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Not saying we need one, but we totally need a maid that wields swords and staffs.


nothing to do with fe14 waifu maid girl right

nothing at all
I most certainly don’t have a thing for the generic maid

Good because my waifu is definitely not Charlotte
dem titties

I wanted a Lance animation for Eliwood that wasn’t just a recolor of Ephraim’s, and kept his normal move style and crit so I made this over the last few days, it should work with Eliwood’s palette and his normal disarmed animation

It’s baisicly eliwoods normal animation with a lance instead of a sword
Anyone can use it just give credit


now if we had ephriam with a sword everything would be complete

If we could just get that Eliwood with Bow animated he’d have three weapons to use :open_mouth:

Frankly I’m glad for an alternative animation for Eli!Lance. I’ll add you to the SF directory whenever I get the chance.

Here’s one Eliwood Bow animation hot off the press.
Credit to Princess Kilvas, Ninja Pichu, and Mizuti for the spritesheet.


It looks pretty good but goes by rather quickly, I’m not the greatest at animating, just kinda copied the standard archer script for timing.


What are you kidding me holy shit ilu

Hey while we’re on the subject what about that Eliwood Slash too :open_mouth:

Actually, you might be able to copy Roy’s data for the Eliwood slash one. They look pretty similar.

I could do the slash one pretty easily, it only has a few different frames than his standard animation. I’ll check it out and see what I can do. It will probably be a few days though I won’t be around my computer

Last but not least : Slash Eliwood



So, I love you.

Ha, thanks for the appreciation. I wanted to make lance animation for myself and since I was all set up for working with eliwood I figured it would be pretty easy to bang out the other ones.

I’ve also been getting tutorials and patches and stuff from here for quite a while and I wanted to finally contribute something


The Wizards appreciate your contributions to the library.

This is the kind of fandom motivation I like to hear.

now what about axe eliwood

Let’s worry about getting a Bow Eliwood in promoted version first?


Ha! Did I just become the Lord animation alternate weapon guy or something?
The other ones either had pre-made sprite sheets or were like the lance eliwood where I just extended the sword into a spear. The Promoted Eliwood bow animation would take a little more work and I think the Ephraim Sword one and the axe Eliwood one would look a little odd if I just swapped weapons. I could look into all of them if yall want me to, but if anyone has pre-made sheets of those it would be much simpler to just animate those.

ephriam with a sword wouldn’t work with the existing anim, no; i was just throwing it out there because I want it :B