Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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God is trying to retake your writing back to Heaven. You have ten turns to stop him!


Today I switched methods for how I was doing my character and class tables, and some interesting things happened.

Hector pls

Before that, I was working with a tool I wrote to insert portraits and realized that both the tool and my compressor have some issues:

Nightmare fuel and modern art

Lastly, I had an annoying bug after fixing the character and class tables:

Hector intimidates me, too.
This was actually caused by supports left over from vanilla, where a unit will refuse to counterattack their support partner.


While i was looking into ai stuff i somehow caused this to happen

did i just accidentally implement skills in vanilla FE8


All I did was repoint my death quote table and start a new one with only one entry. So this is what’s happening if there’s no death quote detected? It works fine when there is a quote, though.
I’m hoping this goes away as I add more entries…

EDIT: Yes! I added a crapton more entries, and it fixed it! lol


It probably needs a stop code at the end of the table which an empty entry will function as


I did have one. An empty entry acts as an end of list code. Having less than about 15 entries seems to cause this.


It shouldn’t; I’ve only had 1 death quote and it worked fine. Are you using 0xFFFF as the character ID?

#define setDeath(index, char, chapter, eventID, textID) "ORG $9ECD4C+(0xC*index); SHORT char; BYTE 0xFF chapter; SHORT eventID textID 0 0"
setDeath(0, Eirika, 0, 0x65, 0xC23)
setDeath(1, 0xFFFF, 0, 0, 0) //terminator


Thanks. This’ll be a better solution. What I did still fixed it though. Weird.


Spuky: Omae wa mou… shindeiru.
Maximus: NANI?! dies seconds later*


Save = expanded


No idea what caused this. It actually worked fine, despite the glitchy graphics.


This isn’t the death quote music table, this is the crack smoking table!


The game looks away from the fancy staves because it’s too amazing to look at



Indecisiveness leads down the path of destruction


New pitch for an FE game: “Your choices matter. So does your choice to re-choose”.


Holy shit. I don’t think I could even top that if I tried.


About that…
@1st_lieutenant_noguchi and I are already well into a fully custom “choose your own adventure Fire Emblem.” Choose your player class, and make decisions leading through multiple different ‘paths.’

Formal announcement :soon:


So, this, basically?


Wow. I swear we came up with the idea on our own.
It’s kind of like that, but way updated with menus, for example, and ‘path’ splits happen quite often throughout the game. Also, we have vast amounts of lore (all thanks to noguchi). It’s the same base idea, but we handle it pretty differently.
I don’t want to give too much away before the announcement (probably in a couple months).

@Dr.Letha, what have you done?