What makes ASM game unique

In my adventures of hacking fe6 because( I’m stubborn and an Idiot and I want an fe6 based custom project)…Fun? I’ve come across the obvious limitations of most advanced ASM routines and shit being made for Fe8 since it is by far the better hacking experience(Refer to the above for Why I’m Torturing myself). What limits the ASM to fe8? How hard would it be to say Look up 3 tutorials on how to write ASM and modify pre existing batch files(that’s what they’re called right?)

Let’s say FE6 has 2 functions with identical length, A and C, FE8 added B, so A, B and C. A patch that edits FE8’s B will edit FE6’s C.

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I don’t think there’s anything limiting ASM hacks to FE8. You can also modify FE6’s ASM, I’m pretty sure. I don’t think there’s as much documentation for it out there though.

Speaking of tutorials, there’s Teq’s tutorial on ASM. It’s really detailed:

Not… quite. The batch files you use to assemble the ASM wouldn’t be what you want to edit. The source code and installers would be what you want to edit.

I think the biggest thing limiting FE6 hacking is lack of research. We just don’t know many relevant offsets like we do for FE8. There is a workaround. You can expect many routines to be the same between FE6 and FE8. If you know where an FE8 routine is, you can search for those opcodes in FE6, and you may find the routine you want.

So really there’s nothing hard-limiting ASM hacking to FE8… it’s just going to be trickier with not FE8. Look at MoD, though. They’re making leaps and bounds of progress in FE6. It’s certainly doable.

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I don’t quite understand could you link me to some information?

If the function group is known by a simple binary comparison, the list already exists.
It describes the functions known in FE8, FE7, and FE6.

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I don’t fully understand what MintX said, but l do know what the, “…expect many routines to be the same between games…” refers to. It’s about how certain features common between the games tend to have similar ASM, if not the very same. For example, the ASM that determines whether to apply AI or let the player control a team when the phase switches is near exactly the same between all three games, other than the pointer offsets. The point being that you might be able to search a string of ASM byte code from FE8 and find it in FE6 if it’s something common like that. The straight ASM itself seems to be the same between games, but it’s the event functions and content that differs.

I wrote up a lot more stuff, but I’m not sure you’re looking for event-based differences between the games or a suggestion about judging which game you should work on.

I think what MintX means is that if A and C are contiguous in FE6, but FE8 adds a function B and puts this routine in between A and C, that means that routine C has been moved to make space for B, meaning C is now elsewhere. So even if you have the offset of some function in FE8 it will most likely not be at the same offset in FE6.