What is your biggest goal(s) in FE Hacking?


Well you’re both on my credit list
Just need to finish the hack


Do a full length, finished hack with an original story (that I’ve already began brainstorming).

But for now I’ll settle with learning.


Yeah bravo, that’s the right attitude for anyone who’s new to ROM hacking.
It’s good to think about your biggest goal, but you should start from your… smallest ones first.
With some know-how, you’ll realise how harder (and more time-consuming) hacking is than what it seems at first.

It’s good to have dreams – but to achieve them, you need a ladder of small, realistic goals that bring you there.


My greatest goal is for FE5 to be understood and accessible.

Every day I try to learn something new about the game, slowly documenting and disassembling it. I’m always looking for a better way to do things and a clearer way to present what I’ve learned.

My second biggest goal is for my notes, tools, etc. to actually be organized, understandable, and usable by people.

I think I spend more time on this than I do actually hacking.


I want to make a hack more divisive than TLP.

For now, I’d like to finish my hack with hopes of it being entertaining. I know it’s kinda niche, but it’s something. That and help out others with their projects. It’s nice to change it up; keeps things fresh.

Who knows what else lies down the road.


Using FE hacking as a medium for art, writing and music improvement.
It makes a nice niche!