Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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Yes, that’s a Paladin on a Ballista. Don’t ask me how it got there.

I suspect giving Snipers C0 in Ability Slot 1 is at fault though


C0 is 15 crit + ballistae, so no, that’s definitely not the problem. Even if it was, it wouldn’t affect the paladin class, since, y’know, sniper != paladin.


I surmised as much, given that me giving Snipers C0 works normally most of the time.

I’ve been noticing weird stuff happens with non-boss units that have the “drop last item in inventory” tag, fwiw.


Mystic was learning how to insert map palettes.


For some reason, the Link Arena shows up twice. Selecting the highlighted one restarts the last played save file. If no save file was recently played(resetting, for example), then it defaults to the first chapter, and the options are set to the Link Arena’s default options. All units are allies as well for some reason.


By any chance did you unlocked the Sound Room by default?
That happened to me last time, and it was because the values on the offset were changed.
And for some reason, the save file carried over the problem, I had to delete it and start again.


Yeah, I unlocked the sound Room by default by editing those bytes. Is there a reason for that(the double link arena), or is it unknown?

Anyway, I was attempting to understand how THE_END works(or how to edit/customize it), when I found some ASM codes near the pointer to THE_END’s events and started calling some of them. Here is the result:

Summoning the character endings directly through ASM(top character blanked for suspense):

Summoning the save screen directly through ASM(last file blanked for suspense):

After saving/not saving, and the game does not hang on a black screen(no edits):

Summoning the chapter results screen directly through ASM(no edits):


I have no idea, because I didn’t notice when it first appeared.

Also, I think I created another world-destroying magic spell.


If I do a glitch hack can you make me spells thx




ffs nothing gets posted here for 5 days and right when i post smth it gets ninjaed


Finding maximum map sizing by massive testing:

[This almost works and is a 166x10 map]

[These just don’t work at all but they pretend to work long enough to get screenshots out]

[This is actually the map overwriting part of the map and screwing itself up a bunch]

Minute long gif of non glitchiness showcasing why 120x10 is a horrible map size:
click to watch
Note that the map here actually looks like that so that’s not a glitch

More huge maps causing more “”“interesting”""" results in hunting for the maximum X size for a minimap:

Then I checked the maximum Y size for a functioning minimap

As you can see this loops from the bottom to the top.

60 wide, and 62 tall, are the maximum sizes that the minimap engine handles. Taller than that, however, the minimap engine actually still displays accurately, but the looping annoyance gets worse and worse.

Then, using the formula I had found, I tried a new map size because brute force is good:

4y + 2xy < 3300 (4y = row pointer, 2xy = tile map is 2 bytes per tile)
2y + xy < 1650 (1650 is known to break and 1634 is known to work)
y = 62
124 + 62x < 1650
62x < 1526
x < 24.613
x = 24 ▓▓▓ 2 (62) + (24)(62) = 1612

For some reason the range map wasn’t clearing, dunno why. Didn’t care why, more interested in just finding the actual map sizes one could use.

So far I have that:

2y + xy must no more than evidently 1634, 
[[might be higher]]

x must be no more than 126
the minimap breaks [nonfatally] if x > 60

y must be no more than 91
the minimap connects the top and bottom of the maps if y > 62
the minimap also lets you scroll over-down but this doesn't cause errors

24x by 62y breaks [1612]
24x by 60y doesn't [1560]


idk why you did this when it was discovered like over a decade ago by xeld…


I did this because xeld’s notes were objectively wrong on the matter because they said that columns were more expensive than rows when the exact opposite is the case; they also gave an inaccurate number for the amount of free bytes in RAM for the map (he said it was a little over 3400, for example)

His notes said a 44x44 map should be possible because of this, and those same notes said “but this doesn’t work” or some such, while also having a formula that said that that map size should work

So while, sure, hextator discovered this. He also did it wrong, and thus it might as well not count because it is useless.


Tell me more about how he hurt you, jesus
All I was looking for was “they were wrong”


What happens when you load a class that doesn’t exist? This is what happens. Credit to everybody involved in all resources used in this.

Also… there is Neith, the fusion of Neimi and Seth. Unfortunately they only exist because I can’t debug very well and .bmp isn’t an accepted format.


It’s because “they were wrong” isn’t useful for anyone asking the question of “how big can my map be?”

On topic:



Just like when I first played fe5; because it was in japanese