A FE8 PME like many others (or maybe not)

Same as ignis said but i also need what these two are like for eg character nature likes dislikes

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If i get green light for @Someone for making supports
With item i can take bk with iris.

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Quick questions about events. can i turn them into support that grant Items? i will rework them and repost them all at one go

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Yes, you can.

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Ok and if supports can grand skills ? And on what support system we working (in some hacks there is system that allow for only 1 a rank support and unlimited numer of b and c support)

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I was planning to use Snakey’s Support Rework Rework. I’ve yet to test what is actually capable of, but I think I should be able to grant skills through the supports.


But what for now limit of support convos? (vanila Has 5 convos limit)

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Ashnard is the king of Daein He is infamous for how mad he is. He is so crazy that even the medallion can’t drive him any more insane in PoR. Aside from that, he likes battling strong people and believes that if someone is strong enough to get something, they should definitely have it, irrespective of birth and station. His claims about power is backed by his prowess in battle. He boasts an insurmountable amount of defense and absolutely unmatched strength making him a fearsome warrior. He is opposed to how the firstborn can only have the right to rule and how nobles can only attain higher military rank. He gave high rank to strong people without caring about their origin. He is a hardcore extremist who will use any means to achieve his goal. By unleashing the dark god of Lehran’s medallion, he also wishes to drown Tellius in flood, in order to let only the strong live. Despite how insane Ashnard is, he has shown considerable tact in his invasion. He gauged the strength of Begnion and kept peace with them, knowing Daein would lose if they waged war. He also restrained from a full scale assault on Gallia and Phoenicis fearing their king’s strength. That didn’t stop him from running his operations in dark with a lone Knight. His right-hand man, the Black Knight.

Character : He is plain insane and violent. Likes to battle and kill strong people. Ashnard has a sarcastic and dark humour. Remember those lines, “Either be a general or a dinner, I don’t really care which but do try to show a little initiative.”

Jormund is a Warlord of a race of people called “Braxians”. They live in a frigid wasteland with harsh climate and even harsher monsters. Just to survive the elements, people had to learn violence. In such a scenario, Jormund, an extremely powerful warrior, gained the reputation of a hero and leader while helping his people survive and thrive. He believed that an expansion towards mainland would end the tragic suffering of his people. He killed any elder opposed to this, united all of Braxians and announced himself as their “Warlord”. By cunning methods and manipulation, he tricked the king of Zentirim, one of the strongest nation of Fadrel. He gained his trust and became one of the four imperial generals. When Zentirim was ran down by Ostreich and Bervinnia, Jormund took advantage of the chaos and successfully claimed a major portion of southern coast.

Character : Jormund is cunning, confident and heroic. He also has a jolly nature and values talent. He offers talented people to work for him whenever he sees one.

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…you’ll have to remind me later. I dunno when I’ll have actual free time to put actual effort into thinking, ack.

Maybe I should write little character traits and base personalities for my other characters at some point. Hmm…


Giving the greenlight on any request to make support convo’s for my characters @Taylor
-Exia is relatively silent, never speaking more than a quick sentence to respond. He might look intimidating with the mask and the armor, but hes actually a softy underneath.
-Norcarna is incredibly paranoid of everything, thinking the worst out of everything. He still thinks he’s the best shaman in the world, and boasts about his “skill” often. In reality, its just Ari or Exia saving his hide.
-Ari is the big sister type, with a strong presence and sort of loud mouth. She has all sorts of skills across the board, and is versatile in every situation. She can be indecisive when presented with several choices.


Any specific item you wana give or want me to decide it myself
i am kinda thinking of a trinket which will give +5 str since Ashnard is all about batteling strong people

jormund lacks res so +5 to res trinket since he is all cunning and far sighted and knows he is weak to magic

To let people know i am a grinder i grinded over 1000+ matches with over 1000+ turn in one chapter for arena and had cap gold so when cc was available i have cap all units i have not patch latest version so i would like it if you let me know if they disagree with my item choice

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@Someone Im noticing all these events and supports are a bit overwhelming to read. Maybe a quick template might help?


You can decide. I have no problem.

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Yall can do whatever yall want with my characters


If I’m forgetting anything, please notify me.

Event Template



After going throught all 837 postes
for jormund and Beryl might be a good support since he is not from empire but rather tribe and had a shaman to heal
Jourmund and Ashnard
so far 2 candidate for jormund

I will make a support of Ashnard and jormund tommrow

As for beryl freefall whats your opinion

  • I am planing jormund being close dead and Delilah saving for C
  • Jormund thanking her for B
  • And Jormund helping her carry some medicine for wounded for A

This time i will make it short or try to

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For limistella plans

  1. velvet- furry (done unless velvet changes it or dislikes it )
  2. Xihe - furry
  3. Ishtar- well furry duhhh
  4. Iris- wants to learn curses
  5. Xiomara- wants to learn more dark art
  6. Xandar- half dragon so wants to know more about dragon stone
    These are what i am thinking for support

I want limistella be a
Curious mage who likes to learn new magic
maybe perverted idk will see, and attracted to both male and female
Likes furry and has good humor

She is exact opposite of limistella from fe 7

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Quick question about it limistella what do with soul flux (her prf) i reworking iris events to supports so did
Just throw support to trash with prf or rework support to fit a new version of limistella?

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Quick writeups!
…the only pre-built support I can think of is Xihe with Velvet, but would need to remember to write later.

Haven’t actually written too much for the boy, last time I really did anything with him was like 10 years ago, ack. He’s impatient and is frequently mistaken as a girl, perhaps sometimes just for being a Pegasus Knight under the belief that ‘boys can’t do that’.

Wants to fight and slice things, but she doesn’t really fight to the death, but if she herself gets killed it’s because she was ‘too weak’, full name is ‘Kaguya Shiraha’ and doesn’t really care if people use her first or last name, she herself uses whichever name for herself.

Enby Cavaliery who secretly hates everyone but keeps that part of themself hidden deeply deeply inside, often acting cheery and happy to keep up the facade, sometimes it slips, but it seems to mostly be seen as ‘oh Sinclair’s just having a bad day’ sort of thing.

Timid pegasus knight archetype! …Often picked on due to her horns and sickly skin making her seem demonic, but she’s actually very docile.

Cwn Annwn

copy paste + more info… a shy coward, obsessed with cheese, stutters a lot and an annoying git who doesn’t stop bothering someone when she gets to know them. Falls into the Berserker archetype, due to experimentation she is INHUMANLY strong, despite not having the physicality expected of that, capable enough of compartmentlising fear mid-battle.

A homunculus! That is, an artificial lifeform. The boss Xihe is a separate being from the playable Xihe, for some reason this ‘model’ was mass-produced as a warrior. Player Xihe has a tendency to pull her limbs off, she takes ‘give me a hand’ too literally but her limbs are easily reattachable. Still trying to get a grasp on emotions.

The last of an ancient and forgotten race and… that’s about it, I haven’t actually written for her yet, just stumbled across making her when I was playing with character designs, welp.

Perhaps a bit more akin to a Valkyrie than a Banshee in some ways. A bit superstitious, strange for a supernatural being, but carried over from when still alive, likes to hum and sing to herself, sings lullabies all of which… as a Banshee can be quite unsettling to some, quite protective. Died in battle, her last thoughts were of home, that longing and her love for song was apparently strong enough to bring her back as a banshee.


I forgot i guess i will boot thar ja i guess