Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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great map


something is off

oh right marf isn’t waifu


I’ve got a few from my most recent project.

I don’t even know how I pulled this off.

This is when AFEVs screw you over.
Actually, this happens when you use event ID 0x9C.
To clarify, I am at first trying to trade items from Forde’s inventory to Joshua, I move to Joshua’s inventory, I try to trade swords and move back to Forde’s inventory, and I finally give in and trade the vulnerary.



When Valter laces his lance with Vodka…


more like anthrax


Goddamnit Seth, quit horsing around!


I happened to be browsing FEditor’s text, as I am wont to do, when I stumbled upon this seemingly-unused text:

Welcome to the arena.[.][A]
Oh! It’s you again.[.][A][0x02]
I’ve lost a lot of gold[.]
thanks to you…[A][0x02]
If you want to continue,[A]
we’re going to have to
do things differently.[A][0x02]
I’m going to prepare some[.]
more challenging foes.[A][X]

After a bit of debugging, it seems that if bits 0x8 and either 0x2 or 0x4 (or both) of byte 0xE of ram character data are set, that unit unlocks Super Arena mode, along with some interesting text glitches:

Without those bits set (paid 820 gold)

With those bits set (paid 890).



Hey, out of curiosity, how do you guys go about making your gifs?


So this how nino looks like for ests lovers


“Talk to the hand”: The spell animation


It’s like those joggers who take retarded routes because they want their tracker to display a penis or something.


I use sharex to record to gif, it’s pretty handy and you can link it up to gifsicle to reduce file size by like 90% in some cases


Does that reduce the FPS?


You can choose the fps, i usually record at 30 unless it’s important to have 60


Note that this is at 8x speed.


Intended and not really a glitch but still