Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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You can’t repair a Repair kit!


just a small reminder


I devised the “Ultima Questions” character choices idea, since I thought it added flavor. This was originally made back in like 2008/2009 before the big romhacking advancements, so we didn’t have a lot to work with, eventually dropped it.

Honestly just letting the player pick their MC n stuff is better anyway.


Huh. Could have sworn I put a boss icon on that mercenary.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I never made that character. Oops.


Hey that stat screen glitch is the same i’m having while working on save expansion
can we be glitch friends


Does anyone know what’s wrong with Sheeda? Marth just won’t stop going on about her problems. Don’t quote me on this, but I heard her attack stat in Heroes is absolutely terrible…


Wow! The armory man must reallllly like me if he’s giving me an infinite supply of steel swords and killing edges.




[Cue Marth having a stroke]



Hey guys, I figured out (accidentally) how to disable exp gains!

I’d like to add that this is from my first attempt to double all exp.


Err, if you wanted to remove exp gain, you could set the “gain no exp” flag in the character editor.


That flag is “give no exp to characters who fight this character and also disable Silencer”, not “gain no exp”, though.


(in ram, obviously)$7670 = map size, used for camera locking. modifying it can lead to some pretty trippy effects with mirroring.


When you discover the world of Fire Emblem is round.


So here’s what happened. I made hours worth of changes to stuff I apparently shouldn’t have on FEBuilder (moved too much stuff to too close by in free space?), and now this happens during the enemy phase. The cav is one rounded by Eirika, but his HP doesn’t go down and then his ghost beats up Eirika in a futile manner. Eventually he just stops and she’s left standing there staring, which is honestly an improvement from the crash I expected.

Animations off doesn’t help. Well it does for the first guy. The second, on the other hand? Same endless loop of no damage over and over. As a zombie. You gotta give props to generics, they will never give up.


lol. I bet he ran out of weapon uses, but the zombie claws have infinite uses.


Well trading no longer selects the correct slot. But only for the unit who initiates the trading, huh.


I manage to do a (what II want to call) bloody version of FE7

And while I am at it I manage to give Ephraim an existential crisis

He cannot decide if he is going to be a glitchy mess, Lyon, Eirika, a brigand (not shown), or himself



adventures in trying to expand the class table