Pikmin's Stills

This is just a gallery post of some stills I make for fun. All will be posted at 2x size. All are free to use if you want to animate them!

Fire Emblem Stuff:

Forrest Knight

Double updated!
Wasn’t too hot on the original design so I went back and redid it from scratch. Swapped out the shield for a pauldron.

Looking back at the palette I realized it was not very flexible at all - way too much team color. This should allow a bit more freedom.

A simple edit of the Eliwood Knight Lord to make a more generic looking Sword-Paladin esque class. Shoutouts to SD9K for his hat skills.

Dark Knight

This one is based off of Teraspark’s Mage Knight / Valkyrie Dark Knight edit, so it’s really an edit of an edit. I added armor to give it a more defensive feel as Dark Knights tend to be pretty bulky mages overall. The skull helmet on the left one is based on the generic portrait from Fates.

War Monk


I was pretty unsatisfied with the looks, but I also wanted to actually use this guy at some point, so I went back and cleaned him up. I decided to ditch some aspects of the design and added a cool belt tm.

This one was a request, sort of. It’s based on the class of the same name from Awakening. The original was based on MK404’s Fighter, but I redrew 90% of the body so it doesn’t really look anything like it anymore. Shoutouts to Eliwan for the hat.


A Hector edit loosely based on Yeti’s Phalanx. The shield was custom made, while the helmet was based on Alusq’s soldier, with the horns being edited from the Great Knight’s horse.

Malig Knight

After going back and looking, I realized that the helmet actually had trim, so while I was there I decided to update the rest of the look as well.

The Malig Knight from Fates. The palette was tricky (still not 100% satisfied with my color choice) but it is much more flexible than normal wyverns. The horns on the helmet were a real pain because of the angle.

Stal Knight

An edit of the Marauder, which is an edit of the Centaur. I didn’t really like the beard or the shirtlessness since it was hard to use for a generic sort of unit, so I gave him some armor.


My good bud Kentaku made a Maid still, so I thought it would be fun to make a Butler to accompany it. The design is based mostly on Fates, but I decided to give him what I feel is the classic Butler pose.


This one is an edit very loosely based on a Kaze still by Iscaneus. The Ninja pose was tough but I think I captured it well. Since it was based on Kaze, the palette is very Kaze instead of your traditional blue.
Update: I made a minor change to the hair to make it less bulbous.

Master Ninja

The promoted version of a Ninja. I wanted him to have a cool looking, original pose, so I settled on “arms crossed looking over the shoulder”. That way it really accentuates the scarf flowing and gives him a cold and mysterious vibe.
Update: I forgot to make him face the right way! Whoops.


A dark mage more in the style of Awakening and Fates. He’s dressed much more lightly compared to Shamans in their bulky robes. I imagine him being more of a glass cannon with fast and powerful magic but little defense. My second fully custom sprite.

Gold Knight

As you may or may not know, I’m an avid hater of vanilla Paladins. Therefore when I saw greentea’s Kent and Sain being a sort of cross between a Paladin’s cool looks with a Great Knight’s reasonable posing, I decided to touch it up a bit.


I’m sure you’re all familiar with this guy now. Big thanks to Vilk who did an amazing job bringing him to life!

Straight of out Rome (or Echoes I guess), it’s the Spartan. I really loved this design and I think I captured it well. I decided to give him a more conical spear since it accentuated the look. My third fully custom sprite.


The original was one of my first works and pretty rough by my new standards so I went ahead and completely redid him.

The Adventurer from Fates. You could also add a sword and call it the Trickster from Awakening. I tried a new technique for doing this one, which was using an existing sprite’s silhouette and editing the shape and posing from there.


A myrmidon in the style of Awakening. The topic of GBAFE Myrmidons being of poor quality came up, so I figured I’d give cobbling my own up a go. Plus the Awakening designs were my favorite.


An edit of a Cyclops as a Faceless from fates. I incorporated the unused colors as his leather so that you could have player and enemy Faceless as well.


A concept for a custom class I had, which is a T2 healer Pegasus. I’ve not worked with a Pegasus before so this was an interesting experience, but I think it turned out nicely.


Fixed up the palette and shading. Also comes in female now! Thanks to DerTheVaporeon and Maiser6 for animating them beautifully!

A tier one Mage Cavalier. It’s based on a Troubadour, and let me say their palette is a nightmare. After sorting that out I was able to add some distinguishing details - a tome under the shoulder and your classic wizard pointy hat.

Tellius Warrior

I made this to go with the Tellius Fighter, and because I’m not overly fond of vanilla Fighters. The spike strips are pretty rad.

Fighter 2.0

fighter2 fighter2r
A lot of people seem to complain about the Tellius Fighter for whatever reason. I personally dislike the vanilla Fighters a lot, so here’s a “fixed” version that doesn’t look straight outta early FE6.

Mage and Sage 2.0

2 sage%202
In the theme of remaking stuff, here’s a cool mage. I had the idea with the hat but kinda took off from there to add more details elsewhere. The Sage is mostly inspired by Greentea’s Erk when I realized having pants looked better to me.

Red Mage

A lot of the inspiration here came from Bravely Default. I really loved the color scheme and design, so I hope I captured it well. I added back in the old Red Mage hat because it’s a swell hat.

Jurrac Knight

jknight%202 jknight%20r%202
Based on Gulcasa’s sprite from Aruku and Ken’s Yggdra hack. I cleaned up the palette and changed it to a more generic rider.

Heavy Cavalier

Just a quick edit I made of the Salvaged Cavalier, based on the armor of the Fates one. Proud of the helmet.

Brute Knight

Something of a tier one to the Stal Knight. This lad is an Axe wielding cavalier.

Fates Great Knight

An edit of the Great Knight to match the one in FE14. Good luck animating this guy, at any rate. Was mostly practice for more intricate armors.

Soldier 2.0

That’s right folks, it’s another goddamned soldier. My bud Pandan had made a map sprite so I figured it’d be fun to make a Soldier to go with it.


Random request from one of my spriting streams. Based on Donny boy from Awakening.


I actually made this a good while ago and forgot to upload it. Whoops! An alternate promotion for the Ninja, I decided to give the puppet and rider a more steampunk look to better match the Western hues of FEGBA.

Crossover Stuff:

Schezo Wegey

Straight from Puyo Puyo, it’s everyone’s favorite Creeper as an Eliwood edit. I had a lot of fun doing this one despite the simple nature.


Just cleaning up some jank and adding detail.

Nepu Nepu! Here’s Neptune. Her odd battle stance was hard to get right. Big thanks to Nuramon for helping me make limbs not look stupid. My first fully custom sprite.

Naoto Kurogane

My favorite Blazblue lad is here to punch some fools. Or use blood swords I guess. Anyone else excited for fist weapons in 3H?

Reigen Arataka

A totally real and deadly psychic here to unleash his PSI on you. Or just, yaknow, salt.


Another stream request, this time the Squire from FFTA. Fitting the palette was a good exercise.

Jason Frudnick

Blaster Master Zero is amazing, go play it. The helmet was tricky since the design is odd.


The right image is his original sprite for comparison. Just a reminder that I need to get back to playing Wargroove… Also my entry into the Spriting Contest. Didn’t do very well, but I’m happy with how he turned out anyways.

Minor Edits:

Female Fighter

A female version of MK404’s Tellius Fighter.

Female Berzerker

A female version of the “Hawkzerker”. Largely based on the existing female Berzerker. Blame Sme for the furry vibes.

Female SalvCav

You’ve probably already seen the animation for this, but here it is. Twintails are the best.

Dragoon Palette Fix

d2 d2b d2r d2g
The original palette for this guy was pretty terrible, so I cleaned it up to allow recolors to actually work. You may also notice I cleaned up a few smaller details.

Master Knight Palette Fix

The Master Knight is a great concept, but unfortunately the palette is pretty bad. This puts it more in line with the Salvaged Cavalier palette.

Rogue Palette Fix

After looking at the Rogue repalette by feaw, I realized that it wasn’t exactly a great fix, so here’s my take. This also incorporates the female Rogue as well.


I’ll try the forrest Knight, and maybe the gladiator,


men you can animate is are really awesome cool men


I agree heavily with delhonne the wise, O great Pikmin, bless thine with ye animated anime chess characters!


Yes are awesome is animate for fire emblem


I have finally made a magic version of the dark knight! Something I could have finished weeks ago.

This should be the download to the dark knight magic animation. I will do the sword at a later time. It may be a while to be honest.


Wow, this looks awesome! I love the lightning effect. Thanks! You might have a bit of difficulty doing a sword though - I had originally planned to have room in the palette for metal, but as you could tell it was a tight fit so I ended up dropping it.

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Thank you pikimin! It came out better than expected!

/2X/6/68ed7b09629be1d170e666443ff56072b397541b.png" width=“248” height=“160”>

But now I’ve got these two for the swords. Which one looks better? As you said the colors were very limited but I think both could work


Well I’m not pik but in my opinion the latter one is far better because the sword is much more readable.
If both versions work, take this one.

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Gotta agree with Nura. The pure blue is a bit awkward.

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Thanks Nura. Since you are one of the best spriters around, it would be wise to take your advice. I attempt to base this animation off of the mageknight sword one.

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You may want to fix up the Mage Knight sword, since it’s just a clone of Ranger sword, which people dislike for being a bit clunky.

Yeah I was going to smooth it out once I get the base down

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You’re welcome and thanks for the praise xD

Good call.

I personally never had a problem with the Ranger anim. But smoothing it out can’t hurt it. :ok_hand:

My friend i have one question you go make the forest knight and dark knight alt versión animation

I was going to make the alternate version of the dark knight but I wont start it until I have completely finished the masked one.

Im not going to do the forest knight. Maiser said he would most likely do it.


I have other things to do, so do it if you want

Update! Added 4 new stills I’ve made recently:

  • Malig Knight
  • Stal Knight
  • Butler
  • Ninja

Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for the answer i have other question you go the staff animation for the dark knights and you can make one versión alt of the forest knight with helmet and last i go say is i wait for the dark knight versión of fate for use thanks for you time and good luck

Yes I will make a staff animation for the dark knight. I really dont know how I will make the forest knight animation, meaning I dont want it to be a complete copy-paste of the eliwood class.

And if u are asking for use of the dark knight then it is compelety free to use and edit. Just give credit to pikmin and me.

@Pikmin1211 Those new stills looks amazing! Let’s hope I can make a good enough animation of them when I get there.

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