What kind of Artstyle should the next Fire Emblem game/remake be like?

same here :neutral_face:
perhaps i should’ve phrased it in another way: i’m fine with having representations of young characters in a proper way, as long as it’s not some cutesy anime stuff like this:


because that honestly makes me want to slap the art director, set on fire all the concept designs related to such abomination, and forget they ever existed.
like for all things, there’s always the right way to do it, and the wrong way.
PoR/RD were kind of starting to improve under that aspect, then Awakening/Fates made a 180° turn for it, then Echoes and 3H apparently tried to get back on the right path, so i guess maybe -just maybe- they might have learned something.


You could say the same right there. I hope that they can return to the art style that brought the feelings that we, the FE players, are familiar with and give them the sign that they’re on the right track.

I always liked these cgs, it’s almost like it’s from Mark’s perspective, and with the filter it’s like they’re looking back on their journey and FE7’s them telling the story from their perspective.

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Fun fact, Gen Kobayashi also did official artwork for the DS remake of SaGa 2, which is… not really medieval fantasy, but certainly much closer to it than TWEWY is, and I think it looks really nice there!

For me, personally, I actually really love Mayo and HACCAN’s art styles. Mayo in particular is apparently a pretty big Fire Emblem fan, herself, so I think she could do great work as a lead artist on a new installment. Actually, I really like Akihiro Yamada’s art, too. I love how detailed and textured it is.

For returning main series artists, Hidari and Sachiko Wada would be my top picks. Wada’s art, especially, just oozes “Fire Emblem” to me; her stuff’s a phenomenal fit for the series. I also actually don’t mind Yusuke Kozaki at all as an illustrator, but please give him better outfit designs to work with.

90s giant fringe anime. Like Snes FE or any 90s anime. I will fight anyone who disagrees.


That is a tiny fringe.

THIS is what I mean. Also I maintain that 3d is not anime.

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I don’t think you understood the joke…

You are correct. Let’s pretend I posted this.

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that looks like a 90s big fringe anime to me.
now this is a 90s giant fringe anime:

not even the game’s front cover can hold the entire size of it.


There we go. The bigger the better.

I feel like i know a good example of that kind of hair…

Here’s an artstyle that would spark up in the next Fire Emblem game/remake.
Just hear me out on this one.

ZUN Artwork of Touhou for the next Fire Emblem

ZUN is the creator of the Touhou series who many multiple artwork of Touhou characters that are very strange, but it adds a lot of charm and more memorable. This artwork would be almost silly on the outside, but on the inside, it could be more art appreciating to learn from.


Akira Toriyama’s artwork for the next FE game.

Akira Toriyama has a massive history of artwork during his years of making Dragon Ball. Some of his famous artwork has supported the Dragon Quest series and timeless classic, Chrono Trigger. There is plenty of artwork that could be very Fire Emblem quality due to Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger that involves creatures that would be awe-inspiring to see for.

These are my thoughts about it and my knowledge is very limited from the art department, but I need some thoughts and honest opinions about the artwork itself. That’s all.