freedom for recoloring the armors. Wyvern Lord includes The Blind Archer’s axe and hand axe edits. Consequently, it will require credit to be given to him as well.


Ooooh, those all look quite nice. A short-haired female archer, and some promoted units who actually have style to their outfits; quite cool!


Feaw, you are a hero. Wyvern lords just got /much/ cooler.

Also, I recently came across this amongst my FE files:
The character that used to use this animation is now a mage and not a cleric (and was since re-designed so the animation wouldn’t make sense even in a healing context anymore), so here’s a different cleric if anyone wants one. For completion’s sake, I’ll likely make a bishop anim to match in the future because (like the cleric) it doesn’t have that many frames. Yes, I’m still waiting to release the mage, notNomad, and cavalier. Trololo—[shot]


Man, Eliwood makes a cute girl.

But yes, I like that look. It appears to be a more generalized, less ‘religious’ cleric for girls that doesn’t involve a hood or pigtails. Nice!


I fixed Neimi, Wyvern Lord and Wyvern Knight a little, just a few random pixels that weren’t the right colors here and there. Same links as before, make sure to redownload if you downloaded the older ones. ^^

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I edited the Legault assassin variant’s hair to seperate it from the cloak so it’s easier to edit and allows more freedom. Silencer will play the normal critical animation (so no starting blur), since I have no idea how to make it work correctly so I omitted it altogether.

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