What got you into Fire Emblem?

I don’t know if this question has been asked before but what was your very first exposure to fire emblem, what got you into it?

Mine was actually from watching fates support on youtube, so yeah despite people saying Fates writing suck, i have fond memories of watching the support chain online, followed by awakening’s shortly after.
from there i played fe8 as my first fe, por as my second and fe6 as my third


also hot take, but Peri is a good character, you just have to ignore all of her red flags and support her with Laslow, still my favorite fates support.

How I got into Fire Emblem is a simple story. The first time I got into Fire Emblem is through playing Super Smash Bros when it was going on the 3DS/Wii U. This sparked my curiosity and it was like, “Say these Fire Emblem characters are interesting, I might look them up on YouTube.” That is when I first looked into Fire Emblem which was FE7 - Blazing Sword. Sounds simple enough. That is until I first purchased Fire Emblem Fates as my first game which is my experience in playing Fire Emblem.


how was your experience with Fates as your first btw? i haven’t been able to play it since my laptop doesn’t have the sufficient resource to play it smoothly lol

randos arguing awakening ships on twitter


Let’s just say it was an experience that I wanted to experience as a simple player.

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some kid raging in my 5th grade class and throwing the game at me


peri is a good character you just have to ignore all the bad parts about her

then she’s not a good character


I purchased my 3DS early so I was able to participate in the “3DS Ambassador Program” which allowed me to play a few virtual console titles. Of those select titles one of them was FE8. Every since then I’ve had an appreciation and strange addiction to FE.


I’m biased, got her as my first 5 star in heroes way back when too hahahahaha

Little 4 year old me wanted to play what his big brother was playing and got a hands on experience playing FE8. About 7 years later, I loaned the same FE8 cartridge from my brother and beat FE8 like 4 times. Another few years later, I got into the other FE games as well as hacks.


your brother still a Fe fan Contro?

Nope. He moved on from anime chess and never looked back. I almost envy him.


sounds like it’s time for revenge by getting him back in the series

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you can like something and still admit that it’s bad lol


you right, Laslow x Peri still my OTP cause the alternative is Xander support which basically boils down to “you = hot, killer = not registered, hired!!” which, eww.

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Also, something to note. Just because a character or plot has something you don’t morally support or agree with doesn’t make it bad.


Got a new phone suppose to replay Pokemon games, then stumble upon FE7 and downloaded it. Now I’m a fan of two pirated game series.


For me it was Smash Brothers Melee, when I unlocked Marth and Roy I thought they were the coolest back in primary school. I main’d Marth back then. At the same time I was also big into the GBA. I had Advanced Wars, Pokemon and Golden Sun. Eventually while overseas I upgraded to an SP and also got FE7 because I was like hey that guy on the cover looks like Roy and the rest is history.


My story is pretty simple, wanted to find new games for the GBA emulator on my phone since it was basically all I had considering I had no computer at the time and stumbled across FE7 so I played it and loved it. I moved onto FE8 shortly after and couldn’t figure out how to do creature campaign after beating it and to this day I have never done creature campaign, I never finished FE6 though and I don’t know why (maybe bc it’s bad lmao).

After that I sort of just fell off of the series since I didn’t know about english translations for the older games and the newer games were off the table since I only had a phone. Fast forwarding a few years I hack my 3DS to definitely not pirate games and decided to legally purchase Awakening and Fates and I loved them both but preferred Fates (Fates supports are good fuck you fight me). Got into FE youtube shortly after and the rest was history. Oh yeah and I found this place a few years later.