Zanryu's Pixels

So, I haven’t been on FEU in over a decade, and I highly doubt anyone will really remember me save for one or two members. However, I used to be a rather prominent pixel artist and have recently started dabbling again. With that said, I have a few ANCIENT things to show, and one thing I’ve been working on recently!

This is the last progress made on the original character after which I am named, Zanryu. This dates back to somewhere close to 2013, I’d say? Never finalized, and ultimately being scrapped from the neck down.

This was for a splice competition years back, don’t know what happened. It’s chalk full of issues and far too much cleavage, but I digress. It was a thing.

Yet another splice contest entry, probably from about the same time as the previous one.

Just a little something I was working on in the same style as the famous Card Gallery created by Ahruon and Orkimides. Never finished it, and this dates back somewhere around 2014, I’d imagine.

Now, something I’ve been working on RECENTLY, a character who I will be including in my first book which I intend to complete and publish.

Original version in the hack box, as well as the initial attempt at a half body which I have since completely redesigned and am STILL working on. Far right is the most recent update, with more to come!

With all that said, I don’t get as much time to work on stuff as I’d like - I have a three year old daughter at home and work most days. But I look forward to any critique I can get!


Wowza, I remember you Zan, good to see you’re still around… Or that you’ve returned to us haha.

Good luck with your book, and your family as well!

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I’m surprised anyone remembers me, honestly.

Thanks a lot, though! Things are good, just finding it hard to progress with the book. Establishing the world and lore at the moment though, and the core plotline is finalized. :slight_smile:


A few of us here were around for the original FEU, so we remember the others who were there as well.
(I have no idea what I was at that point… TheGoodGuy? Maybe? I’ve been through too many name changes…)

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I suppose I have the benefit of never really having changed names beyond my weab days. Glad to be back - not many FE communities around anymore that give anyone’s art the light of day.


I’ll never forget the hair on Zanryu, between the colour and the style, it’s inspired me for years, so god damn nice.
'grats on the child, I look forward to reading your book one day.


We’ll always have Aeo to thank for working on that with me. Can’t wait to revisit it one day!

And thanks kindly, friend. She’s a wonderful kid. The book’s gonna be pretty cool, too. ;D

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Yo, welcome back, man. I know you said you’re pretty busy, but I’m sure the FEU Discord’d love another spriter on there, especially a vet like you.

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I’ll look into it this evening when the missus gets in!


Not entirely sure if it’s done yet or not, and the battle stills are WIP.


Oh hey Zan, cool to see you pop up here too!

Nice battle Sprite, one Recommendation might be a use of outline or at least some darker shades on the OPV right arm just to emphasize it. Its currently getting lost in the colors imo.

Love the mug though.


Hey Shep!

I had played around with it some to differentiate it from the trim on the shoulder, but I’ll keep it in mind when I get to work on it some more!

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Here’s another thing.


And more of a thing!


A little something on its way, slowly but surely.


Woah, that’s a real nice armour trim on the scrapped Zanryu.

Too bad I hated it. :frowning:

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man you deserve some more credit: some of the sprites i’ve seen from you are amazing!

Believe it or not, the dude works using MSPaint.


MS Paint is very underrated.

Paint Gang rise up!