World Map Help

Hello, I have been making a hack using FEBuilderGBA. When the game enters the world map after the 2nd map (normally in Sacred Stones this would be the chapter you get Franz and Gillian) the lord unit spawns where he is supposed to, though there isn’t a road to the next map. The road instead goes from the second map to the third map.
If anyone knows why this happens, or has some sort of tutorial that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

This may help

Please attach report7z of your hack so that we may be of assistance

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with the end event of the 2nd map, what does map does it say to go to? I’m currently making a hack myself based on fe8 and I personally had to swap the chapter change from the one where moulder and vanessa get recruited to the 3rd map (the ross and garcia one) because, in case you weren’t aware, for some reason instead of being recruited at the end of the chapter, Vanessa and Moulder use the chapter slot for the cutscene where you get some money to be recruited.