Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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I must kill this traitor who thinks he can be on his own team!


What in the w- oh wait the map isnt the glitch


I don’t blame him. Looks like your team is about to get slaughtered!


wtf y u hate black ppl??? now u like men :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Marthipan what happened


Well, I did make the map and corresponding events about 2 or 3 years ago.


That’s… umm… interesting. Do you know about this, @circleseverywhere?
If you think I’m erratically scorlling, I’m not. It’s doing that on its own.




So I think I know which alternative class is the Princess’ alt… except I don’t. Gargoyles and Deathgoyles share a slot with Pegasus Knights, so why Princess Alm is like this is beyond me.



I’m re-visiting the Silque animation, but it reacted adversely to the news that Echoes’s overhauled character designs have obsoleted it…


It’s probably because I requested it, too. Whoops.




What is the Princess of Talis called? It’s different in every region, so we had to censor her name out.


i changed 4 bytes to 0x00 and this happened

(well 6bytes if you count making lyn a sage with thunder)


Seeing that made me think of something:
If devil tomes were ever made, they should do that instead: the spell animation(when it strikes) would occur on the user’s side! Let’s turn glitches into features!


I T ’ S A F E A T U R E
Yes it is a complete sentence jatwood


It looks like the souls of the FE3 units are determined to not let me remake their game. They’re forming up on the statscreen and staring me down…