[WIP] FE8Re(gret) v0.41e, that's right I'm making it public now

Now, you may be looking at the title and thinking “Wow, Psyche, how original of you to work on a redux? Can’t you ever make anything original you fucking idiot?”, to which I say



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(I would like to apologize for the varying size of the screenshots, don’t ask me how this happened, because I don’t know either.)




As the headline implies, this redux is still not finished, going up to Eirika!Ch10.
Easy Mode is very strange. I would recommend rather playing on Normal or Hard Mode.

Features of this hack:

  • Stats start around vanilla ranges, but both player and enemy units snowball out of control.
  • Weapon stats improved; throwing weapons remain unchanged.
  • A rather intense difficulty level, resulting from the above mentioned things.
  • Earth Seals appear in large quantities early on, promotions are no longer branching and have large stat increases.
  • Recolors which range from pleasant to garish, reasonable to Black Duessel.
  • Eirika and Ephraim have higher move, while Seth has a unique class reminiscent of Gold Knights from Radiant Dawn.

Any and all feedback is appreciated as always.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it, and I love each and every person who reads this post xoxo


Easy Mode is very strange.

I’m just sayin’.
(this has been fixed but the fact this even happened perplexed me to no end)

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Why is there a strength magic split exactly


this… is greatly concerning… Seth is still your best unit at this point, right?

Also don’t think I don’t see that shaman.

i was too lazy to remove it :stuck_out_tongue:

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seth has truly become
a crutch.

without the devil axe hes usually tieing enemy speed.

the shaman is lute by the way, you get your first anima user in ch5