What kind of weapons ideas do we have?

After playing through The Four Kings again it struck me. Not many hacks actually have truly unique weapons. From the array of what I’ve played most are usually Brave, a Reaver, Effective or boost stats, so i started thinking about other unique weapons and figured I’d see what other members of the community have thought about.

The Barrage Bow: an unbreakable 1-2 range bow with 0 might 60 hit 0 crit and innate astra.

Midas Lance: a lance about as strong as a steel lance that has despoil or could inflict a 1 turn stone effect on hit.

The Sidestepper: a 7 might 75 hit sword with lunge or swap to play off the name.

Spectral Shield: a dark tome that that ignores resistance but has wary fighter (could be a boss weapon).

Edit: Lockbreaker an axe that is also a lockpick.

I’ve had ideas like these pop up into my head from time to time and I’d love to see some ideas others that can come up with. Give some ideas that someone may use in a hack somewhere down the line.


ignoring all of this…

I really like making stupid weapon sets for hacks, my favorite (and at the moment only) set of unique weapons are prop weapons.

these weapons are unbreakable brave weapons with 0 might, an inherent 15 crit, and give 3 wexp per hit.

these weapons vary in usefulness throughout the game, as your units get stronger, so do the weapons but during the last few maps the weapons basically become useless because the enemies become more bulky rather than fragile but strong. these weapons are most useful on the few prepromotes you get because of their naturally higher base attack.

I’ve made a few other unique weapons that aren’t part of a set

Defender’s bow: A bow that boosts defense by 5 but has like 1 might

modified shamshir: boosts dodge by insane amounts but has 0 might

void hastam: used by the final boss only, gives +20 movement allowing them to travel the whole map while allowing their class to be the same as the lord’s

The Worldmaker

It’s an S-rank anima tome in my hack, and it’s effective against anything that doesn’t fly. Gives stat boosts too.

+5 Spd
+3 Res
+1 other stats, not including move and con.


haha I get it, fliers are above the world! that’s good


Probably my best S-rank weapon I cooked up.

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Mageslayer: A Devil Axe with its mt halved and the Devil effect replaced by effective damage against magic classes. Only has like 15 durability.

That’s cause these are ones you can very easily create in febuilder with no extra work.

You’d think that this would be easy since Astra already exists as a skill, but you’d have to edit a line of asm to make it always take effect (if that’s your desired behaviour), so most users aren’t going to do this sort of thing. Or perhaps a better example would be weapons that heal half of damage dealt (or some percentage). This isn’t that easy/convenient to do in febuilder.

This would require asm to create unless you want to make all status effects default to 1 turn.

I recently wrote a hack that allows weapons to negate a percentage of def/res instead of always 100% or always 0%, if that strikes anyone’s fancy.

I think that people often have grandiose ideas for stuff they want to do, but they become limited by the available or the convenient technology unless they’ve spent a long time learning asm and have the interest to pour a chunk of time into making exactly what they want.

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Well as per Barrage i figured keeping it as a chance would be simpler from a coding perspective and keeping its might low would keep it for more chip that actual damage and the Midas Lance was to refer to King Midas’s Curse so i figured Despoil or a short petrify curse would work, but the whole point of this thread was to make ideas for unique weapons that some of the various hack makers of the community could either use or be inspired by.

As an aside, none of what i said in the first post was intended to be a jab at simple personal weapons. I wanted this thread to be more about just unique weapons that could just Be in a hack, like i realised today that the lockbreaker would actually have to be two separate axes to get around the axe user not having the cunning skill and even thought of names (Doorbuster and Chestcrusher respectively) so they’d use the Door and Chest key effects respectively. It was just a weird idea i had and figured someone might be able to use it.

For sure. I just thought that offering the perspective of how difficult achieving some of these ideas might be useful to some people.

it’s a lot more fun to Idea Guy about something without having to worry about actually doing it :sweat_smile:

Not only people that want to make hacks, but any kind of fangame. Just because the site is predominantly dedicated to ROM hacking does not invalidate people that want to dive into SRPG Studio, Tactile, Lex Talionis, etc., and ideas for such weapons would be just as valid and useful there as in ROM hacking and, in some cases, might even be easier to implement with a high-level programming language instead of dealing in assembly.

Most of my more interesting weapon ideas end up on magic, simply because I feel like they should be the items that have more interesting effects, not only because vanilla FE often sees to making them as boring as possible but because they’re magic after all.

But, here are a few ideas, either directly from or inspired by other ideas I have written down in my folders for project ideas:

A mace (axe) that is Fire-elemental (targets Res) and can be used as an item as a Torch.

A “punching dagger”-like sword that grants Knock Back but hampers the unit’s Evasion.

A Lance/Halberd type of weapon that is x3 effective versus flying enemies when used by a flying unit OR when a non-flying unit counterattacks a flying unit.

A Crossbow that deals penetrative damage to its target (ignores some percentage of defense) and also deals “splash” damage (equal to the weapon’s Mt?) if there is an enemy directly behind the target.

A Fire tome that grants Seal Defense to the unit, lowering the enemy’s Def after combat. (Being burned by the fire.)

A Wind tome that reduces enemy Hit when being attacked, with a higher drop in Hit for ranged attacks.

A Light tome that grants Despoil and +10 Luck, but is very weak. (Give it a recolored Goddess Icon but in gold as its icon, instead of an actual tome icon?)

A Dark tome that always hits and, if the target would have rolled to avoid the attack, one that doubles its Mt when dealing damage.

A staff that, after healing, grants the target Miracle until the start of their next turn.


So it’s called the Arsenal.
It’s neutral to the weapon triangle but is counted as an anime tome.
It is basically this tome that summons phantoms of all of the weapon types. it also has Breath of life to simulate staffs.

I always thought a light tome that stole crit would be interesting - essentially if you would have had 10 crit and the enemy 56, you’d now have 66 crit against this enemy, and the enemy would have 0 crit.

I’ve had a few ideas. I think the weirdest was an idea for a Dark Mage Lord’s early-game Prf tome, which would’ve been called Gravity (and the conception of which predates the FEH staff of the same name). Gravity would deal effective damage versus Flying and Armored units, and use the target’s Con as its Might; think Pokémon moves like Low Kick and Grass Knot.

The second idea isn’t really all that interesting, and I don’t know what weapon type it would be or what, specifically, it would be called. The concept is a Devil weapon with lowish Hit and high Crit, the idea being that it’d have a really broad range of possible outcomes when used. I kinda wanna call it the Gambler’s Blade or something, depending on what weapon type it is.

I also had an idea for an alternate take on Brawling weapons; not Gauntlets, but “scrolls” for various martial arts moves, like how the GameBoy SaGa games handle “JRPG Monk”-type physical attacks. There’d be a throwing move with the same effect as Gravity for one of the techniques, but I haven’t quite worked out what else there’d be. It’d probably be a pretty atypical weapon type, all things considered, with each weapon being focused more on providing a different effect than having straightforward upgrade chains like what you see with the Bronze/Iron/Steel/Silver sets in most weapon types.

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hell, here’s a fun little event set idea one could use with my namesake.

have 5 hidden “mask shards” on different maps that provide stat boosts with a 6 fragment only obtainable with all 5 in your possession (inventory or convoy) that creates a manakete stone called the “soul mask” that promotes a certain unit into a special manakete with the summon skill that summons “minions”.

I know it would be hell to make, but might make a fun quest chain in the long run.

we already have that kind of weapon, Siegfried’s sword from The Last Promise

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…Crap. I forgot about that. So much for my ‘creative idea’…

Training weapon that actualy trains you.
Why not give more weapon xp to training,unbreakable,low might starting weapons?

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How about the Indestructible Ravaging Omni Nasty Super Weapon Of Ridiculous Damage (I.R.O.N.S.W.O.R.D)?
E rank Sword, 46 uses, 90 hit, 6 mt, 0 crit, 5 wt, 1 range,
Grants weapon triangle advantage to axes and disadvantage against lances


Uses not divisible by 5? Absolutely disgusting.

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Another weapon, this time a PRF bow.

The Blanca Leon.

Has 1-3 range, and is effective against anything that uses a land animal or is one. Yes…that includes Maelduin line, Gwiglyii line, and Elder Bael line.