Whats your favourite Fire Emblem Class and why?

I´ve never meet Fire Emblem fans that agree in which class is their favourite.

I don´t mean whats the best class, I mean what class sparked that passion on you when you used them in your army!

So… which is your favourite class and why?


General when I played Fe 7 and when Wallace promoted and I got a cool general that destroyed everything it also has very cool animations


Swordmaster! What else would it be? Criticals are really really fun and Ayra was the progenitor of Astra which is also awesome.
I also quite like Bishops in GBA, mostly 8 due to Slayer-- aside from that light magic looks really really cool in general.
…Hard to really decide the total favourite.


Pegasi Knights (+ variants/promotions) easily.

Helps also that my luck with them is amazing and they always turn out :fire: :fire: :fire: with me.

Pegasi Luck Pics

And i bet i will have even more if i search for pics from hacks and fangames i played

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Berserker without a doubt. The visual design, the critical animation, the increased crit rate. All of it screams “you will die when I press the A button”. I am a guy who loves pure offense characters, and the berserker fits to a T.

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Paladin. It’s the most balanced of the classes with no glaring weaknesses (barring desert maps for) and most of my favorite characters are of that class.


Kinshi knights. They’re a wonderfully fun class with a unique design that’s designed really well with skills that directly counter other flying units and having a pretty low strength base for a promoted class. I like kinshi knights so much that the character Marley in my own hack was based off of the idea of kinshi knights, getting a high bow rank and skill but low strength as a falcon knight.


… No particular reason :ninja:


Well that was gonna be my answer…
But Dread Fighters/Mortal Savants are a neat class.
I like the designs and the utility of having both swords and magic.

Nomad Troopers are cool for the animation alone

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The Ranger in FE8 was my favorite. I guess that extends to Bow Knights and Nomad Troopers as well.


Tactician and Grandmaster
I love strategies and statistics, my job it’s about that.
I’m someone weird who likes to combine different things
Having a character / class with those aspects catched me at the moment
It’s for far my favorite class being Robin my favorite character or the character That I feel it’s more similar to me
My second favorite class is Swordmaster and my favorite skill is Astra
So I love a class that use both , magic and swords
A class that it’s balanced in all the stats
A class that represents the tactician role
And if I am able to have that class with the skill that allows me to perform a dance of 5 hits with the sword it’s even better XD
I forgot to mention that my favorite color is violet and i like black coats
Robin is for far my favorite character and his class my class as well


Anything heavily armored. armor knight, great knights, general


Hero is fun, just 'cause really big sword and shield, also Raven was OP so that may have something to do with it. Merc doesn’t do as well aesthetically, but big sword, so…
Myrms and swordmasters are mechanically fun to mess around with, just 'cause speed and crit, but they don’t have Merc’s oomph.

Mounts and Fliers

Cavs are up there, but despite their mechanical and aesthetic qualities, they never quite struck a particular itch.
Paladin is cool, but reduced XP gain just makes them feel not as good, and the helmet makes it look worse.
Great Knights animations frankly suck. Cool otherwise though.
Wyverns feel bad despite being really cool and I don’t know why.
Pegasi are better unpromoted. I don’t know why that is either.


Monks. They lack the staff and silly hoods that other casters use, and they’re just so stinkin’ majestic for a generic.
Mage. Anima is the best magic. Sage anim, 'specially crit anims, are cool, but for some reason the class doesn’t feel good.
Dark magic is cool, but again, dark magicians just feel weirdly wrong.

Eliwood’s had my favorite Lord class so far, just ‘cause flowy cloak, sword, and not stinkin’ useless like Lyn.

In summary: Heroes, Cavs I guess, and the unpromoted Pegasi, Monks, and Mages.

Note that there are no Armor Knights or Archers even listed.

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Assassin, well do i even need to tell lethality , its a crazy strong skill and does 1 hit kill even when u have 0 dmg

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I see you are a Kitsune of culture!
Swordmasters are the best for me since the first FE I played

@Lukirioh I really like that aswell! My Robin was builded just as you described

@dancer_A :raccoon:

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I like Swordmasters, mostly in part due to the fun animations that have been put out by the community that toe the line between the anime nonsense the class is known for and the over-the-top nature of a crit happy class

Among the official classes put out by IS, I’ve always had a soft spot for Soldiers and Halberdiers, partially because Nephenee is one of my favorite characters and partially because its an average joe class overshadowed by basically every other class in the roster that is still fun to play as an underdog

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Understand that you have made a mighty enemy today. EN GARDE!!

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Pegasus knight. Fliers are always awesome units and peg knights are usually very cute. Also, I find most of the early pegasi knights to be memorable and unique characters when compared to other archetypes like the Jagen, the Lena, the Navarre, etc.; most of those blend together for me.

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It’s weird … I don’t see any lord here

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Armour Knights and Generals.
Thats it.