What is your biggest goal(s) in FE Hacking?

Howdy folks, Card here. A thought came to mind recently, and I figured I should ask: what goals and dreams do you have when it comes to Fire Emblem Hacking? I encourage you to think as ambitiously as you can, or just say a thing or two about what you’re currently up to. It’s all in good fun, and may actually help some of you get your noggin joggin’.

I realize that this question is a bit Similar to shadowofchaos’ “Denizens of FEU, why do you hack?” thread, but this one is more about what you set out to do rather than what you love about the hobby.

(Link to his thread, which is just a wholesome read imo. Give it a read whenever you can.)


Putting a smile on people’s faces and making them enjoy what I did. Really, I think people having fun with your creation is one of the biggest achievement in life.


Explore unknown terrains.


Implementing other games in the FE engine (see: chess, tower defense), along with breaking the game in amusing ways.


Seeing how many ways I can break the game. Whether through glitches, actual game play, or just adding a playable dragon to FE7 because why not. As well as making something fun for my friends and I to play when bored.

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Making something fun, meeting new people, making FE suck less… What isn’t there to do?


The first thing that I set out to do was to take hacks that people thought were flawed and try to fix the flaws myself - i.e. The Last Promise. (I was a scrub back then.) Then it became recreating FE7if in English. Now it’s turned into me attempting various ASM or working off other patches in order to help others with their hacks, maybe give a head start.


Try and introduce more people in what made FE great in the SNES era
while also making the games more accessible.


To make as many original Fire Emblem games as fun as possible, since some people flat out avoid certain games, (especially Genealogy of the Holy War because it isn’t a lot of fun.)

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To surpass technological limitations of the originals. I already achieved this tho :confused: it’s like, what do you do with the world once you’ve conquered it. know what I’m saying?


Just do it again, there are more limitations to surpass.


Make a good hack. Not much to say I just want to make a really polished hack and make people happy.


Creating or building anything is super satisfying, whether it be cooking food, playing music, or making a romhack.

More importantly beyond my own satisfaction is to make something that others will enjoy.

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Get my name in the credits of a project


Having fun and making a good hack. Helping others who ask me.

Slowly bringing the GBA hacking to germany ^^


Finishing a quality 20+chapter hack that’s fully enjoyable, complete with an engaging story, memorable characters, and a well developed world. (Not to mention solid gameplay)

That may sound like a low bar, but considering I’ve never really followed through with anything this’ll be quite an achievement for me. (should I manage to accomplish it)

20+ quality chapters with a story and everything is not a low bar imo. I wish you luck with it.

Finish the damn thing


My goal would be to add as many animation to the respiratory as possible. I would also like to have my name in the credit section of a project.


Same as @Jj09
Probably finish Half-Emblem and maybe make short hacks once a while, when I get time.