What do you guys want for Fire Emblem genealogy of the Holy War Remake?

People are say there will me another Avatar character, I don’t know if it’s true or not but that seems pretty cool when you think about it. Wait, That means Sigurd won’t have enough screen time! Anyways I wanted to know what are you expecting and what you want in this remake if it comes?

I want to see more screen time of some characters.

If they add in Kris, I will be livid. Depending on how spiteful I’m feeling, I would be somewhere between boycotting the remake and learning how to hack a Switch to remove him.

On a brighter note, I’d like an FE4 remake to implement some of the details that can only be found in external guides in the actual game somewhere.


Well, i don’t want it to be FE4 HQ or just minor changes. I played FE4, i liked it, but i don’t wanna just play the same game with shinier graphics.

The more radical the changes the better. I really am not fan of any of the current FE remakes because they are alll way too faithful. Yes, even SoV with the changes it brought.

Now, i am not saying ‘‘Let’s abolish giant maps’’, but more like let’s design them differently (no invisible yellow walls as an example). Game should be more flexible with the maps, objectives, and especially the enemy placement (especially those awful low quality high quantity enemy blocks). The game also needs to be balanced from the ground up again. My most requested change would be to change the inventory system to normal FE however because i the extra micromanagement was just a chore and the seperate money pool lead to heavy snowballing as only strong characters were able to get the money & Items. For Inheritance i hope they let the kids be able to inherit classes from their parents ala FE13/14 so players can make more fun pairings. This will add to replayability as well.

Story wise, i think Gen 2 needs to be massively improved. As much as i enjoyed Gen 1, i found Gen 2 story and characters to be a massive nosedive and on par with your typical ‘‘let’s kill evil dragon’’ FE, if not worse. FE4 was my 2nd FE, after Fates, and during the whole 2nd Gen my thoughts on the Story were ‘‘This is just Anankos 1995 edition’’. Make it less white & Black, more focus on the discriminated Loptyr, maybe add some story elements and characters from Thracia (Sara, Salem, Caias) to imrpove Gen 2 story. Also more Characterization to Arvis in Gen 1 to make him not appear like a total fool in Gen 2 would be cool.

Support system would be cool for characterization and pairing, also no Avatar unless he gets BBQ’d as well.

My expectations are something akin to SoV tho, something that’s way way way to faithful.


Just think about this! You will be in Genealogy Which means you’ll experience the beginning, Eldigan, Silesse Even the end with Arvis at the battle of belhalla. and more. not to mansion the next generation.

I think about it a lot but then I think about what could go wrong that’s for sure.

The other thing is they should add more characters. It’s good the way it is but adding a little more character could be fine!

I see were you coming and I mostly agree on Arvis and The same class as there parent. I can definitely understand why your not a big fan of SoV. It’s the same thing with Fire Emblem 6 to 8, how will they be able to fix the awesome Crit animation in the newer Fire emblem remake? The same class as parents would be very cool! and maybe to make more endings so the players can play the game again.

I’d like to see some more of Eldigan. (Don’t mind me profile)

But ya. maybe they should fix the second Gen to make it more lively then the old one. i might be wrong so ya.

As someone who’s never played it (ironic, considering I’m a big political guy and all, you’d think it’d be the first I’d play) if there is one, I’d like it to be spoilerly friendly. SoV was great but there were some parts where it felt like you really had to play the original to get it / some obscure inside joke from Fe3 the worst fe in existence (according to some, never played it). However, I really do hope they expand on characterization. One of the things I was impressed with was running through the wiki and realized just how much characterization they added into the game, which was nice (and not even mentioning yet Berkut, arguable the best antagonist in the game and one of fe’s best ever. learning he was a new character I was very shocked!)


A few other things. Wind really shouldn’t just be flat out better than Thunder and Fire. Give it lower might, and Fire should be stronger than the others if it’s going to be that heavy. It’s also kind of sad that Axes barely have a presence in the game that introduced the weapon triangle. Lex has trouble staying relevant by the second half of Part 1, and even then, no children can inherit axes (though his skills are pretty nice). Making Ayra’s son (I’ve seen so many names for him, I’m not going to try) a Fighter would be cool. It would stop him from just being a lesser version of his sister, and Lex/Ayra is already one of the pairings that has dialogue. The lovesick goobers you can recruit in Chapter 6 can’t really keep up with well-planned child units and are pretty useless. The best axe users wind up being the Master Knights, and even then, they rarely have a pressing reason to use an axe.

Story wise, I’d like to see some revisions to Manfroy. It’s really silly that he has the power to just show up and kidnap Julia without a struggle. It’s like the player army can only do stuff because Manfroy doesn’t feel like stopping it if he has that kind of power. I would actually be fine with the whole Julia kidnapping being cut as it’s pretty terribly handled (Manfroy decides not to kill the most dangerous person to his overall plan), and it doesn’t add anything. Wiping Deidre’s memory was one thing, but actually mind controlling Julia to fight Seliph was kind of silly. If Manfroy can overpower the Naga Holy Blood bearer to that degree, there’s no reason he should have lost other than him just being kind of an idiot.


a better game instead


Yeah Manfroy was pretty bad. Even kidnapping Deirdre was a ??? moment as she was sorrounded by some of my units when she suddenly gor warpkidnaped. I am not saying her kidnapping should be removed as it’s centeral to the story, but it should be overworked in some way as to not be super dumb. Then again i think the whole loptyr part of the story needs a pretty heavy rewrite…


I think they’ll change the story a bit. or they may still stay loyal and keep it as the way it is. I just want them to change up the story a bit to make it feel like a long and exciting story.

I’ve only played through Gen 1, but if there’s one thing I’d like to be expanded upon it would be the characters. Barely anybody has story presence past the chapter they join in, which is strange considering a lot of them have interesting backstories. Azel is literally Arvis’ half brother, but apart from his lover conversations, he doesn’t have much dialogue to speak of. It’s entirely possible that they’ll add in more talk events, supports, and maybe even base conversations to really help us understand who these characters are.
This would also elevate the story in my eyes since I was somewhat let down by the hype people give it. The lore and politics of Jugdral are interesting, but it feels like the characters exist to support the lore, not the other way around. For example, Aideen feels more like a plot device than a person since she exists to make Sigurd start his quest, show the barbaric nature of Verdane, give Briggid the Yewfelle, etc.
To explain in another way, I would say the game’s scope is effectively the opposite of the Sacred Stones. Magvel’s lore is pitiful, but the characters stand out as memorable because of the smaller cast and the variety of support conversations. Not only that, but the Grado generals appear frequently enough to give them characterization so that they don’t just devolve into the generic evildoers we see in most FE games. The only chapter in Genealogy that really does this is Chapter 2, with all of the lords of Agustria having clear strategies and motives based on what castles the player has seized.

As for gameplay, I don’t think there’s anything they can do to please everyone. A faithful remake likely won’t improve much on the original’s flaws, but a “reimagining” might be too radical for purists. Personally, I think that drastic changes are better just because a lot of the gameplay feels clunky to me. After playing something like Gaiden, the game is slow and somewhat archaic, but I still had a good time. But with Genealogy, I could never quite get a grasp on what I should be doing. I wasn’t having fun focusing on my mounted units, but I also didn’t like slowing down to use my foot units…

Regardless, just seeing FE4 remade with updated art and music would be great. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of FE related news next year.


I agree about what you said about Azelle. He is Avis half brother but did not show it that much! I want Character’s to have more screen time too. Oh well… It’s up to them now…

I kinda would like to see more instances of the enemies attacking your castles, More sudden cavalry/flier charges, etc, the game already has both a repairable warp staff and a repairable return staff, so putting the player in way more situations where they need to use those sounds fair and entertaining (I’m not saying ambush reinforcements, or sudden things like the cavalry charge after seizing the first castle of chapter 1, fair warnings should be in place or the player should be given enough time to react.).

As for weapon balance they should reduce the weight on lances and axes or add some system to compensate for weapon weight, fe4binary does this really well.

The thing i want to see the most is simple though, i don’t want them to change the way crits work, Not having to worry about critical hits from generics makes calculating an enemy phase so much easier.

(Extra points if they dont nerf miracle!)

I’ve only played the Prologue and partway into Ch1, but I’mma throw in my hat anyway.

Normalize the supports like it’s a modern FE. Yes, supports between same sex. Make some bro time between Lex and Azel or between Sig and Quan.

Context: there’s only the romance supports.

In terms of how I appreciate the Jugdral Saga, it’s more based on my idea of the story than what’s actually shown in game. There’s a lot of lore that you would pretty much need to read on the wiki in order to have any idea about, so I understand anyone saying that the story doesn’t live up to its reputation. And like you said, most of the characters are fairly important people within Jugdral’s society, but the story isn’t written in a way that lets them do much. So I think expanding on the characters the way that SoV did for Gaiden is one of the most realistic hopes for a remake. If someone has seen the various dramatized Cipher artworks of Sigurd and Deirdre he might expect some sort of epic romance plot line, so actually seeing what there is of their interactions in game might leave someone asking: “That’s it?”


Oh my god. If they added another Avatar character to this remake i would hate it. Because i could see this character taking all the spotlight away from Sigurd Quan Deirdre and all these other important characters in favor of some Mary or Gary Stu type of character. If they have to put an Avatar type of character in the game then make him or her a secondary character don’t make them the main focus of the story cause otherwise to me at else it going to ruin the whole story.

As for new addition i would like to see. Well maybe playable Eldigan and Clement that i would like to see.


even though I really don’t like genealogy I don’t think much can be done to make it better without getting rid of what gave the game its identity.

despite many hating the idea, I genuinely think an avatar character could help the game greatly, however, it does come at the risk of the story (which was never that great imo) but if they made this avatar character just some knight of Sigurd and gave him as much screentime as any other character like Lex or Azel, it would be just fine from the way I see it. I simply think that adding a character the player can customize to their liking will help the game feel more engaging, and it’ll keep it in line with the recent games, let the avatar marry, and have a child character too, that just makes sense.

to go on a bit of a tangent, the way that so much of the core FE community hates even the idea of avatar characters is honestly a pretty bad look considering that many other RPGs have avatar characters that work, Crono from Chrono Trigger, Cloud from FF7 in a way, Kris/Frisk from Deltarune/Undertale, and a lot of Dragon Quest main characters, all of these characters are often the lead role, however, are quite bland but still have a function in the story, these all work fantastically which makes you wonder why the consensus on avatars in Fire Emblem, in particular, is that they can’t work in any way. From what I’ve seen Robin was actually praised by a lot of well-known reviewers at awakenings release that wasn’t in the FE community, so yes, an avatar character can most likely work in Fire Emblem and Robin was almost a bullseye on it, however, characters like Kris and Corrin who have flip-flopping or nonexistent personalities but act as if they do and take center stage have clouded most FE fan’s perception of what avatar characters can do. Essentially I just think that as long as the avatar doesn’t take center stage and occupies all of the attention, the avatar’s surroundings can more than make up for the lack of character.

as it sits though, I don’t think a genealogy remake could ever be great, it’s just way too archaic in design and those design choices are too baked into the game to be changed.

Random idea: make the avatar a defector. Appears in Ch2, maybe?

If it’s exactly like geneology in terms of map design similar to how SoV was I wont buy it. The main problem is how they will have giant swathes of enemies all grouped up together. It doesnt offer much in the way of strategy, even if thematically its more fitting for a battle.

Also I would like for side characters to be more interactive with each other or the main story.