What should I patch mods to?

I am trying to patch mods to fire emblem 8 but whenever I do and try to play it the screen goes pitch black and wont load or the emulator I use wont let me play the mod. Before anyone deletes this, I am not asking for a rom, just asking if I should use a Japanese rom or USA rom for mods.

You’ll get more luck asking your question in the thread of the specific project.

the based rom should be specified in the thread of the hack you wanna play. I think it’s most likely the problem with your patching tool. On what device are you playing the hack and what application are you using to patch it? on laptop/pc tsukuyomi is very stable. I never had problems with patching a rom on my laptop. On mobile it’s way more complicated. So make sure you have the right base rom for the hack (including the language, there are translated jpns hacks that use the jap fe rom) and get a different patcher or re follow the patching instructions

Fe8 usa is the default

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I am on an andorid, I used JS rom patcher as well, I have the english rom.

I suggest using UniPatcher. My Boy emulator patches your rom for you but only ips patches.

I got some good news! It works! I extracted the plain fe8 rom then patched my mod to the game. 1 more question, when I have a mod, it has 4 or five files of the game, what do I do about that to not patch those files and only the full mod?

Without knowing what mod this is, I doubt anyone would be able to help you. Usually mods only have one patch that you need to apply to your rom before you can play it.

Nevermind, I patched Sun God’s Wrath, and some other mods and they work well. My problem is fixed!

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the usual term people use is “hack” instead of “mod” here. Glad your problem’s fixed though.