Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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My life in a nutshell


Now we have Thracia Fog of War and Fog of Info. The true challenge.


i tried to spawn a ballista and this happened

the weird part is neimi can still climb in



I feel like you can’t call that a glitch :confused:


So it worked? I guess…



Not the map sprite glitch. The pacifism of my units.
As a last-ditch effort for fixing custom map sprites, I tried setting 20 00 to $24ED4. Accidentally doing it in decimal probably did it.
My custom map sprites are a serious problem though help.

Oh the joy of debugging!



Accidentally loaded Valter and Caellach in the same spot, except it made Valter’s portrait with Caellach’s palette?


Did somebody throw oil on his face? After he just got a dye job done? Man, it’s not Valter’s day.



Loading two portraits to get a messed up palette was possible in FE7 too. It’s what FEDDOP did for the recolors.



They just couldn’t take the sight of Moulder dancing.


Me: “Oh shit, multi-dance, I’ve been wanting this!”

Also me: “I could do without the genocide though.”

Edit: Are you writing this as a skill addition for Circles’ skill system?


I can’t wait to see the finished version, that would add a whole new dimension to dancer tactics and would actually make them viable for the end game.


It’s actually been(somewhat) finished 2 days ago.


All of which happened while researching the fe8 prototype and/or leftover prototype stuff


“My apologies, milady, I destroyed the fucking ROM”


That specific glitch reminded me that I never posted some stuff.

From my old RFV submission that never happened. Watch the whole thing: