Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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camera pans away
battle results shake suggestively
HP doesn’t go down

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I guess they’re dealing a different sort of damage to poor Eirika ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I don’t have a screenshot, but the entire first map of my Awakening Demake got filled with Convoys, Civilians, and Ballistas.


My Direthunder critical animation went a little too dire. Flashing images ahead.


Pay close attention to the chest key. I did nothing intentional to do this.
Contitional item drops?


Accidentally overwrote a piano sample with the brigand screech in my music environment. This retroactively affected other songs and resulted in this masterpiece.


Honestly, iconic. Definitely main theme material.


is that like
mario and luigi rpg music


Seems to be Partner In Time’s boss battle theme


This is Partners in Time boss music, yes[quote=“Kirb, post:696, topic:899, full:true”]
Seems to be Partner In Time’s boss battle theme



Also, love how it just went crazy on the thunder storm lol


Did not know that hose dances exist, but now I know.
Also you should hear the demon screech at the end of this one.


Not sure if Lagdou ruin have this but the Tower is blighting my vision

And the moment i suspended and resumed

What in the name of Nintenlord have i done to my “just some battle animations changed on Fe8 vanilla with skills” rom?


Since my old laptop is dead, this is all I have of a glitch I came by when editing the FE8 world map. Good times :V (Please excuse the gif quality)


Applause Sobs It’s beautiful!!!



Tirado: We ought to help, he can’t fight the one.



I’m imagining them all saying the dialogue in Unison pretending to jump rope


Why he does not die??


I was testing some character palettes and this happened to one of the enemies