Who are the best GBA-style battle sprite makers in the community?

I recently made a reddit thread looking for spriters and was redirected here, so I’ll repost what I was going to say.

If anyone remembers the class tree I posted, I’m working on what may be the final draft of it (still weeks or maybe months away, but I’m doing it). I remember when I first poted it, a few peopl said “man, imagine if this tree had sprites for every class”, which made me realize that, as a high schooler, I have a unique oppurtunity; I can blow unreasonable amounts of money on frivolous things and not become homeless for it. Because of that, I might try to (over the course of a few months, probably) commission spriters to fill out the entire tree. This might just be wishful thinking and completely impossible since rough numbers estimate that that’s around 275 classes, with two genders, and multiple weapons each (4-6 for most t3s), meaning even if each sprite was like, 5 bucks it’d be a couple thousand for the entire thing, BUT, ALL THAT IN MIND, I just want to know which spriters I should look into for this, that way I can see if they have commissions available and get a cost estimate from that.

TLDR: Looking to possibly comisssion an unreasonable amount of GBA-style battle sprites. Who should I look into?

This post is referring to a class tree I posted to r/fe: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/d30gs2/a_project_three_years_in_the_making_here_is_my/


these are stills, aye? not full blown animations?
if they’re stills i’ll call in my boy @Pikmin1211

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I’d probably just say the same thing as I did on the original thread tbh.


Yeah, just stills. I don’t need animations at all. If Pikmin wants to then I can look into his work, though I might need him to post some here since this is my first time here so navigating the site is new to me.

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I recommend the search function at the top right of the website. Just search “Pikmin” (or anything else) and it’ll most likely pop up. Probably the best search function I’ve seen on a website. (Just make sure you spell correctly cause it won’t fix typos)

Um, sure, but also, why so many classes? It seems that most of these classes do the same thing, just with different weapons. You may as well have a 3H-style class progression and just let each character use any weapon in any class. Also, magic is all the same, dude. Like… save up for a car or something?


New Yorker, don’t need a car. Regardless, the focus is mostly on having different weapons, skills, and lore for each class. Once I’m happy with the tree, I plan on making a sheet that covers growths and what not, allowing me to really differentiate each class. That being said, obviously if this costs like, thousands of dollars, I’m probably not going to spend that much.

Really though, all that in mind, the answer to “why so many classes” is just that it’s fun to make classes, or tie classes together. I just enjoy working on this.

The cheapest I have been able to commission an animation for is $100. I think it’s unlikely other spriters would offer a significantly lower rate. In unlikely circumstances it’d probably still be over $50.

Oh, I don’t ned animations, I only need stills. I’d only need animations if I was making this a game, which is not my intent.

Stills I feel like would be fair to price at around $10~15 a piece? They’re easier to do than portraits imo.

With my limited experience with both, yeah, I’d say stills are easier. Doing some math based on the classes I have sprites for, plus gender differences, the cost turns out to be 2,480-3,720 bucks, or in other words, too much. I may look into finding as many sprites as I can that fit on the tree as-is (like what Pikmin’s done- he’s said that I can use the ones he has, but he won’t do commisions), then only once I’ve run out of those, then I’ll start looking for commissions.


Wow nice project, many classes too, it’ll take a long time to fully complete but that can be a fun community challenge.

Also do you know who did this sprites :
The ones on the right looks like BwdYeti’s style (i’m just guessing).
And are they free-to-use ? (I would like to use the Dark Sage).

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Top left would appear to be an edit of Yeti’s Justice, in which case would definitely not be free to use.

I’m not certain on the credits for all the classes- I had my original credits document saved on a hard drive that I lost. I thought I had trimmed out all the classes that I lost credits for, but clearly, that is not the case. I did not create those classes, and thus I cannot say for certain if they are free to use- In fact, I may remove them myself if they are not. That’s one of the problems with the fact that I started this tree when I was like 13; I didn’t fully understand how credits worked so I just threw sprites I found there. I’m aware that’s not an excuse for art theft, so I’ll probably remove the sprites now- At least until I find the proper credits for them.

EDIT: After some research, I can at least confirm that it’s not an edit of Justice.

lmao yes it is
the entire face and spaulders are exactly the same image
The one on the right is just stretched out longer; I think even the feet are the same
and the anim under it is an edit of the diviner

at least they edited the proper promotion i guess

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I thought the bottom one looks like an old eCut dark magic user still not the Diviner? Like I think eCut even made a map sprite for that one?

Huh, I guess you’re right then. That only complicates it, then, since I know I didn’t do that edit. I must have found it somewhere, and the person I found it from edited it from the Justice. I tried to go back through dA to find the sprite but I couldn’t, so I’ll just remove the sprites.

BwdYeti, DertheVaporeon, Nuramon, Blaze, Team Salvaged , and as far as stills are concerned I’d say Pikmin1211 is really good as well.

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