Zeta's ASM/C Spellbook

Normally, offensive staves won’t display their statistics in the item/attack menus…

This hack fixes that problem.

Note that unless you modify the default priest/cleric animations (they need to have the right code to wait for the enemy’s HP to deplete), trying to play attack animations for them softlocks the game. So I’ve included fixed versions of those animations in the zip (made with Animation Assembler). So just #include those ontop of the Installer.event and you’re good to go.


Hey. How would I go about adding the additional animation events to FEBuilder?

I do not use FEBuilder (at least in the sense of modifying ROMs with it), so I don’t know.

Fortunately it’s a simple fix, and I assume FEBuilder can just edit the animations itself. Go to 0x7F and 0x80 of the battle animations, and insert the ‘wait for HP to deplete’ code before the ‘begin opponent’s turn’ code (I put it one frame before). Do this for every ‘attack’ mode (you don’t have to change the dodges).

Thank You so much! Been wondering how to add staff attack animations for Priests and Clerics for the longest.

Murder sticks working like fe9-10 stick?. That’s awesome.

Ever wanted to change a chapter’s objective through some event, and been told you had to make a copy of the map and use LOMA? Well, that’s too clunky for me and I have the power to fix it, so…

Requires lyn.

This hack allows you to change chapter objective text through events. Installation is simple - just #include the Installer.event, then use the provided SetChapterObjectiveText(textid, textid2) macro in your events as necessary. The first text ID is the short objective (the one shown on the map itself), the second one is the longer objective text (shown in the prep screen and status screen).

This stores the new textIDs to be read in trap data. It shouldn’t conflict with any other hacks, unless they also use trap type ID 0xEF. And if that does happen, I can just change the id to something else. If you don’t use SetChapterObjectiveText, it just reads the values from chapter data like in vanilla.

This was written in C with Stan’s FE-CLib. Special thanks to Leonarth for providing multiple suggestions (storing the new textIDs in trap data), and Stan for catching a bug before I posted this.


Thank you for making this, it’s amazing.

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Don’t like the music changing when there’s only one enemy left? Well, I know I don’t.

Does nop-ing a single opcode count as a hack? I don’t know, but either way, here you go:

ORG 0x1609E


you can just set the byte in chapter data for # of enemies left to play victory theme to 0 and it’ll never play can’t you

Probably, but I didn’t actually remember there was a byte for that that would mean I’d have to go change that for every chapter, rather than just changing one opcode and forgetting about it.

Ever wanted a little more 776 in your 8? Or just liked the idea of leadership stars?

This hack brings the ‘leadership stars’ mechanic to FE8. Units with leadership stars grant a (configurable) Hit / Avoid bonus to all units of the same allegiance. It requires the Skill System and Modular Stat Screen. Installation is slightly complicated:

  1. #include the Installer.event - note that it has to be included before Master Skill Installer.event! Edit the LeadershipTable, and other options as desired.
  2. Go into Skill System\Battle Calculations.event, and add


after one of the POINs. You should end up with a line that looks similar to this:

POIN LeadershipHook ElbowRoom NaturalCover Gamble FieryBlood LifeAndDeath WindDisciple Perfectionist Puissance Hawkeye LightWeight Trample Opportunist

  1. Take the contents of “put these in your text buildfile.txt” and put it in the top of your text buildfile. If you’ve changed the hit/avoid bonus, you probably want to update the text to match.
  2. Copy the contents of the ‘mss stuff’ folder into your MSS folder (it should overwrite ModularStatScreen.event, and the mss_page1_skill.dmp/s files)
  3. (Optional) If you’re using icon 0xCA already (it’s an unused icon in vanilla), it’s possible to change what icon is used for the star. You’ll have to change it in Installer.event, and in mss_page1_skills.s, StatusScreenEnemy.s and StatusScreenPlayer.s (don’t forget to run Assemble ARM on again after changing the icon number)

By default this replaces the affinity/element icon on page 1. If you don’t like that, it’s not too hard to whip up your own MSS settings. It also replaces the textID for one of the debug menu options (the third, which doesn’t even work anyway).

This changes the unit count on the ‘Status’ screen to instead display the total amount of leadership stars for ally and enemy units, so players can have a quick way to view total leadership.

As usual, this hack (well, LeadershipFunctions.c at least) was written in Stan’s FE-CLIB and converted to EA format by lyn.


And version 2 is out already, adding a few new features (configurable bonuses per faction, leadership stars for opposing factions cancelling each other out, total leadership star display on status screen) and fixing some bugs. If you downloaded the previous version, you should probably update.

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I’ve updated the Arena Level Limits hack with new functionality.

Now you can set a turn count limit, after which the arena can’t be used.
You can also optionally make arenas nonlethal.

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I am in trouble because mss is hard to merge.

I want to support Leadership with FEBuilderGBA, but with the current mss spec, it conflicts with SkillSystems.
If the status screen can be represented by a structure like a menu command, it will be easier to merge,
but the current situation is not.
The current mss is a form of compilation using ASM macros, so merging is very difficult.

Or,I expect this Leadership feature to be merged into SkillSystems.
That will solve the merge problem.

I think merging it is a good idea, but that’s up to @circleseverywhere if he’s interested in doing it or not (or anyone else who has access to the skill system git, don’t know who does).

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I need to do more testing, but as an initial observation, I think the game slows down when about to enter battle if the leadership table is too large (~79 characters from my first test).

I tried with 0xFF entries and am getting half a second or more of lag. At 79 entries, there’s a very tiny amount of lag, but it’s still noticeable.

Thanks for the report. I’ll have to do GetFactionLeadershipCount in a different way (probably should have anyway, since the current method doesn’t support having multiple copies of the same UnitID on the map with leadership stars - you only get the benefit once per unitID).

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Okay, I think I have it fixed. It doesn’t lag on my test setup even with 0xFF entries on the leadership table.

Can you try this for me and see if it still lags? Just replace the lyn output at the bottom of Installer.event with this:


// lyn output of LeadershipFunctions.c
ORG CURRENTOFFSET+$1;GetFactionLeadershipCount:
ORG CURRENTOFFSET+$70;CalculateHitAvoidBonus:
ORG CURRENTOFFSET+$74;ApplyLeadershipBonus:
ORG CURRENTOFFSET+$40;GetLeadershipStarCount:
SHORT $B5F7 $2880 $D005 $2114 $4B14 $2840 $D003 $4B14 $E001 $2132 $4B13 $2048 $2 $434A $2000 $189A $9201 $4F11 $681D $2D00 $D00F $68DA $490F $400A $D10B $51 $19C9 $780C $2C00 $D006 $792E $42A6 $D10A $784A $1810 $600 $1600 $9A01 $3348 $4293 $D1E8 $BCFE $BC02 $4708 $3201 $E7EA
BYTE $CC $DD $2 $2 $4C $BE $2 $2 $BC $CF $2 $2
POIN LeadershipTable
BYTE $C $0 $1 $0
SHORT $B5F0 $250B $4 $23C0 $5745 $3460 $40F $3062 $401D $8822 $C3F $8803 $2D00 $D10E $4D10 $7829 $D $437D $1952 $8022 $4A0E $7812 $39 $4351 $185B $8003 $BCF0 $BC01 $4700 $4E0B $7831 $E $437E $199B $41B $141B $2D80 $D106 $4D07 $782D $39 $4369 $1852 $8022 $E7EB $4D05 $E7F7 $46C0
POIN AllyStarHitBonus
POIN AllyStarAvoidBonus
POIN NPCStarAvoidBonus
POIN EnemyStarHitBonus
POIN NPCStarHitBonus
SHORT $B5F8 $263F $4 $7AC0 $43B0 $F $F7FF $FF86 $5 $7AF8 $43B0 $F7FF $FF81 $4B08 $781B $2B00 $D002 $1A28 $600 $1605 $2D00 $DD03 $29 $20 $F7FF $FFAC $BCF8 $BC01 $4700 $46C0
POIN CancelOutOpposingLeadership
SHORT $2200 $B530 $4C08 $53 $191B $7819 $2900 $D101 $20FF $E004 $6805 $792D $428D $D103 $7858 $BC30 $BC02 $4708 $3201 $E7EE
POIN LeadershipTable

If that works for you, I’ll roll out a proper new version, since I also found and fixed some bugs in the status screen (wouldn’t show – if a side had no stars, and it wouldn’t show enemy stars in fog of war).

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I’ll try it later tonight as I’m busy at this time. Thank you for the update and glad I could alert you to the issue!

Looks like it worked just fine on my end!