Why is fe awakening (and fates to a lesser extent) so broken?


This game would have been 10 times easier if I knew what the forge was about. Like for the entire game I’m insanely short on weapons.


yeah go to the forge inside of some towns. Sell alot of your food, and upgrade weapons.


Selling food is bad in this game bc I grind n get fatigued


You can always, you know, evac the dungeon?


Well true, but why do I need to sell food? I forgot what the currency in the game even was.


Well, that’s a major problem. Without weapons like the Zweihander (Evolved from a steel sword +2) or the killer bow (Silver bow+1) melee units aren’t great


I didn’t even know those weapons were in this game until just now. The more you know.


Yeah. And also, offering up food to Mila cures all fatigue


Food? I thought it was just stuff like ale. The more you know. Thanks for the advice.


Alcohol restores the turnwheel.


Wanna just continue talking in pm’s or something? Also I think it restores fatigue as well.


Yeah. I should have clarified. All offerings restore Fatigue, but Mila only restores your time traveling wheel if you give her some good Liquor.