Weapon subtypes

Jey here. See, I’m making a hack and I got this cool idea to make subtypes for weapons.
Here’s the list so far:

→ Gladius: Normal sword, but a little weaker. However, it has a speed % chance to attack again (basically giving you the ‘adept’ skill when equiped)

→ Spatha: Deals more damage than a Gladius but is heavier. No special abilities.

→ Dagger: Locked to thieves and such. Similiar to Fates, it debuffs speed on hit.

→ Spear: A regular lance. No special abilities.

→ Pilum: A replacement for the javelin.

→ Lance: Cavalry only, but gives +1 damage per two tiles traveled (simulating a cavalry charge)

→ Axe: Regular axes

→ Halberd: Stronger than axes, but cannot double. However, the unit equiping one cannot also be doubled.

→ Hanaxe: vanilla

→ Bow: vanilla

I would like someone to review these. Also, I would like a recommendation for a subtype for bows as I didn’t come with it yet.


Shortbow, longbow, composite bow, curved bow, crossbow (sometimes used for fixed damage weapons), slingshot, javelins(?), catapult(?), blowgun(?)

I imagine shuriken, knives, and darts etc. would use a different weapon type but they may also be classified with bows sometimes

Sure the names are cool, but what would they do?

Up to you.

Bowgun would be really cool!

Most of these just feel like they should be applied to single weapons (or are just alterations to types that already exist), not given distinct subtypes, unless I’m misunderstanding the setup here?

If you’re going to have a subtype it should have a meaningful change and it should apply to the entire set of weapons within it that you plan to have - Halberds and Lances are probably the best in terms of actually capturing that kind of classification, IMO. (Gladius kind of does, but the stat change aspect is minor and there’s no guaranteed effect, which might just make it a weaker sword in most instances if you don’t get the proc, so, to me, it feels better as a single weapon that has that property that is just in among the normal list of sword weapons.)

So, is it a case of basically only one (new) subtype being added for each “split” of the normal weapon types?


Pretty much what LordGlenn said. Most of those subtypes I would pick 100% of the time all the time. Gladius is pretty much better then any other sword. Adept means no damage from counterattack which is super omega worth.

Lance being cavalry only means there’s no reason for cavalry to ever pick Spears. And then normal spear uses just get screwed for not having a horse.

Halberd is Wary Fighter which is bonkers. Anyone with middling or slower speed should always Halberd, shoot even faster people can use it and be super effective.

Could always just google random medieval weapons for inspiration, since there are so many bonkers weapons out there that never get the light of day in media.
Things like Mancatchers: a type of polearm with a half ring at the end instead of a blade, that was used to capture or restrain nobles and wealthy combatants, generally to take them hostage for negotiations or ransoms. It could very well be a type of polearm that has capture as a skill, applies some sort of debuff (probably speed or strength), or negates counters.
Crossbow could be added as “the blade for bows”, since they are heavier, would deal more damage, and real life medieval crossbows took a lot of strength and time to reload, so they could keep the user from doubling. (Crossbows were specially useful against armor so they could be armorslayer adjacent.)

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This is the standard sword (that is: there’s no weapon called ‘sword’).

Plus, all weapons are unbreakable and not as common as in ‘normal’ FE. For example you can get only a couple halberds in the game so there’s no way to spam them.

While being a cool idea, this will never be a thing. Crossbow is already in the game as the prf weapon of the main lord.

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Completely understandable! Imma yoink it for my own hack then.

If you are going for a more roman approach to weaponry (Looking at you gladius, spatha and pilum), you could always draw inspiration from gladiatoral combat, many of their weapons were modeled after nations defeated by the roman empire, and would make their way into being part of the public’s knowledge of weaponry as a sort of pop culture.

For example:

•Sica: a shortsword, sometimes described as a long dagger, with a sharp curve forward, made to get past shields. Could ignore defense or be effective against armors.
•Scissor:A metal tube wrapped around the arm with a half circle shaped blade at the end, the tube’s shape offered decent protection and could be used to block. This could act as a sword adjacent weapon type, and offer defensive bonuses.

Additional there’s always the good ol’ roman faithful: the sling, which dealt way more damage than we would expect from modern slingshots, which arent meant for combat. This could be a half decent replacement for bows.

There’s also the more fun variant, the whistling sling, firing pellets with a specially shaped hole drilled into them to create a specific sound during its flight, it would make enemy soldiers think a much bigger projectile was coming their way, creating fear and disorder in their ranks.
Meaning this last version could apply debuffs, or prevent counterattacks in exchange for not being that powerful.

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