What kind of Artstyle should the next Fire Emblem game/remake be like?

We always appreciate art in Fire Emblem based on World-Building, characters, and class design. There are many art styles out there that can blend in well and feels unique in the Fire Emblem Universe. What kind of Art Style would we like to see next if Intelligent Systems would go for?

as much as i love the artworks of some artists that previously worked with Squaresoft/Enix titles, i doubt we’ll ever get character designers of high caliber such as Akihiko Yoshida or Kazuya Takahashi.

however, Kimihiko Fujisaka has actually done some stuff for Fire Emblem too.
he’s the guy that worked on the Roy concept for Awakening:


other works he’s known for: Drakengard, Terra Battle, The Last Story.
he could probably fit well in terms of fantasy/medieval characters design.
at least he can draw some cool and interesting stuff better than 80% of all the generic anime stuff we see around the internet these days~

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I want to see Hidari’s work again. SoV was a better game for it imo.


This but in a fantasy setting. Could you imagine the juxtaposition of a fantasy world with this sort of flare? It would be delightfully unfitting and would have a whole lot of personality

Anything but Three House’s please IS I’m begging you

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slowly hides away Elibe in 3H graphics


I will give IS the money to commission Hidari again
Shit I’d do it for them tbh

Also if they remade a game with 3H art style I would actually cry

Still better than army of dorothysawakening and fates

I’m sorry but I must disagree, 3H was definitely the bottom of FE’s artstyles. I think it was mostly the eyes though, the rest is mostly fine.

Everyone’s making fun of the 3H artstyle, but I don’t think that’s warranted, other than the low quality models the game looks good, the UI looks good and clean, the battle preps screen has a lot of character, the cutscenes are good (just because they’re not the best of the series does NOT mean they’re bad), and the character art looks great.

If we’re going to revisit an artstyle though I’d say Fate’s artstyle was by far the best the series had ever seen, no contest, everything is so full of life, the characters move in smooth and unique ways, the battle animations meet this perfect cross between the 2d Style of set animation for each action, and the awakening style of 3d characters running back and forth, the character art also looks so amazing.


I think it will go in the direction of moe anime pictures, as it has tried and failed to break away from moe anime pictures for nerd in FE11.
But even 3House is trying to break away from that a bit, but at the end of the day, I think what users want is anime pictures.

Cute female characters that are popular among men and cool male characters that are popular among women.
I think it’s hard to get out of this.
// Of course, for male users who like cool men and female users who like cute women.


I think Fire Emblem suffered from many of the same things as Pokemon when moving to 3D, it becomes all desaturated and somewhat forgettable. FE9/10 not nearly as much, but everything after that for sure. In 2D every pixel counts and you notice it.

Obviously we’re not gonna go back to 2D, but I’d hope for something more similar to FE9/10 at least in terms of detail & colors. FE9/10 I think was really trying to preserve the GBA aesthetic as much as it could though.

You remember in Blazing Sword where you first meet Lyn? It be good if they used that same graphic but more clear instead of pixel. That make the game very good for me I think.
Tactician (The Blazing Blade) - Fire Emblem Wiki


I remember Blazing Sword. The very first Fire Emblem game that was introduced in America and localized before Binding Blade. It would be great to use those graphics back in the day and make it more clear like the Mega Man ZX Collection that has a filter settings such as the improved quality and the original with pixels.

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I can sympathize on why you appreciate GBA-styled Fire Emblem.

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the issue that usually people have with 3H characters is that the drawing style is way too similar to Persona in terms of visuals( mostly the eyes details ), so it may look like a “recycled” style rather than a original one.
despite some few questionable designs, for me it’s actually not that bad, but it’s not great or unique either because it partially feels empty.
i’d say it’s pretty average to be honest, certainly not on the same level of Hidari or other artists that previously worked on FE.

i have mixed feelings about that. while Kozaki’s style is actually pretty good, i really can’t stand loli stuff and the likes.
i would be ok with that only if they finally decided to remove all that kind of crap from their future titles, wich i already know it’s probably not gonna happen, but one can always hope.

in terms of animations, i probably liked Radiant Dawn the most so far, simply because watching characters like Zihark lifting people up in the air with sword slashes before bashing them into the ground with aerial attacks was and still is freakin’ badass to this day. same goes for the finishing battle poses.

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I’m talking about an artstyle not a writing style


Yes. That’s what this discussion trend is all about.

All I want is for this Gba art style to return but not too pixel.

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