Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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UUUUUUUUUUUUU that’s neat.


sweet mother of god he’s sure got some ferocious attack stats


Patience is a virtue


Holy crap those gains.

I’m guessing you’re trying to make a variant of Kiragi’s personal from Fates?


Never played fates pls explain




Now this is why can not have nice things.

also 47 percent hit? Who am i kidding its Kaga RNG.


The perfect brigand: invisible; silent; stealthy. Able to cross any mountain in a single bound, and in two bounds… the fabric of reality. They call him… 0.



Obligitory “the glitch is funny but woah what is that coolio animation”


It’s from the Yggdra hack. Klok emailed the creator and he said it’s free to use, so I figured might as well use it. It’s in the Klok repository.


Did you just summon a hand axe with a sword? You are truly worthy of a promotion!


Ended up with vulneraries that all have 60/3 uses, and somehow didn’t notice until one was down to 47/3.


What happens when you try to have a map battle in the arena


Stop stealing all the spotlight eirika


that hero glitch tho
Has anybody looked into actually properly playing animations during promotion sequences? Because that would actually be really cool lol


I haven’t posted anything in a while, so here you go:


Two nameless foes square off against each other. Their identities? Unimportant. Their clashes light up the night and sparks fly as their weapons connect.

Elsewhere in that same castle, Hector Wong and a scandalous thief named Matthew seek to make a quick exit. Hector gazes through a peephole in a door and spots a fighter nearby. Once he sees the corrupted nature of the enemy, along with their overpowered weaponry, Hector flies into a rage and activates the Matrix.

Hector will break these walls down, for he is The One.


edit: managed to fix it


this happened


?Umm? … ?


Loading old savestates is my favorite.