Why is fe awakening (and fates to a lesser extent) so broken?

In fates, I can just use Elise/Orochi!Rhajat to solo all magic units, and Mozu , (birthright) Ryoma/Hana, (conquest) Camilla/Beruka and the entire game is suddenly easy.

In awakening, Donnel is one of my strongest units. At level 20 merc, he had 50 hp, and with each level he gets as hero, he’s going closer to the cap. As a level 20 merc, he had all stats capped but hp, res and magic. And as hero, he can one shot EVERY unit without any slayer weapons (like armorslayers) except Generals. And with armorslayers, Generals are a joke. I fear that I might even have to bench him temporarily because he’s too good.

Awakening and Fates are broken, but for a different reason. Donnel, Elise, Orochi, Mozu, and Hana aren’t that good of units, but the games are so cheesable than anyone can be good. I know this well, as I did an LTC draft of awakening in which I used a fifth of the characters in the game (Pretty bad ones too) and STILL found it easy.
TL DR: Pair up is broken.

I honestly agree. And the newer games made child units insane. Like if you pair a unit thats good in one stat with a unit thats also good in that stat (e.g Effie and Benny) That child unit could be potentially broken.

I think Awakening is pretty easy (havent ever played Fates). I used the second seal very generously in my first playthrough and promoted Henry into a Barbarian and later into a Berserk and just one manned the rest of the game and killed Grima. I guess everyone can be good as anything just because of Awakening being pretty easy. Still a fun game (:

Something weird is that fe15 is so hard to make units overpowered. Example : My bow knight Tobin was weaker than an enemy sniper. Like a lot of the enemies I fought were overpowered. Also, my magic users were actually better on Alm’s route than on Celica’s Route, and my physical units were better on Celica’s route.

Fe15 has enemy quality over quantity. Look at the numbers of enemies on the maps of both games

Yes but
I still don’t get how a Bow Knight Tobin is worse than a sniper
I mean yeah, quality and stuff but Tobin should still have better stats, considering how he is literally a third (fourth?) promotion unit. Is it just that Tobin is better suited for another class? Or am I just getting brutally RNG screwed with my growths and should give up and reset the entire game.

Tobin is trash. Every unit has bad matchups tbh.

None of my villagers except Kliff and Fae are good, so I’m pretty sure that magic is way better than physical in this game. But how does that matter when you practically need tanky units that can take a hit or they’ll die?

Gray is actually pretty good. Magic is balanced by low move.

My gray is a dread fighter, and compared to saber, he SUCKS. He can’t take or dish out any damage, he’s been getting screwed in speed, etc.

IIRC DFs have a ridiculously high speed base. Stop expecting ORKOs honestly.

exp distribution in fe 13 is kinda unbalanced, I was able to promote and reclass the avatar easily by the halfway point and the majority of the team I was running was about ready to promote by about chapter 10-12. That was all without grinding either. coupled with the broken pair up system, and the general lazy design choices its no wonder fe13 is fairly easy at the end of the day.

fe14 mostly just suffered from bad design choices.

I’m not expecting ORKO’S, I’m expecting enough damage to actually make more of a difference than a fraction of enemy’s hp
Like here are the stats of dread fighter gray and bow knight Tobin.

Gray, dread fighter level 6, steel sword
Hp 38 ,Atk 18+4 ,Skill 16 , Spd 21-1, Lck 5 ,Def 13 ,Res 2 + 5

Tobin, bow knight level 3, steel bow
Hp 40, Atk 18+3 ,Skill 10, Spd 12-3,Lck 10, def 12, res 4

Both of them are way worse than my Baron Lukas, Priestess Delthea, Saint Faye , and Sage Kliff

Lukas , Baron level 5, steel lance
Hp 41, atk 24+4 , skill 12, spd 9-1, lck 6, defense 19, res 2

Delthea, Priestess level 1, prayer ring
Hp 32, atk 21, skill 11, Spd 21, lck 20, def 6, res 15

Faye , Saint level 8, no item
Hp 31, atk 19, skill 10, spd 10, lck 15, def 12, res 9

Kliff, Sage level 11, blessed ring

Hp 37 atk 19, skill 15, Spd 15, lck 17, def 10, res 8.

tldr : my level 1 priestess delthea has a better speed stats than my level 6 dread fighter gray

Tobin usually sucks. It’s just bows are really good. Give him a Killer Bow, let him learn the skill which is a Consecutive double hit, and then he does sooo much better. But before that he’s pretty eh to shit.

Gray is bad, just only good early, but he’s always pretty bad.

But with Awakening since you mentioned Donnel switched to Mercenary, means he was lv10, dropped to lv1, then was rully raised to lv20 as a Mercenary with a skill that increases all growths by 20%. So yes he’s gonna be strong.

I don’t have any killer weapons in that game. None.

You need a silver bow forged to like one star or something, then spend a gold coin and it transforms into a Killer Bow. To get silver you forge a Steel bow.

My first time playing I felt the same as you, but when I realized I missed out on that, I replayed it and it is very strong.

I have not forged a single wep in that game and idk how to. None.

This is my second time playing.

you go to the forge :man_facepalming: