When was the FE-games golden period?

Hi, I was just wondering when do you think that FE reached it’s biggest potential in general: map design, world building, story, character building, difficulty…

    • Old akaneia FE (fe1, fe2, fe3)
    • Jugdral FE (fe4, fe5)
    • GBA FE (fe6, fe7, fe8)
    • Tellius FE (fe9, fe10)
    • New akaneia FE (fe11, fe12)
    • 3DS FE (fe13, fe14, fe15)
    • Switch Fe (fe16)

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You forgot the Saga period (PS1/PS2) !!


I’m not sure how to react to that

The golden age was definitely around when [insert the first game you really enjoyed] released, and anyone who disagees has poor taste had a different experience with the series and I respect that.


I voted Awakening, because that game made for a huge wave of new players. The franchise started growing massively. I am among these “Awakening babies” as I’ve hear some people calling us.

In my eyes there is no real golden period actually, because every period of Fire Emblem is simply golden in a way. Example: GBA Fire Emblem is golden because of the jump to handheld and gorgeous animations.

I just like all FE Games :laughing:

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good point

There was this one really good Fire Emblem game. It had voice acting and everything, it was really cool. It was called like… The Last Promise? I dont know, but Nintendo refuses to acknowledge it for Choose Your Legends.


no one likes 3 houses

I think the whole Kaga period was the golden one. So Old Akaneia and Jugdral. My very subjective opinion of course. There was a lot of innovation between each game, without undermining the core gameplay.

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The Golden Age period for FE is from games 1-16, the rest are literally unplayable


Kaga era’s one of the best but it’d be an easier question to ask what I think was the dark age for the franchise.

I’m torn between Judgral and GBA for which one I think FE peaked at tho.

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I’m tempted to say Tellius because FE9 always seemed overall… better and more polished than anything else. Though I strongly dislike FE10, so idk GBA it is ig


Personally, I like Old akaneia FE, but I think it was Switch FE that became popular with the general public.
Or the previous social game FE.

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Vestaria era best period

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I have an affection for the GBA games. However, i have to admit that the best official FE games i played were FE9 and 10. The gamecube games, althought not handheld, felt the most complete and enjoyable to me. Besides, the story is kind of unique.


Since I don’t see an option for Tearring Saga, I have to settle with the OG shipping emblem alongside that game with Reinhardt as the lord or something.

TearRing / Berwick / Vestaria saga best period

I think the 3Ds series where the golden period, cause they literally saved the game from extintion, the sells of the franchise were really bad until then, having really low numbers for a Nintendo game.


So, Awakening and Fates completely did it.


And now im not talking only about sales, these games came with a lot of new mechanics and novelties , while pulishing the formula.
We had the childs part, which increased a lot the durability and replayability of the title, side quests, agrupations etc…

Now, im the first one to say i love the graphics and style of GBA, but i think we are already living in the best moment of the Franchise with FE16.

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The Kaga Saga games are the greatest FE like games obviously.

In terms of the mainline series my overall personal favorite would be the Tellius games, especially 9. It has some weaknesses that don’t make it as good for repeat playthroughs as games with better QoL features and difficulty, but how I’d rate a game is mostly based on how enjoyable the first playthrough is, so aspects like story and characters are pretty important and I think FE9 has a great story (+ worldbuilding), characters and the gameplay/maps are good too in that first playthrough imo.

The game I’ve replayed the most is Conquest, but I wouldn’t call it the best by any stretch because the story and characters in Fates are just below par.

TMS and Warriors are the peak but that’s not an option so I went with 3ds
It’s all downhill from 3ds.