Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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from fuckups to ledgeend


Woah, wait a minute…
What happened to 100%/guaranteed hit? This is FE7, not FE6! What is this?!

I have MiskaMikoto’s true hit removal(version A) installed and TR143’s GBA RNG randomizer installed as well. I wonder if it is a result of one or both being installed together though…?


Huh, Never see a rom talk before. It was probably asking when I will stop hacking it.


You should stop hacking once it becomes self-aware.


Looks like talking normally in a convo is not enough for this character. Just starts rambling on and on, even naming the enemy.
Interestingly enough, the portrait gets layered behind various GUI and the mini-portrait loads whatever it feels like, and its text gets changed to the convo. Text progresses like normal, continuing scrolling whenever I input a button, but disappears when I go to the R menu screen. A one time glitch though, but interesting nevertheless.

Also, comment number 666 is mine!


More like messing with savestates but I think it fits in with the thread


Woah trippy


I don’t even know.


That’s what you get for trying to contain the awesomeness that is Pugi in the withered, pathetic shell that is FE6.


too much pugi


>proceeds to install skill system in current proyect

Ah, sure, I shall save in Patience: When under attack, +15 avoid, sure!

please help


is it me or is the enemy named “GAY


i fucked up her mug and this happened

what drugs is she even on??


I’ll trade my soul for a vulnerary, thank you


Was messing with variables and


In this world you needn’t thots like Caeda, she’s worthless.
Worthless than someone like Meme Marth.

All you need in your life is Meme Marth.
Just Meme Marth.

Just Meme Marth.

Just Meme Marth


Weird glitch after insertion, this specific spell animation has worked fine in the past, I’ve just been having problems with this ROM in particular


I ended up writing to free space by accident. Whoops.

Took me a while to realise the problem and fix it.

if you are hit with Killing you will lose Luc


ye i was testing things and i needed to change the name of iron weapons to something so i picked the first thing that came to mind. Of course that is a hand axe but it was using the iron sword text pointer apparently.


*teleports behind you* “Psssh…nothin’ personnel, kid”

Y’know those older TV shows where the camera pans off-screen when particularly lewd things are implied to be happening? That’s what this reminds me of.

“Trust nobody, not even yourself.”