What new character would you like in FE8?

After discovering the beta of FE8 I found out there were more character planned. So: what characters would you want to see in a FE8 hack that would add more? What classes would they be?


Playable Dara. She has unit data as a F!Druid. Niime 2 please!!!


Well I think that Nate should have been a thing. Cormag would have been in Joshua’s spot in chapter 5 and have his character, and Joshua would join as a swordmaster, very possibly having a different character altogether.

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You bet this is going to happen.

No, I’m not going to change the original characters. The question was what more characters would you want to see?

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Oh, sorry about that. I just wanna see Nate.


I think I’ll make a cavalier named Nate but only as a reference.

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This might be a bit outside the scope of the question, but for a while now, I’ve thought that if Sacred Stones ever gets a remake, it should have both Eirika and Ephraim’s campaigns played in a single playthrough like in Gaiden. This would require fleshing out Ephraim’s battles in Grado before meeting up with Eirika in Chapter 8. And it would also require giving Ephraim more units. I would see Eirika getting all of the same units she gets before Chapter 8, except I would make Natasha an Ephraim unit since I believe she and Knoll were working at the same temple and should have some sort of interaction. I could be wrong, but I think her superior was supposed to be Father Gregor/the priest Lyon kills after making the Dark Stone.

Most of the units that are recruited on both routes make more sense to go to Eirika. Gerik and Tethys make more sense being with Innes. Marisa is part of Gerik’s mercenaries. Ewan guides the group to Caer Pelyn. L’Arachel calls Rausten knights to help in Hamil Canyon. Cormag is hunting Eirika for revenge. I would probably just give Ephraim Tana and Amelia.

This means that Ephraim’s route needs some mages, another healer, and some infantry like a Mercenary, Pirate, and Archer. A second option for a flyer like a Wyvern Rider would also be good. A Dancer/Bard on Ephraim’s route would also be good, but that may be hard to balance after the armies merge.


If we go by vanilla FE8 I’d pick these for the sake of class variety: a Pirate, a Hero/Ranger and a Wyvern Lord.

If GBA/FE8 did them better, I would have liked another Archer, Armor Knight/General, Valkyrie and Dark magic user.

And if they copied 9 since these two games were made at the same time they could’ve given us a playable Soldier with a prepromoted Halberdier.

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Like other people have said, Dara and Nate would be interesting additions since they have a little bit of Unit Data (Although I think Nate only has a name in the final build).
Hayden as a ranger is an obvious choice since he’s alive throughout the story, is available in the postgame, etc.
Vanilla Sacred Stones is pretty starved for bow users, axe users, and armored units. If you want to create more characters, consider giving them classes that give a little more diversity than just the standard swords and lances.


They are not new characters but I’ll make possible to use the extra units right after finishing the game or in a hypothetical new game plus, I mean who the heck clears both dungeons thrice to use those characters for fun? It’s practically torture.

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We have to get the classes right.

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That’s a non-issue.

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Maybe a stupid choice, but playable Caellach.

I know he’s one of the antagonists, but i really think something could be done with him and Joshua. They could have some dynamic.

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Neimi Tethys assimilation

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I don’t get it.

I feel like Hayden should be playable ; as well as the beta’s character who didn’t make it.

I don’t know why, but I would find it quite interesting to have Valter as a recruitable unit. He was a good man before touching the cursed lance ; then he went totally mad after having it as Duessel explained.

So my point would be ; if Duessel defeats Valter on his map, then Valter will somehow survive while being injured ; and this event will cure his madness along with the help of Duessel.

It would be so interesting imo to see the evolution of this character, as he destroyed a lot of lifes and seeing his support with Cormag could be great.

It would be like Michalis’s recruitment in the remake of FE3. A secret character you didn’t expect yet interesting.


I’m not very fond of recruiting antagonist to the crew. People like Selena would pass but Valter is a creepy rapist, there’s no way he would join the good guys.

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Selena would have been great but it would be out of character for her to join the team.

While Valter is an antagonist, he became mad because of having the cursed lance.

He was a good general before, and I was thinking that his blood lust who was linked to his curse would be over when he’ll almost be dead. Blood for blood kinda.

As Duessel knew him before this event, he could be “the unit” who would save him.

If I were to make a game, I would hide a lot of details like this ; Valter’s madness could be a great subject.

Still, it’s my opinion obviously.


Right, I need to give him the lance.

sorry for the error with names