Zanryu's Pixels


As a paint user I find this agreeable


Paint works for me too why is it some people don’t like using it
Go go power painters !

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paint is criminally underrated

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Paint user checking in as well

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I truly appreciate the compliment, it really does mean a lot to me. It isn’t something I claim to be a professional at, but I take pride in how far I’ve come despite how many years I’ve taken away from the scene!

With that said, it seems I never posted the finished thingy.

Not 100% on the chest, but for NOW at the very least, it is done.


We rated R now, folks.

In all seriousness, no this is not staying like this - left nude to get the shoulders and proportions down before I start the clothes. Figured you may like to see my stupid process here, as well.


Daaaamn, Zan(iel), back at it again with the triple post.

A bit of progress, more to come.


Y’all are really gonna make me do it? Four in a row? I see you in here with all your likes (which I greatly appreciate, mind you)!

After what feels like a lifetime, we’re getting SOMEWHERE.


Damn, love the tiara.

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Coming together nicely.


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Thank you very much!

All finished up now!

I went back after finishing up the frames and redid the clasps for the cloak as well, so that isn’t reflected in the progression .gif but oh well. Finally done.


Limstella looks amazing as she sheds her role as a morph. I like it a lot.


Right? I wanted to try an angle I’d never done before and her face looked so… unique. I knew there was something hidden under that hair and those lifeless golden eyes. She’s actually quite pretty.


With that out of the way, I decided to take a break from spriting for all these projects and… well, start spriting something because I can.

Not sure if I’ll continue this later or work on something else for now, but it’s a start.


Quick draft of the hair and face shading on M!Byleth. More tweaks en route.

EDIT: Seems no one has popped in just yet, so here’s an update!

Taking a break for now - eyes have been brought further together, shape and shading adjusted, right side of the armour is done and some hair tweaks.


Hey, you finally managed to make face on look good, I remember you and Archer years ago trying this and it always looking wonky.

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Ah, back in the day where I over-antialiased everything and the reason I never made my own faces?

To be young agaaaaain~


Been working on a thing, and this is a pretty big milestone for me - still incomplete and will be returning to parts of the body for tweaks as I go forward, but for now, here she is.

100% custom, not a single borrowed pixel.


Love the armor. Very much in the style of traditional Fire Emblem. The hair looks really natural, well done for nailing that.

One bit of feedback, something about the eyes looks a little off - though I can’t quite pin down what it is.


I love the hair man, and also the armor, congrats on your big milestone!